Race 1 – Bedford CA Handicap (1400m)

1st Zumbelina – Rory Hutchings
2nd Fiery Trail – Joshua Parr
3rd Cadogan – Brenton Avdulla

Fiery Trail found a soft lead from Gold Artisan, it was a length away to Zumbelina and Cadogan whipped them in about three away from the lead, they stayed in this order until the turn.

On the turn Cadogan made a move to around the field taking up the lead over Fiery Trail and Zumbelina, who had pushed into the clear to commence its run. At the 150m and Zumbelina let down strongly to score comfortably over Fiery Trail, who battled away strongly into second.

Watch: Zumbelina

Race 2 – Goldners Horse Transport Golden Gift (1100m)

1st Serena Bay – Kerrin McEvoy
2nd Reflectivity – Tommy Berry
3rd Ipso Facto – Blake Spriggs

Serena Bay ridden out found the front a length ahead of Ipso Facto and Florid. It was a further length to Salvador and Reflectivity. A two length break to Korma, Keep On Charging was racing very unkind for the rider, then a further length to Terwilliker who was bringing up the rear about ten lengths off the lead.

On the turn and Florid moved to sit outside Serena Bay, with Ipso Facto and Reflectivity peeling off Florid to commence their runs. At the 150m and Serena Bay saw off the fight of Florid, however Reflectivity let down with a strong run and in a bobbing go, Serena Bay just held on to record a strong victory over the fast finishing Reflectivity. Everything else had its chance to run down the winner.

Watch: None

Race 3 – HQ Insurance Handicap (1800m)

1st The Rumour File – Joshua Parr
2nd Hunter Jack – Tye Angland
3rd Shalmaneser – Blaike McDougall

Balmain Boy after being trapped wide took up the running from Pianissimo and Hunter Jack. It was a length back to Eschiele and Egyptian Ruler. Another length back to Montauk and Shalmaneser, then it was another three lengths to The Rumour File, Liapari and Promas was seeing them all. Pace was very good.

On the turn and Hunter Jack took the lead from Balmain Boy who worked too hard early. Shalmaneser was starting a strong run down the middle. The Rumour File and Liapari looking to be in the finish late. At the 100m Hunter Jack kept kicking as The Rumour File and Shalmaneser drove at it late. In a very tight finish The Rumour File got the bob in from a very brave Hunter Jack and Shalmaneser running on soundly into third.

Watch: Hunter Jack

Race 4 – TAB Highway Handicap (1500m)

1st Delightful Feeling – Nick Heywood (a)
2nd The Nickster – Jay Ford
3rd Gambled – Brenton Avdulla

The Nickster ridden out found the front, from Sculptures and Twilight Charade. It was a further length to Major Sharpe and Gambled. Another length to Bill ‘N’ Eve and Delightful Feeling then came Bolshoi Devoushka. It was a further length back to Al Cubana. Kilmarnock and Top Magic were seeing them all.

On the swing for home and The Nickster kicked strongly to get the field off the bit and chasing. Delightful Feeling was the only one looking like running down the leader. At the 100m and Delightful Feeling got the upper hand over The Nickster to record a good victory. The Nickster brave into second and Gambled worked into third.

Watch: Delightful Feeling, The Nickster

Race 5 – Sire Custodians Handicap (2400m)

1st Soviet Courage – Glyn Schofield
2nd Danjeu – Blaike Mcdougall
3rd Zourkhan – Kerrin McEvoy

Mr Steal found the front but had to use a lot of petrol to get there, My Giulianowas on its outside, Herne’s Oak was on the leaders back with Ascot Red its outside. It was a further length to Maven Wiz and Danjeu on its inside. Another length to Pursuit Of Honour and Der Meister. Zourkhan And Soviet Courage were seeing them all ten from the lead. The pace was hot and they had to run on.

On the swing for home the leaders felt the pinch and Danjeu swept to the front and looked set for victory. Soviet Courage with a ground saving ride was making a very strong bid for victory and Zourkhan working home. At the 150m and the softer of the two runs told as Soviet Courage cruised to victory. Danjeu solid into second and Zourkhan whacking away into third without ever looking the winner down the straight. Mr Steal will sleep well tonight!

Watch: None

Race 6 – Thoroughbred Breeders NSW Handicap (1500m)

1st Hogmanay – James Innes Jr (a)
2nd Unbiased – Tommy Berry
3rd Embley – Glyn Schofield

Hogmanay found the lead with Francesco sitting on its outside. Eminent Duke was a length away in third. Another length back to Romney’s Choice and Unbiased. It was then another length to Embley and Satya then another length to Asinara. The last two were Trafalgar and First Decision bringing up the rear.

On the swing for home and Hogmanay gave a good kick with Unbiased and Eminent Duke giving chase. Embley was saving ground along the fence and looking a place chance. At the 100m and the Leader Hogmanay was full of running and went down to record a strong victory over a solid Unbiased and Embley. Winner just too strong.

Watch: Hogmanay

Race 7 – #theraces Handicap (1400m)

1st Snoopy – Tommy Berry
2nd Unequivocal – Jay Ford
3rd Wine Tales – Tye Angland

Snoopy found an easy lead with Moher working to sit outside the leader. It was a length back Ryker and Gold Ambition. It was another length to High Midnight. It was then another length to Unequivocal. Wine Tales and Onerous brought up the rear about eight lengths from the leader.

Heading for home and Snoopy gave a good kick to hold a two length lead with the only other chances being Unequivocal and Wine Tales from the rear. At the 100m and Snoopy kept kicking to record an excellent front running victory over the fast finishing Unequivocal and Wine Tales into third.

Watch: Snoopy

Race 8 – Roadwork Solutions Handicap (1200m)

1st Madotti – Tye Angland
2nd Pepperberry – Kerrin McEvoy
3rd Magic Albi – Joshua Parr

Interstellar found the lead with Donelle being a nuisance on its outside, Zin Zan Elise sat a length away in third. Pepperberry was a further length away, then came Madotti. Magic Albi and Fiftyshadesofgrey brought up the rear. Pace was good again.

Heading for the judge and Interstellar rolled off the fence but didn’t offer much as Pepperberry ran up on the fence. Madotti and Magic Albi commenced strong runs down the middle of the track. In a strong three way finish Madotti got the lunge in to claim victory over Pepperberry and Magic Albi back in third.

Watch: None

Race 9 – tab.com.au Handicap (1400m)

1st Upscale – Brenton Avdulla
2nd Secret Trail – Nick Heywood (a)
3rd Firsthand – Tommy Berry

Upscale held out the lead from Noble Joey in the lucky last, Firsthand was a length away in third with Twist Tops its inside. Secret Trail was caught three deep around I Can Rock. Last Witness and Careless brought up the rear about ten from the lead.

On the swing for home and Upscale pinched a couple of lengths lead and had Noble Joey beaten. Twist Tops, Secret Trail and Firsthand were all giving chase. Upscale at the 100m looked in no danger and won nicely over Secret Trail who was brave to the line after being caught wide, and Firsthand battled away soundly into third.

Watch: Secret Trail

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