Rosehill Review – April 23rd 2016


1st SIR BACCHUS – Jason Collett
2nd SO WILLIE – Tye Angland
3rd DARK STEEL – Brenton Avdulla

In Her Time took the early lead, getting away very quickly, with Wudang Mountain chasing but caught deep outside Reincarnate. Dark Steel was next with Surfin’ Safari outside, then a gap to So Willie and Sir Bacchus settling last.

Dark Steel slid through the inside to grab third still on the fence down the side of the course, inside of Wudang Mountain who was still caught wide. In Her Time cornered first and stepped out, handing a run up the inside to Dark Steel, who immediately did likewise to offer the same to Sir Bacchus. That was all he needed, bolting up the inside to claim a comfortable win at good speed.

Watch: Sir Bacchus

Race 2 – PLUCK @ VINERY HANDICAP (1100m)

1st IMPENDING – James McDonald
2nd ECKSTEIN – Heather Poland
3rd SYLPHEED – Tim Clark

Bit of a battle for the lead with Sylpheed eventually claiming it on the outside from Eckstein and Mooshakissa, Impending next on the outside of Don’t Doubt Her, then a gap back to Vee Eight from Gretna, Aviator and Alliterate in last.

Orderly going around the side with Sylpheed holding the lead doe the journey, and Aviator hanging right out wide around the turn at the back. Sylpheed looked promising without anyone making a strong run in the wet, but was slowly ground down by Eckstein om the inside and Impending outside, the latter finding a bit of speed to win running away. Gretna finished reasonably in fourth.

Watch: none.


1st MURPHY’S DELIGHT – Hugh Bowman
2nd RHODIN DRIVE – James McDonald
3rd HE’S DREAMIN – James Innes Jr (a3)

Slow-ish start with no real battle for the lead, Rhodin Drive calmly claiming by the first turn from Secateur rolling across to join, a gap back to He’s Dreamin with Lucky Liason outside, then Murphy’s Delight back on the rail inside Doc Holliday.

They moved along at a pedestrian pace for much of the run, a good rhythm and nobody looking to change the order. At the 600m McDonald gave Rhodin Drive a push along before getting right into him as they turned. Secateur battled to keep up as Lucky Liason was passed and fell out the back, Rhodin Drive stepped slightly off the fence to give Murhpy’s Delight, still travelling well, a decent look up the inside. He took the opportunity, Rhodin Drive battling on but eventually giving up the lead and the win.

Watch: none.


1st SASSABY – Taylor Marshall (a2)
2nd GALAXY WARRIOR – Samantha Clenton (a2)

Really competitive start from the big field with Sumitro driving through to take an early lead along with Street Savvy on the outside, Exitoso on the fence with Svavarsson outside, and the hot favourite Galazy Warrior settling fifth. Allzin was right there with him along with Miss Tickles and Laredo Hussler caught three wide, likewise Punton Bernardini, then Balametalica on the fence. Sassaby was next with a gap to Oh So Unfair, Jungle, Caribbean Concert and Singled Out at the rear.

Sassaby was on the move in the run, Marshall taking him outside to improve position into the side of the track. Miss Tickles did similar up front, as did Jungles further back who was forced very wide. They bunched into the turn with Sumitro still leading it from Street Savvy, Svavarsson and Miss Tickles, with Sassaby wide and improving into clear air. The favourite Galaxy Warrior has plenty to give but was completely caught up in the mob, Sassaby taking advantage to motor ahead and attack the line. Galaxy Warrior eventually broke through and Caribbean Concert put through a big ruin on the outside, but Sassaby was too far gone and ran on for the win. Punton Bernardini ran on well further back.

Watch: Sassaby, Galaxy Warrior, Caribbean Concert.


1st IMPOSING LASS – Jason Collett
2nd TOP OF MY LIST – Sam Clipperton
3rd MOHER – James McDonald

Moher and Imposing Lass were first out with the latter settling just in front, with Falkenberg in third from Chandana on the inside of Montauk. Top of My List was next from Hursley, Tatoosh, Multifacets and Hembrook last.

