Rosehill/Flemington Review

ROSEHILL REVIEW – SATURDAY FEBRUARY 20 2016 Race 1 – SPARK OF LIFE HANDICAP (1100m) 1st STRINDBERG – Tommy Berry 2nd REDZEL – Hugh Bowman 3rd YATTARNA – Kerrin McEvoy To Be Sure jumped best from wide with Avdulla immediately looking to find a more favourable position, as Bowman booted Redzel forward to take up the lead with Yattarna in behind on the fence.  Can Be Bossy was caught wide and so Adkins attempted to push forward, Strindberg was next on the inside and Zoutenant and Interpid Way brought up the rear. Bowman stretched them out around the bend on Redzel, taking To Be Sure with him to establish about four lengths on the rest, with Yattarna and Can Be Bossy first to give chase, and Strindberg next in line looking very relaxed.  As they straightened Bowman kept the foot to the floor and continued to move away, To Be Sure unable to go with him.  Berry on Strindberg was the eye catcher from behind, having got out to the outside and taking off from a long fourth position to furiously give chase.  Berry extracted every last drop of effort to nail Redzel on the last stride, with Yattarna running on usefully to grab third. Watch: Strindberg – super turn of speed late to claim the win. Race 2 – RANVET HANDICAP (1500m) 1st HIMALAYA DREAM – Tommy Berry 2nd MAURUS – Jason Collett 3rd MARENOSTRO – Hugh Bowman Bit of a hard start with Berry on Himalaya Dream eventually winning the battle to take the lead from Great Esteem, Marenostro, Keepit To Yourself and Oriental Lady, with Maurus and Timeless Prince trailing somewhat.  Fairly orderly queue into the bend and around the side of the course, with Great Esteem and Keepit To Yourself caught a little wide and the rest of field traveling reasonably comfortably. Berry was noticeably relaxed as they straightened and remained that way, as the chasers peeled out with many going to the whip.  He eventually started swinging and extracted enough to keep his mount in front, with the minors split between Marenostro following him in and Maurus hitting the line hard from outside. Watch: Himalaya Dream, Maurus – the winner looked right at home up front, whilst Maurus hit the line quite well. Race 3 – TAB HIGHWAY PLATE (1100m) 1st ROSE OF MAN – Tommy Berry 2nd ROYAL ENGINEER – Samantha Clenton (a2/54.5kg) 3rd BOWIE’S BABE – Blake Shinn The short-priced Rose of Man missed the start by a length and a half, whilst at the other end of the field Desert Marshall was hardest out with a group of horses marginally behind jostling for position – Beau Tirage, Supa Vision, Royal Engineer and Still Missing the order they eventually settled in. Torio’s Delight was next from Bowie’s Babe and Twisted Miller, followed by the gap to Rose of Man. Beau Tirage moved up on the inside to take the lead as they continued down the side of the course at a fairly handy speed, remaining that way into the straight.  Of the chasing pack Still Missing and Torio’s Delight were both stepped out to find space, along with Twisted Miller and widest of all Rose of Man, still last but finally with breathing room.  It was a sprint to the line for Beau Tirage and Desert Marshall, before they were swamped by a hard running Royal Engineer and a hurtling Rose of Man, intent on making up every inch he’d given them and then some.  He hit the line at a fearsome clip to snatch the win from Royal Engineer, with Bowie’s Babe finishing well for third. Watch: Rose of Man – great recovery and incredible closing speed to get the win. Race 4 – UVEX SILVER SLIPPER STAKES (1100m) 1st ASTERN – Hugh Bowman 2nd DEFCON – Blake Shinn 3rd MOUNT PANORAMA – Tommy Berry Mount Panorama was the story at the start, rearing up at the inside gate to miss it and find himself some two lengths off the field.  Jumping best were Rather Sweet, Astern and Rafha’s Choice, Bowman wrestling the hot favourite Astern to the front.  Pittsburgh was caught one wide and pushed up to fourth, with Defcon and King of War either side of him and Mount Panorama still trailing badly as the found they first turn. Fairly steady pace around the side of the course with Shinn on Defcon the mover, unable to find a comfortable spot in the run so pushing forward outside without cover.  