Rosehill Review – June 4th 2016

By: Mark Haywood


1st HENRY THE CREATETH – Glyn Schofield
2nd BRULEE – Matthew McGillivray (a)
3rd LEGERITY – Koby Jennings (a)

Favourite Legerity went straight to the front of the small field, owning the lead and the fence with Orleans just outside him and Henry The Createth third the fence and Brulee fourth just outside. Palladian had come across from the side gate but was caught three wide, whilst Smart Venture trailed last.

Down the side of the course Henry The Createth improved position as Orleans fell back to third, Brulee caught behind both of them and Palladian still well wide of them all. They found a neat line as they straightened, Legerity sticking close-ish to the fence whilst the rest spread across the track. Both Henry The Createth and Brulee went to Legerity, who didn’t have what was needed and was passed by both. Brulee probably hit the line best, whilst Smart Venture in fourth made up plenty of ground late.

Watch: Henry The Createth, Brulee, Smart Venture.


1st RAVI – Koby Jennings (a)
2nd NOBLE JOEY – Kathy O’Hara
3rd LAST WITNESS – Rory Hutchings (a)

Noble Joey shot to the front with Thorsborne pushed through to second, favourite Nudierudie third, Positive Charge fourth the fence and Wide Acclaim fifth. A gap then to Ciarlet settling in front of Lucky Fish with Ravi caught outside and Last Witness at the back.

Lucky Fish looked to gap bridge the gap between the two packs and pushed forward along the rails, whilst around the turn Nudierudie and Thorsborne positioned themselves outside Noble Joey, with Positive Charge behind the leader in fourth. Thorsborne fell off as Nudierudie went to Noble Joey and Positive Charge ducked and dived violently to find a run. Noble Joey was too strong for them but down the centre of the track it was Ravi and Last Witness rattling home from the back of the field, the former sweeping past the leader to claim the money.

Watch: Ravi, Last Witness.


1st KING’S OFFICER – Koby Jennings (a)
2nd ATTAINMENT – Adam Sewell (a)
3rd LAST WITNESS – Rory Hutchings (a)

Pure Choice was booted out of the gate to lead comfortably from Canny Henry in second and Dashie Deluxe in third, with Dylan’s Dynasty right there. Bit of a gap then to Balametalica and Grand Rouge with Pinneux caught deep, then Attainment, King’s Officer, Stratum’s Siren, Falco and Emerald Ice last.

Dylan’s Dynasty was on the move up front to join the leader, albeit a little deep, whilst at the back Emerald Ice had stepped out wider to join the rear pack. The field bunched around the side of the course and fanned right upon straightening – a wall emerging in the form of (rail – centre) Pure Choice, Dylan’s Dynasty, Canny Henry, Dashie Deluxe, Attainment, Pinneux and King’s Officer. In the centre of the track it was King’s Officer the strongest, shooting them to bits from Attainment. Falco hit the line well in fourth.

Watch: King’s Officer, Falco.

Race 4 – FIIG HANDICAP (1400m)

1st MARENOSTRO – Tye Angland
2nd INZ’N’OUT – Adam Hyeronimus
3rd RIVER LAD – Andrew Adkins (a)

Hyeronimus pushed Inz’n’Out forward from wide and was able to take the lead and then cross to the fence, settling in front of Marenostro outside of Office Bearer, with River Lad next from Ninth Legion, and Gambletown and She’s Clean at the back.

Hyeronimus kept a fairly slow pace around the side with little movement, River Lad and Ninth Legion both caught noticeably wide in the run. The leaders went straight to the centre of the track as they straightened, and despite a spirited chase from River Lad, it was only ever a race in two. It was Marenostro going to Inz’n’Out and going on to take it by a length.

Watch: none.

Race 5 – TPG HANDICAP (1500m)

1st KELLYVILLE FLYER – Koby Jennings (a)
2nd HARLEM LADY – Rory Hutchings (a)
3rd TROIZ CHOIS – Jay Ford

Dynamic Rock came across from wide to take up the lead early, a gap to Troix Chois on the fence with Kellyville Flyer outside. A length then to the next pair in Pindan Pearl and Like Zena, then a further gap to Swift Lady, Piamimi, Harlem Lady and Campania last of all.

