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How an expert uses Hi-Lo

I thought it was a good time to reflect on the High Low membership – I’ve been at it for a fairly long time now and although I keep detailed records of all my punting and always know where I’m at, it doesn’t hurt to look back properly and review it.

I’ve approached this the way I look at all of my betting, from a few different angles. Obviously profitability is a huge part of it, but when dealing with a tips or ratings package there’s a few other things I look at to see if it’s worth my while and if I can make a real go of it.


Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. As I said I keep my own detailed records, so I can verify the results Rod has. I’ve made literally tens of thousands of dollars on Hi-Lo alone in around 12 months – totally separate to any of my other betting. The profits are large and constant – they just keep coming.

I learnt a while ago that value needs to be the #1 focus if you want to make money betting, and the focus on value here is obvious. We don’t just blindly bet bonuses against each other – anybody can do that. We focus only on those promotions where the offer tips the value equation in our favour. Every time there’s a new promo we haven’t played before, Rod explains whether we’ll be playing it and why, in a mathematical sense. It means we only bet where the price we’re getting (which is enhanced by the promo offer, that’s what all promos do in essence) is over the odds and thus offers value. That’s the key to all profitable betting and that’s all we do here.

And because it’s all mathematically driven, it always works in the long run. There’s times when you might not have an identical selection or price to Rod (due to timing of your bet etc), but it literally doesn’t matter. It’s all based on maths and evens out in the long run – some you’ll do worse on, and some you’ll do better on. Once you get used to it, that’s a real comfort – it’s impossible to not make money with it.

Getting on

A big one for any betting package – they’re useless if you can’t get the bets on.

Firstly, stake sizes aren’t an issue. Just about every promo offered by bookies has a reasonably low limit, so no single wager you need to make is ever going to be beyond what they take. I’d guess of the top of my head that over 80% of the bets we place are $50 or less.

The big issue is obviously promo bans. These can happen, and will. Every bookie is different and how much you can win varies, but across the board I’ve found the single best thing to do is keep betting with them on the widest range of things possible in non-promo markets. Do that and they’re usually happy to keep letting you on promos as it’s only a part of your overall betting. For somebody like me who does a lot of betting that’s fine, as I’m doing it anyway. But even if you don’t, it’s completely worth your time to engage in some other sort of betting where you’ll break even or (at worst) lose a small amount. The Hi-Lo profits make it all worth it and it keeps the promo river flowing.

I’ve had a few promo bans but honestly, it doesn’t matter. It’s still worth it for the bookies I have left when you compare it to the subscription price. You don’t get discouraged and your profits don’t disappear from one or two bookies cutting you off.

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You’ll probably be in for a bit of a surprise when you first see it, as it seems like a lot of work – like hundreds of bets per month. In a way I guess it is, but that’s only if you compare it to other betting approaches where you might only have a couple of bets per day. Compare it to anything else and it’s not much work at all. Most days you’re looking at less than 10 minutes to check the updates and quickly place your bets. Rod tells you what to back, where and for how much, so there’s no calculations etc to make. Once you get used to it you’ll fly through it.

Really the only exception is Saturday, where you do get a large amount of bets. There can be a few dozen to put on… but again, since it’s all spelt out it’s simply a case of read and bet. It’s the busiest time of the week and it probably takes me half an hour.

Again, at first it seems like a lot compared to other packages… but compare it to the time you spend on anything else (like your day job!) and for something where you make hundreds or (usually) thousands per month, it’s a no-brainer.

You do need to be prepared to have accounts with all bookies, but it’s not a big deal – they’re free and so easy to set up these days.

Bonus Bets

Apart from that, the only time I spend is a bit each night where I turn over bonus bets, matching my bets on Betfair to ensure I make a profit. You get a lot of bonus bets on Hi-Lo and need to use them, but you have time before they expire so if you miss a day or two on them, it doesn’t matter.

What’s great too is that the bets aren’t time sensitive. You know when you get a tip and the price/value is gone in a couple of minutes, and you’ve missed it because you were doing something else? Not here. You always know when the bets are coming and anyway, they don’t jump until ages afterwards – you can have up to 24 hours’ notice to get a bet on sometimes. At a minimum, you always have a few hours. And the value’s still there because it’s built into the deal even if the price moves a little. If there’s no inherent value we don’t bet anyway.


It never fails. You get updates twice a day, every day, at the time they’re promised, and they’re always identical in format and accurate. Beyond that I find Rod is more than willing to converse via email and answer any question at all about the package. He’s not some pro punter who’s unwilling to give away secrets to his form study… it’s all just him doing the work for you by checking all the bonuses available, and doing the maths to show which ones to bet. He’s always willing to discuss.

Lastly, a bonus (pardon the pun) I’ve found with Hi-Lo is the entertainment factor. Because there’s such a wide range of bets on so many different race meetings and popular sports events, there’s almost always something go on (particularly on weekends) where you have an interest. The times I do get to sit down and watch some sport or racing, more often than not I’ll be able to flick on something where we’ve got skin in the game.

In summary, I’d honestly say that the Hi-Lo service is by far the best, most valuable betting service on the market in Australia – I don’t say that lightly, I’m somebody who’s tried just about all of them. It simply can’t be beaten. The focus on value is absolute, the profits are huge, and it’s all bloody easy. I can’t recommend it enough.

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