Rosehill Review – July 30th 2016

By: Mark Haywood


1st GOLDEN ORGANIC – Tye Angland
2nd HIGH MIST – Hugh Bowman
3rd LORD MACAU – Tommy Berry

Lord Macau went forward and settled in front with Golden Organic right there as well, with a slight gap to Magicalease in third and Enterprise Mount in fourth. Sugar Bella was next on the outside of Dynastic Lady, with Fencourt next and High Mist caught deep and moving up around the outside. Fanfaron was best of the rest from Salsonic, Black On Gold, Stan, favourite Harper’s Choice, Shazee Lee and Sweet Chestnut last.

Berry pushed Lord Macau and opened up a length into the side of the track, Angland keeping Golden Organic in touch, as further back High Mist was still deep and had to make do three-wide. The two leaders weren’t immediately challenged in the straight, Golden Organic taking over the lead, with it finally coming from Salsonic on the fence, Sugar Bella driving through and High Mist lengthening on the outside – Golden Organic just holding off the latter in a photo.

Watch: High Mist.


1st ESTEBAN – Rory Hutchings
2nd MAGICAL STANCE – Jason Collett
3rd LIE DIRECT – Deanne Panya (a)

Lie Direct up the inside jumped well with Loud Debate coming across to join it, hot favourite Esteban mustering up the outside into third and Springbok Flyer in fourth between the leaders. Zayam and Rock Mylady were a length back, then a further gap to Red Dubawi and Magical Stance at the back.

Fairly good speed on as Hutchings moved Esteban up into clear second along the back of the course, the pace then slowing as the field bunched. Bowman quicklu tired of this and moved Zayam around the outside, going all the way to the front as Springbok Flyer joined them and made a line of four in front. The two movers were caught wide and Hutchings pushed Esteban forward to lead down the side, and kept the foot down to be four lengths clear in the straight. The rest punched away led by Lie Direct, Loud Debate and Magical Stance, but the favourite was cruising, keeping his flawless form intact with a five length win.

Watch: Estenban.

Race 3 – TAB HIGHWAY PLATE (1500m)

1st ABOUT TIME – Anthony Cavalo
2nd AKIKO GOLD – Tommy Berry
3rd GRAND ROUGE – Hugh Bowman

About Time came straight across to shoot to a healthy lead early, putting a couple of lengths on Grand Rouge and Akiko Gold, with Miss Farloo and Best Dressed Lady next. Then came Explosive Scene moving up, Exit Only, Blu Boy Jag, favourite Chosen Prayer on the inside of Lady Lobban, Lostasock, Thunder Road, Husson’s Shout, Tipta Tantivy, Bootlegging, and Hope Island two lengths last.

Cavalo went for a quick breather on About Time as Grand Rouge moved up to join in, whilst Avdulla had Best Dressed Lady tracking up three-wide to get to third with Blu Boy Jag getting a tow in. About Time kept a clear lead into the straight with Grand Rouge still next, Akiko Gold looming on the fence, and Miss Farloo and Best Dressed Lady putting on the pressure from wider. After that they spread right out across the track, but the battle was all closer in, the leader holding them all off to record a great win. Lotsasock, Hoep Island and Tipta Tantivy hit the line quite well from further back.

Watch: About Time


1st HARLEM LADY – Brenton Avdulla
2nd FRILL SEEKING – Nick Heywood (a)
3rd LYCIA – Andrew Adkins (a)

Panya shoved Zelda through to lead early from Flamboyant Lass and favourite Extensible out wide and moving up quickly, then Marple Miss and Frill Seeking, a gap then to Sweet Fire, Lady Lycia and Harlem Lady in a line, with Rustic Melody last.

Zelda and Extensible stretched out to put a couple of lengths on the field, with the rest content to relax a little, the order remaining for much of the journey. Extensible had a tiring Zelda as they straightened, Lycia and Frill Seeking widest and giving chase, whilst behind Avdulla kept swinging Harlem Lady out further and further for clear air. HE found it finally to lengthen beautifully on the outside and take an impressive win.

