Rosehill Review – May 21st 2016

By: Mark Haywood


1st CHIPANDA – Brenton Avdulla
2nd LEGERITY – Christian Reith
3rd ARGIE BARGIE – Lester Grace (a)

Favourite Legerity was a big jumpy on the inside and bounded and quickly, taking the lead along with Omiya as Virgilio bounded up to join them. Murrmaid was fourth the fence from Argie Bargie with Chipanda settling at the rear.

Omiya laid back a little to settle on the outside of Murrmaid as Legerity hugged the rail around the side with Virgilio for company. Omiya and Argie Bargie peeled out as they straightened and back further Chipanda left the fence, Avdulla taking her every which way for a run before finally finding the required route on the rails. It was then a question of running down Legerity which ultimately proved not to be a problem, despite the favourite boxing on well. Argie Bargie also it the line notably.

Watch: Chipanda, Argie Bargie.


1st DANCE OF HEROES – Rory Hutchings (a)
2nd HIPPARCHUS – Brenton Avdulla
3rd GHOST PROTOCOL – Sam Clipperton

Slow start at the 200m with Candelara falling out on the inside to take up the lead. Dance Of Heroes was just outside the leader, Secateur settled third on the rail with the hot favourite Hipparchus just outside him, and Ghost Protocol and Defrost My Heart bringing up the rear.

Little change in the running order, Avdulla just ensuring he kept the favourite in touch with the front pair, until about the 600m when he put the foot down noticeably to move outside the frontrunners as Secateur was also pushed forward and Defrost My Heart moved up from the back. Into the straight and Dance Of Heroes disposed of Candelara and began a strong run to the line, Avdulla on the outside calling on Hipparchus to make it a race in two. A good battle with the odds-on favourite unable to overcome the tough-as-nails Dance Of Heroes, who claimed an impressive win. Ghost Protocol and Secateur put in reasonable runs.

Watch: Dance of Heroes.


1st SPIETH – Sam Clipperton
2nd KING’S TROOP – Brenton Avdulla
3rd PIONEERING – Christian Reith

Good fast start as Costin booted For Me Dad forward from outside to take up the lead, with Bitburg settling in second and Noble Joey third. King’s troop was next pushed along on the fence, then a gap to the favourite Spieth with Pioneering outside, and a further gap to Wide Acclaim and Surfin’ Safari at the rear.

King’s Troop was moved up as they hit the side of the course, moving to third on the rails, whilst Pioneering also got moving and swung out wide in the bend. For Me Dad held them off briefly as King’s Troop challenged up the inside, whilst Clipperton searched for a run on Spieth before the seas parted in front of him. A sprint to the line then with the favourite doing the business, and nice finishes from Pioneering and Wide Acclaim.

Watch: Spieth, Pioneering, Wide Acclaim.


1st CORRESPONDENT – Deanne Panya (a)
2nd LE CAVALIER – Mathew Cahill
3rd PURE CHOICE – Jack Pracey-Holmes (a)

A few seemed to want the lead but it was Panya and Correspondent most determined to get there, getting to the front ahead of Pure Choice and Cottonwood Grove. Nagging was next caught deep from Hangover Monday, Le Cavalier, Ziganui, a slight gap to Supreme Lad, Erika and Cop A Nip, then Marvel, Dashie Deluxe, Artistic Beauty and Caribbean Concert bringing up the rear.

Correspondent certainly didn’t settle in the lead, Panya strung the field out and kept the foot down on the leader to pull away immediately. They cornered six lengths in front of the mob and that was all she wrote, the field led by reasonable runs from Le Cavalier and Pure Choice making no meaningful dent in the huge margin as the leader claimed a very, very impressive win.

Watch: Correspondent.

Race 5 – PAT HYLAND HANDICAP (1400m)

1st TSARITSA – Rory Hutchings (a)
2nd ROYAL TUDOR – Christian Reith
3rd DREAM FORCE – Sam Clipperton

Big of a fight for the early lead with Royal Tudor eventually taking it just inside of a keen Dreamforce. High Spirit went forward to sit third from Serious Satire and Tremezzina on the fence, with a gap then to Seeking Asylum caught a little deep. Favourite Tsaritsa was next on the rails followed by Snitzel Knight, More Than Fabulous and Metallic Crown last of all.

Field stayed tightly bunched into the side of the course with Royal Tudor holding them and nobody too dissatisfied with proceedings. Snitzel Knight and More Than Fabulous swung out wide from the rear, and Hutchings tooks advantage to shove the favourite out as well and get a run. The leaders battled down the straight but it would be an impressive turn of foot down the middle of the course from Tsaritsa to take the chocolates, More Than Fabulous in the wake also finishing well.

Watch: Tsaritsa, More Than Fabulous.


1st OUR RENAISSANCE – Taylor Marshall (a)
2nd SHADOW FORCE – Jack Pracey-Holmes (a)
3rd SHADOW LORD – Sam Clipperton

Shadow Force and Our Renaissance were pushed forward from wide to lead early, Shadow Lord also moving up to sit third and deep, with Ice Chiller fourth on the rails from Awasita. A gap then to the favourite Skip Course just struggling a little to find rhythm and position, with I Can Rock next and Mad About You at the back.

Racing was tight around the turn with nobody going too wide, which would prove costly for the favourite, who was ridden quietly and couldn’t find a path through the bunched field until late, where the required effort wasn’t forthcoming. It would be Our Renaissance and Shadow Force ultimately leading the entire journey and going to the line together with little separating them.

Watch: none.


1st MARENOSTRO – Tye Angland
2nd RYKER – Winona Costin (a)
3rd SPY DECODER – Christian Reith

Genuine contest to lead early with Foreign Prince finally allowed to come around the outside and take it from Great Esteem and Ryker. Marenostro settled in fourth outside of the favourite Rockolicious, with a gap then to Spy Decoder caught outside Loophole and Berry Delicious, with Gamblestown and Jiayaguan at the back.

Clenton kept Foreign Prince going around the side and the home turn as the challengers set themselves, Ryker just hanging on the flank whilst Rockolicious didn’t find perfect passage on the rails and had to duck and dive around the leader before getting passage too late. Marenostro came hard from wide and pounded his way down the straight to win it, with decent finishes from Loophole and Berry Delicious well back.

Watch: none.


1st PINDAN PEARL – Tye Angland
2nd DISTRAUGHT – Taylor Marshall (a)
3rd SEBRINA – Deanne Panya (a)

Slowish start with favourite Harlem Lady flopping out and barely moving to immediately be three lengths back. Marshall shot Distraught to the lead early, with Muy Bien second on the outside of Lofiel. Dream Lane was next followed by Song And Laughter moving up the inside of Sebrina, a gap then to Pindan Pearl with a further gap to Campania and Harlem Lady.

Marshall looked to string them out but it was Muy Bien keen to keep in touch, moving to second with Serbina moving out slightly to get a little wider for the run home. The favourite was still well back and inside as they straightened, and that’s where she’d stay as she failed to make ground up the inside. Distraught was struggling to hold them off, with the challenges coming from Sebrina and Pindan Pearl, clear on the outside and flying home for what was ultimately a comfortable win.

Watch: none.


1st LE CORDON BLEU – Christian Reith
2nd POWERLINE – Samantha Clenton
3rd CAPED CRUSADER – Adam Hyeronimus

Horses to follow: Chipanda, Dance of Heroes, Spieth, Correspondent.