Not a lot of pace into the side of the course as Chandan improved marginally to be third on the fence, whislt on the outside Montauk improved coming into the final turn. Collett had Imposing Lass holding the lead and under a hold in the straight, as McDonald tried to up the tempo on Moher and Top of My List made a run up the inside. Collett eventually gave the leader a bit of a shove which was all that was needed for a comfortable win despite a good finish from Top of My List.

Watch: Top of My List.


1st MUY BIEN – James McDonald
2nd UNEQUIVOCAL – Lester Grace (a2)
3rd SAHARA CHILL – Christian Reith

Muy Bien settled into a comfortable lead from Sweet Kiss, then a gap to Sort After, Tremezzina and Paaraay on the rails, then a couple of lengths to Sahara Chill on the outside of Unequivocal, Tramotane, Tender, Amazon and Lani Girl at the rear.

Muy Bien lengthened down the side with McDonald holding her back, and stepped out from the turn which allowed Sort After and Paaraay a run down the inside. Sahara Chill from wide and Unequivocal through the mess finished off very well, but Muy Bien had too much class and didn’t look like losing it any stage. Tender was also wide and ran on reasonably well.

Watch: Muy Bien, Unequivocal, Sahara Chill.


1st HIGH MIDNIGHT – Glyn Schofield
2nd HIS MAJESTY – Brenton Avdulla
3rd SPY DECODER – Jason Collett

Good battle for the lead early with Himalaya Dream taking it from Sapphire of Patch and High Midnight on the rail, then His Majesty followed by Dane of Heroes, Spy Decoder and Supreme Warrior. Darci Magic with Farolitos on his outside and Man Of Choice wider again, then Dragon Flyer, Candelara and Four Carat at the back.

Innes sat very quietly on Himalaya Dream for much of the trip, the challengers fanning out wide into the straight with High Midnight and His Majesty the closest and looking most likely. The two of them would battle it out to the line as Himalaya Dream fell away, High Midnight edging it out as Spy Decoder, Farolitos and Man Of Choice ran on well, the latter two covering a lot of ground in less than perfect runs.

Watch: none.


1st HETTY HEIGHTS – Brenton Avdulla
2nd NITE ROCKER – Lester Grace
3rd ROCKOLICIOUS – Hugh Bowman

Nite Rocker took up the lead on settling to Painte, Well Hardley Ever was next with Nat King Cu on the outside from Signposted. Rockolicious was caught deep outside Orcym Sam with Hetty Heights behind them in midfield, then The Rumour File from Darci’s Affair, a gap back to Beach Head and Zed Fast, and Turbulent Jet and Bring Luck at the back.

Grace really put the boot down into the straight and went for home, Painte struggling to keep up and Well Hardley Ever waiting for a run. Nite Rocker was still holding them out as the big runs came from Rockolicious, Hetty Heights and Zedfast flying down the outside. It was Hetty Heights who edged them out in impressive fashion, all hitting the line hard.

Watch: Hetty Heights, Rockolicous, Zedfast.

Race 9 – TAB.COM.AU HANDICAP (1100m)

1st PALAZZO PUBBLICO – Brenton Avdulla
2nd MISS TENPINS – Glyn Schofield
3rd GRUNDERZEIT – Samantha Clenton (a2)

Freeze The Charges flew the start first up to settle in front from Princefamous and Our Renaissance, Palazzo Pubblico, Miss Tenpins and Shadow Force. A gap then to Mogador with Eminent Duke and Grunderzeit inside, then Tahtian Black, Fiftyshadesofgrey and Alart last of all having missed that start.

Aroudn the side of the course and something was amiss with Eminent Duke who fell out of the field, whilst quickly improving were Palazzo Pubblico and Miss Tenpins. It would be Palazzo Pubblico most active as Avdulla drove her in and out looking for a run, eventually working back inside Freeze The Charges and claiming the lead. Good runs from the outside from Miss Tenpins, Grunderzeit and Princefamous, but the winner had done enough.

Watch: Palazzo Pubblico.

Horses to follow: Galaxy Warrior, Caribbean Concert, Muy Bien, Unequivocal, Sahara Chill, Hetty Heights.