Watch: Harlem Lady


1st INTERSTELLAR – Tommy Berry
2nd TREMOR – Andrew Adkins (a)
3rd ROCK ON ZARIZ – Winona Costin

Good fight for the lead here, Interstellar and Reward For Fashion pushing forward ahead of Fleeteor from out wide and Viaductress. Somebody was next from Cry For Peace, Tremor on the fence, and Stilettoed Vixen caught wide and drifting back. Then came Meri Rani, Labdien, Modha, Rock On Zariz and Serve And Volley.

Reward For Fashion claimed the lead outright, a tight field fanning right out from the final turn to attack the straight. The leader quickly tired with Interstellar and Viaductress getting ahead, the former punching right on as the challenge came from Tremor to run away with it.

Watch: none


1st PIONEERING – Hugh Bowman
2nd DEE NINE ELLE – Tim Clark
3rd ART NOUVEAU – Brenton Avdulla

Clark pushed Dee Nine Elle through to lead, taking it from Rosettas Whey and Zaunkonig moving across, whilst favourite Pioneering started well and was comfortable next on the rails. We’re Sure was next with High Dreamer caught outside, a row of three in Art Nouveau, Tenorino and Doc Holliday widest, then Kelvinside bringing up the rear.

Clark was able to slow the tempo along the back and get a good breather, holding them all off in the last turn and pinching a good lead in the straight. Rosettas Whey and Zaunkonig had a good sit and had their chance, but the leader looked a very good thing – until Bowman shifted Pioneering out and really got it lengthening in the last 100 metres, drawing level and just pinching the win.

Watch: Pioneering.

Race 7 – WINTER CHALLENGE (1500m)

1st MARENOSTRO – Tye Angland
2nd OXFORD POET – Tim Clark
3rd RULING DYNASTY – Glyn Schofield

Very quickly into shape in the feature with favourite Oxford Poet getting forward ahead of Marenostro and Zin Zan Eddie, with a gap then to Ruling Dynasty outside of Final Decision. Next was Allergic, Tales Of Grimm, Allegria, Himalaya Dream and Sacred Master at the back.

Very orderly going with Oxford Poet and Marenostro able to cruise ahead and dictate, Zin Zan Eddie and Ruling Dynasty behind into the turn running a good race. Marenostro would be too good in the end, with Ruling Dynasty and Himalaya Dream finishing well.

Watch: Ruling Dynasty, Himalaya Dream.

Race 8 – TAB.COM.AU HANDICAP (1350m)

1st SUPER TYCOON – Glyn Schofield
2nd TOWER OF SONG – Kerrin McEvoy
3rd DRAGON FLYER – Tye Angland

Slate On Edge and Nite Rocker went to the front early, leaving a gap to Avonaco and Shadow Lord, with Crooked Blaze and Super Tycoon next. Bold Circle was next outside of favourite McCreery, then Tower Of Song, Dragon Flyer and Got The Goss.

Little change through to the final turn with the leaders holding it, Super Tycoon having a decent view up the rails, and Shodow Lord and Avonaco best placed outside. Dragon Flyer got out wider for a decent run, with favourite McCreery following and finishing well without threatening. Super Tycoon had them all beaten in the last furlong and went on for a solid win.

Watch: Super Tycoon, Dragon Flyer.


1st MAGNAJOY – Lester Grace (a)
2nd ROSE OF MAN – Tye Angland
3rd COOL CRAFT – Hugh Bowman

The early leaders flew in from the outside with I’m A Jet and Magnajoy out hard, then Astro Miss, This Is Australia and No Bad Blood caught wide. Next was Selectify from Cool Craft, Rose Of Man deep, I Can Rock, Invitations, Cheeky Babe, and a gap to backmarkers Luxury and Princess Command.

The leaders maintained the going as No Bad Blood and Rose Od Man cornered widest, but it was the two leaders going punch for punch down most of the straight. I’m A Jet would fall away with Rose Of Man pouring of the pressure, just failing to get to a tough Magnajoy.

Watch: Rose Of Man.

Horses to follow: High Mist, Esteban, Harlem Lady, Pioneering, Super Tycoon.