Rosehill Review – December 3rd 2016

Shane Adair's full review and runners to watch from Rosehill.

video analysis

Race 1 – Schweppes Plate (1100m)

1st Trekking – James Doyle
2nd Goodfella – Blake Shinn
3rd Gaulois – Brenton Avdulla

Pymble found the front with All Too Ready on its outside, and it was a length back to Trekking on the inside of Goodfella. It was then another length back to Gaulois and Herrara, who was racing unkind.

Heading for the judge and Pymble gave a kick, with Trekking pushing its way into the clear. Both Goodfella and Gaulois were making some ground down the middle. At the 150m, Trekking took over and kicked away for a very soft victory. Goodfella and Gaulois both ran on soundly to fill the minor placings.

Watch: Trekking

Race 2 – ATC Membership Handicap (1200m)

1st Pipeline – Tim Clark
2nd Bratislava – Brenton Avdulla
3rd Calanda – Blake Shinn

Montreal ridden out found the lead with a length to Calanda. Bratislava was next on the fence with Pipeline its outside. It was two lengths to Phuket and Cudabeen. Brulee was seeing them all about seven lengths from the lead.

Heading for home and Montreal rolled off the fence to present Bratislava a run. Pipeline and Calanda were both making runs down the middle of the track. Cudabeen looking like it could also play a part in the finish. At the 100m Montreal hit the wall and Pipeline pounced to win coming away from Bratislava and Calanda, who both had their chances to win.

Watch: None

Race 3 – TAB Highway Handicap (1100m)

1st Isla Tristana – Tim Clark
2nd Absolute Ripper – Anthony Cavallo
3rd Tiger By The Tale – Tye Angland

Kanerupt and Oakfield Time held the lead over Absolute Ripper.  These three were four lengths ahead of Iltextya, and it was then a length to a line of three: Tiger By The Tale, Deny Allcharges and Flash In The Dark. Under The Eaves and Isla Tristana were last and ten from the lead.

Swinging for home and a race of many chances. Oakfield Time rolled off the fence presenting runs for Tiger By The Tale and Isla Tristana, who was running on strongly along with Absolute Ripper and Deny Allcharges. In last 100m Isla Tristana and Absolute Ripper settled down to fight it out with Isla Tristana getting the bob in. Tiger By The Tale was making good ground in the straight to finish third.

Watch: None

Race 4 – Treeserve Handicap (1200m)

1st Dee Nine Elle – Tim Clark
2nd Nudierudie – Tommy Berry
3rd Yuma Desert – Blake Shinn

Painted Firetail was slow to begin. Yuma Desert found the front with Dee Nine Elle its outside. It was a length back to Nudierudie. A further length back to Tree Of Jesse and Harlem Lady who was travelling keen. Painted Firetail and Hetty Heights seeing them all about eight lengths from the front.

Heading for home and Yuma Desert and Dee Nine Elle kicked away with Nudierudie giving chase, these looked the only winning chances. At the 150m and a line of three was formed and in an exciting three way finish Dee Nine Elle held on to score over Nudierudie and Yuma Desert.

Watch: Nudierudie

Race 5 – (1200m)

1st Ziggy Willie – Tye Angland
2nd Perfect Dare – Joshua Parr
3rd Star Wars – James Innes (a)

Perfect Dare was ridden out to find the lead from Elemenophee who worked to get across to sit second. Isorich had the leaders back and Salmanazar its outside. A further length back to Painte and Ziggy Willie. Another length back to Avonaco trapped three wide with Star Wars its inside. Reincarnate was second last and Red Extension was seeing them all ten from the lead.

Around the turn and Perfect Dare rolled to the middle of the track presenting Star Wars with a run. Salmanazar and Ziggy Willie commenced runs down the middle of the track. At the 150m and Ziggy went whoosh and put the field away, Perfect Dare held on gamely for second and Star Wars solid in third, the rest had their chance.

Watch: Perfect Dare

Race 6 – Starlight Stakes (1100m)

1st Kuro – Jay Ford
2nd Nieta – Joshua Parr
3rd Princefamous – Kerrin McEvoy

Didntcostalot found the front and was running them along, a length clear of Princefamous, and another length to Kuro with Whiskey Allround its inside. A further length back to Nieta who was caught three wide with Bachman its inside. It was another length to Supreme Effort and Shiraz. Mr Manhattan was seeing them all about eleven lengths from the quick pace.

Turn for home and anyone’s race, Princefamous found the front but was quickly joined by Kuro and Nieta, wit Supreme Effort and Inz ‘N’ Out both running on soundly and looking place chances. At the 150m and Kuro took over with Nieta dying on her run. Kuro came away to win well over a brave Nieta and Princefamous also running well to hold third after racing on the speed.

Watch: Kuro

Race 7 – ATC Cup (2000m)

1st Malice – James Doyle
2nd Beyond Thankful – Blake Shinn
3rd Iggi Pop – Tim Clark

The Bull took up the running a length ahead of Dance Of Heroes with Reiby The Red its inside. A length further back to Closing Bell and Iggi Pop. It was another two lengths back to Falkenberg who was trapped wide with Beyond Thankful on its inside. Mighty Lucky was a further length back and also wide. Malice and Lady Le Fay were at the tail and ten from the lead. The pace was very good.

Heading for home and The Bull pinched a break and had them chasing, 200m to go and the race changed, The Bull was on empty and Beyond Thankful, Malice, Iggi Pop and Falkenberg swept past to make a line of four. In the last 100m Malice fought off Beyond Thankful to record a good victory from Beyond Thankful and Iggi Pop who battled away soundly into third. James Doyle’s ground saving ride won him the race.

Watch: Beyond Thankful

Race 8 – The Steel Builders Festival Stakes (1500m)

1st Sweet Redemption – Brenton Avdulla
2nd Hazzabeel – Michael Dee (a)
3rd Red Excitement – Joshua Parr

Sweet Redemption found the lead from Foreign Prince. Ninth Legion has the leaders back. Marenostro was a length further back. It was another length back to Hazzabeel and Red Excitement. Rageese was next and trapped wide around Famous Seamus. Berry Delicious and Amovatio brought up the rear eight lengths from the lead.

On the swing for home and the soft lead of Sweet Redemption was going to be hard to catch as Avdulla kicked it away. It was a wall of horses behind giving chase and looking a chance of winning. Red Excitement, Hazzabeel, Pajero and Amovatio were looking the best chances. At the 100m and they couldn’t quite catch Sweet Redemption, who fell in over Hazzabeel and Red Excitement who battled away soundly for third. Best to forgive Regeese on that effort.

Watch: None

Race 9 – TAB Handicap (1500m)

1st Redoutable Heart – Blake Shinn
2nd Sir Plush – Brenton Avdulla
3rd More Than Fabulous – Andrew Adkins (a)

Metallic Crown found the lead in the last over Sir Plush. It was a length back to Redoutable Heart and Cauthen’s Power. It was a length back to a line of three: Duca Valentinois, Just A Blur and Col ‘N’ Lil who was trapped wide. More Than Fabulous and Quick Defence were seeing them all about eight from the lead.

Heading for home in the last and Sir Plush Ran straight past Metallic Crown and kicked away, only Redoutable Heart looked the other winning chance. Both Duca Valentinois and More Than Fabulous running on soundly for place chances. At the 100m Redoutable Heart was just too strong and beat of Sir Plush to win well. Sir Plush every chance in second and the roughie More Than Fabulous was very good into third.

Watch: Redoutable Heart