Robl’s red-hot return

Punting Pointers

Prior to his return to riding in late November last year Peter Robl said that “The past is the past and the future is what you make of it. And I’m going to make the most of it.”

He has been very true to his word and it’s quite ironic that a jockey returning from a suspension for betting has become one of the best punting propositions in NSW racing.

Following minor placings in his first two comeback races, Robl broke through at return ride number three and hasn’t looked back since.

156 rides for a massive 34% Profit on Turnover using proportionate staking is an exceptional record. Clearly experience and motivation is a deadly combination. Not to mention that the marketplace either forgot about him or wrote him off altogether.

To get an understanding of just how good those profit figures are, let’s compare them to the top 10 jockeys in the Sydney premiership –

So Sydney’s top ten jockeys are averaging a loss on turnover of 18%.

Robl is making a profit on turnover of 34%.

While his comeback has exceeded all expectations other than his own, I’ll finish with our usual disclaimer.

Don’t just blindly back all of Robl’s mounts and expect to do really well long-term because this market anomaly will not continue indefinitely.

Punting is not that easy unfortunately.