Pretty orderly going around the side as the field bunched somewhat and again headed to the middle of the course upon straightening. Dynamic Rock came under real pressure as Kellyville Flyer laid down the challenge, going to the front with Trois Choix, Like Xena and Harlem Lady wider still in pursuit. Pindan Pearl also threatened inside but Kellyville Flyer had them broken well out and took it comfortably.

Watch: none.

Race 6 – PRO IT HANDICAP (1500m)

1st SO WILLIE – Koby Jennings (a)
2nd MORE THAN FABULOUS – Deanne Panya (a)
3rd CLASSIC UNIFORM – Serg Lisnyy

Speed was on early with favourite Roguish going to the front but facing a real battle for the lead, Classic Uniform taking it right up before eventually conceding. The field strung right out with Supply And Demand comfortable in third, Montauk fourth and More Than Fabulous fifth the fence. Triple Snitz was next followed by Hursley on the rails, Seekign Asylum and Tremezzina. Surfin’ Safari was caught deep outside Dubaiinstyle, Hand From Above, and So Willie settling last.

Adkins slowed them around the side with the field bunching right up as they headed for the extreme outside as they straightened. Classic Uniform soon claimed Roguish and had More Than Fabulous and Supply And Demand for company, More Than Fabulous punching ahead and looking the goods until So Willie appeared, Jennings having stuck closer to the centre of the track, then coming across and taking it by a length for his fourth win of the day.

Watch: none.

Race 7 – MONACO CUP (1500m)

1st SEBRINA – Deanne Panya (a)
2nd METALLIC CROWN – Tye Angland
3rd CONSIGN – Rory Hutchings (a)

Conditions worsening again with rain and wind on the Heavy 10, Panya pushing the favourite Sebrina forward to control the going. Metallic Crown settled in second followed by Kontiki Dane and Life Of Reilly caught deep, a gap then to Collaboration with Figtree on the inside and Consign on the outside, with Rock Mylady and Street Savvy at the back.

They cornered in a line straight into the wind, the leader only electing to stick relatively close to the inside as Metallic Crown, Kontiki Dane, Life Of Reilly and Consign gave chase from wide. It never looked in doubt however as Panya stretched the favourite out to record an easy win.

Watch: Sebrina.


1st FOREIGN PRINCE – Deanne Panya (a)
2nd BERRY DELICIOUS – Kathy O’Hara
3rd LOOPHOLE – Tye Angland

Fast start at the 1800m with leaders going out hard, Foreign Prince and Goldstream battling for the front with the former eventually taking it. Favourite High Midnight came across to sit in third as the field strung right out, Loophole next in fourth followed by Tales Of Grimm. Berry Delicious was next from Casino Dancer and Less Is More, then a big gap to Jiayuguan and Ghost Protocol last of all.

Panya gave Foreign Prince his head and maintained a couple of lengths as the rest of the field bunched a little, Goldstream sitting back and allowing High Midnight to slip through to second on the rails, leaving Goldstream without cover. Foreign Prince held them around the turn as favourite High Midnight loomed, both heading toward the centre of the track as Tales Of Grimm and Berry Delicious fought on from wider. Loophole behind the leader switched back to the inside, but it was all Foreign Prince, absorbing the pressure to lead from go to whoa and take it out from a fast finishing Berry Delicious.

Watch: Foreign Prince, Berry Delicious.


1st GRANDE PUNTO – Thomas Huet
2nd PAINTE – Jay Ford
3rd MAGICAL STANCE – Andrew Adkins (a)

Good speed from the start again here with Freeze The Charges out hardest to lead from Encostanadi, a couple of lengths early to Painte and Frill Seeking, and a couple more to Maddhal with Alart outside. McCrerry was next very deep from Slydini and Kaleidoscope, also very deep, then Grande Punto, and Magical Stance settling a long last.
Freeze The Charges held the lead right around the side and into the straight, with favourite Painte, Encostanadi and Frill Seeking clear of the rest who fanned right out across the track. Painte cruised past Freeze The Charges, and of the backmarkers it was only Grande Punto putting in a run big enough. It would be enough to edge a tight win, with Magical Stance and Slydini finishing reasonably well.

Watch: Grande Punto.

Horses to follow: Brulee, Ravi, King’s Officer, Sebrina, Foreign Prince, Berry Delicious, Grande Punto.