1st HANWRITTEN – Hugh Bowman
2nd LEAMI ASTRAY – Kathy O’Hara
3rd YOU’RE KIDDING ME – Tommy Berry

Fight for the front was between Enjoyable up the inside and Landuar coming from wider, with Hanwritten tucking in behind them. Vixen Lass was next on the rails from Pacific Queen, then Kenny Exceed deeper, Leami Astray, Torio’s Delight, Nights on Fire, Moss My Name, You’re Kidding Me, Real Warrior and Canny Palace a very long last.

The leaders stuck to the rail into the straight with Bowman just shifting Hanwritten out around them, whilst Leami Astray and You’re Kidding Me further back were the fastest of the rest. Bowman moved away on Hanwritten for a comfortable win.

Watch: Hanwritten, Leami Astray.

Race 2 – #THERACES HANDICAP (1600m)

1st FABRIZIO – Tim Clark
2nd SIGNPOSTED – Blaike McDougall (a)
3rd STEGGLER – Craig Williams

Signposted and favourite Fabrizio were out first with Oh So Spendido sticking with them from deeper, Steggler next on the rail and Zayam in touch. Wings was next from War Jet, then Hipparchus, Shards, Thunder Down Under, Loving Home, Rhodin Drive and Murphy’s Delight.

They strung out a bit as Fabrizio took off in front and Signposted followed, the pair opening up three to four lengths on the field, who made no effort to catch them yet. It bunched up into the straight with the leader again holding the rail and McDougall just stepping Signposted out a touch, the chase being led by Zayam, Steggler and War Jet briefly. The leader never looked like slowing however and continued on for a commanding win.

Watch: Fabrizio.


1st GUARD OF HONOUR – Hugh Bowman
2nd FLASH FIBIAN – Tye Angland
3rd HAIR TRIGGER – Glyn Schofield

Tango Rain got across with some speed to lead from Legerity, Guard of Honour on the fence and Echo Effect outside. Hair Trigger was next from Spirit and Fire, Jericho and On the Spot eased back, then Mount Panorama, Flash Fibian and Generalissimo last.

Tango Rain claimed the rail as they hit the corner and led them out of it alongside Legerity, whilst Guard of Honour stalked them in front of a very tightly-bunched field. Bowman made his move on Guard of Honour and took the lead fairly easily, whilst Hair Trigger and Flash Fibian were rattling down the outside. Guard of Honour just got in a bob of the head, whilst Generalissimo hit the line very well further back.

Watch: Hair Trigger, Flash Fibian, Generalissimo.


1st FOXPLAY – Hugh Bowman
2nd SKYLIGHT GLOW – Glyn Schofield
3rd QUICK FEET – Kerrin McEvoy

Plenty to Like won the start from Skylight Glow and Bacarella on the fence, followed by Quick Feet and Global Glamour pushing up the inside and very keen. Favourite Foxplay was next from Awoke, Sezanne, A Mist Opportunity and Chipanda.

Orderly going from there as Schofield positioned Skylight Glow just outside the leader for the run home, with Quick Feet next in line and Sezanne sitting right outside the favourite and blocking her run. Foxplay was stuck there for all money before Bowman’s dogged persistence paid off and he got her a hint of daylight, leading to a tight sprint to the line and a very narrow win.

Watch: Foxplay.


1st HARTNELL – James McDonald
2nd WHO SHOT THEBARMAN – Christian Reith
3rd STORM THE STARS – Tye Angland

A pair of cakewalks now, with Hartnell’s turn first. Storm the Stars was again straight out front, McDonald positioning Hartnell next, then Preferment, Who Shot Thebarman, Magic Hurricane back on the fence and Grand Marshall last of all.

Angland was happy to keep some speed up on the leader and McDonald kept somewhat in touch, the rest a little more relaxed, and it was orderly going from there. They woke up approaching the turn, Bowman taking Preferment out wide and applying a bit of early pressure to Hartnell. Hartnell cruised past Storm the Stars as Angland swung furiously and Preferment fell right away. McDonald was a statue as Hartnell cruised away for an effortless six length win, Who Shot Thebarman hitting the line quite well up the inside.

Watch: Hartnell.


1st WINX – Hugh Bowman
2nd HAURAKI – James McDonald
3rd IT’S SOMEWHAT – Tim Clark

To the Winx show, McEvoy happy to lead on Great Esteem from It’s Somewhat and Vanbrugh, then Hauraki, a very relaxed Winx and Spiritjim at the back.

Not much speed on with no change to the order, Bowman just keeping Winx back and ensuring a trouble-free journey. He made his move in the turn, getting out three-wide for a clear run, and the champion shadowed Hauraki as they went up the straight, passing with minimal fuss and going on to do the inevitable.

Watch: Winx.


1st TAKEDOWN – Tim Clark
2nd BALL OF MUSCLE – Kerrin McEvoy
3rd KAEPERNICK – Christian Reith

Ball of Muscle came through the inside to claim the lead from Dothraki and Takedown, with Japonisme and Smart Volatility behind. Sarajevo led the rest with Kaepernik on the inside and favourite English caught wide, whilst Boss Lane and Clearly Innocent brought up the rear.

English got no cover in the run and was three-wide the journey, whilst up front Ball of Muscle led into the straight with some command, McEvoy still keeping a tight hold. Dothraki and Takedown led the charge whilst Kaepernick was cut back to the fence and lengthened quickly. English got a shot at it but didn’t have the tank after the poor run, Takedown just nosing out Ball of Muscle and Kaepernick to claim it.

Watch: Takedown, Kaepernick.


1st SONS OF JOHN – Blake Shinn
2nd TORGERSEN – Christian Reith
3rd FEDERAL – Craig Williams

Fairly pedestrian start, Handfast would come across as nominal leader from Testashadow and Sons of John. Federal was next inside Zin Zan Eddie, then Happy Clapper, Torgersen, Mighty Lucky, Tsaritsa, Lady La Fay and Sadler’s Lake.

Handfast opened up a length or so into the side of the course, and McEvoy allowed Zin Zan Eddie out to move up and join in. They quickly bunched however, Testashadow slipping up the inside to claim the rail in the turn, with Federal tracking in likewise. Sons of John had threaded through inside of Zin Zan Eddie to get a decent look, whilst out wide Torgersen and Mighty Lucky were winding up. Federal inched to the front and looked to be winning a battle of wills, before the outside raiders through off the shackles and hit the line hard – Sons of John taking the prize as Torgersen, Lady La Fay and Mighty Lucky finished well.

Watch: Sons of John, Torgersen, Lady La Fay, Mighty Lucky

Race 9 – SENSIS DASH (1200m)

1st DENPURR – Blake Shinn
2nd TORPENHOW – James McDonald
3rd MAN OF CHOICE – Hugh Bowman

Panya was clearly most intent on leading on Zoutenant, taking the initiative from Daysee Doom and Burradoo, with Zoumagic, No Doubt and Sonic Swish leading the rest a fair way back. Winderbolt was next eased up and caught wide, then Denpurr, Maraam, Man of Choice, Brigadoon Rise and Torpenhow a long last.

The pace stayed on and the leaders stayed relatively close to the fence out of the turn, Sonic Swish and Wonderbolt positioned for a wider run. Daysee Doom and Zoumagic attempted an attack up the inside but weren’t getting near the front, Zoutenant holding sway until the big runs came from outside – Denpurr, Torpenhow and Man of Choice swallowing up the field to comfortably fill the places.

Watch: Denpurr, Torpenhow, Man of Choice.

Horses to follow: Hair Trigger, Flash Fibian, Generalissimo, Foxplay, Takedown, Kaepernick, Torgersen, Lady La Fay, Mighty Lucky, Torpenhow.

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