Astern continued to control things comfortably from Rapha’s Choice as they straightened, whilst Mount Panorama had caught the backmarkers. In the straight McEvoy threw King of War to the fence to find the inside running but didn’t have the engine as Bowman got to work on Astern, Defcon moved up and Berry found his way to the outside to make a last ditch effort.  All three ran on and the favourite was ultimately too strong, securing a half-length win. Watch: none Race 5 – GALMET MILLIE FOX STAKES (1300m) 1st FIRST SEAL – Blake Shinn 2nd TELEPATHIC – Jason Collett 3rd I’VE GOT THE LOOKS – Brenton Avdulla Telepathic missed the start but it was a noticeably slow one across the board, nobody wanting to take up the running early.  McEvoy on Skyline Blush eventually put his hand up to run things at the first turn, from Press Report, Catkins caught outside, I’ve Got The Looks, then a gap to First Seal and Telepathic. They strung out a little down the side to form an orderly queue, little movement with Skyline Blush extending her lead to a couple of lengths.  First Seal poked her nose out a little and Shinn seemed to be considering going wider to take up position before holding firm and waiting for the straight. Skyline Blush continued to lead down the straight, with Press Report the first to give chase.  She was pursued by hot favourite and a hard ridden Catkins, who didn’t look up for it and had any slight chance snuffed when she ran straight into Press Report’s backside.  First Seal however had the required urgency and swooped down the outside to join the group which had swamped and dispatched of Skyline Blush, and ran on for a strong win.  Telepathic and I’ve Got The Looks ran on for the places. Watch – First Seal – class shone through and should continue to improve. Race 6 – HYLAND SPORTSWEAR HANDICAP (1350m) 1st RELIGIFY – Tommy Berry 2nd SPY DECODER – Jason Collett 3rd HOLLYWOOD BOUND – Hugh Bowman Nite Rocker and Bold Circle were first out and were soon joined by Religify who came across from outside to join them and ultimately lead.  Farolitos moved up take second on Nite Rocker’s outside, Spy Decoder followed next from Bold Circle, Sweet Fire, Man of Choice out widest and Hollywood Bound.  Spy Decoder was the mover around the side of the track and was shadowed by Man of Choice, who was still caught very wide. Religify was still in command as they straightened up, with a crowded mess behind him which ensured a few were caught up.  Spy Decoder was the liveliest of the pursuers, bounding on and looking to challenge.  Berry pulled the stick on the leader and got the response, the pair breaking away along with Hollywood Bound, Bowman having found his way up the inside.  Neither could catch Religify however, with the Midas touch of Berry getting him home over a fast finishing Spy Decoder. Watch: none. Race 7 – CRC HOBARTVILLE STAKES (1400m) 1st PRESS STATEMENT – Hugh Bowman 2nd LE ROMAIN – Christian Reith 3rd MONTAIGNE – Jason Collett Montaigne missed the start marginally but otherwise the field jumped fairly evenly, with favourite Press Statement jumping well before Spill The Beans took up the running with Wolf Cry coming across.  Dal Cielo sat third on the inside of Press Statement, with a slight gap to Balmain Boy and Le Romain leading the rest of the pack, Montaigne having made up ground already. Cameron slowed and controlled the race on Spill The Beans down the side of the track, with Wolf Cry handy and Press Statement looking comfortable one out and one back.  Bowman slid him up around the final turn and Reith on Le Romain stalked his every move and was towed in.  At the rear Vanbrugh and Too Good To Refuse were taken wide whilst Collett on Montaigne chose the inside.  As expected, Press Statement moved up to the leaders and ran on with Bowman shifting effortlessly through the gears to claim an easy win, with Le Romain still tracking him and Montaigne finding his way through a maze to grab third. Watch: all three placegetters worth keeping an eye on – Press Statement was predictably all class, Le Romain remains underappreciated and Montaigne’s hard finish was impressive – things could have been different with a better start. Race 8 – PACIFIC HOISTS PARRAMATTA CUP (1900m) 1st ARAB DAWN – Christian Reith 2nd ALLERGIC – Tim Clark 3rd HASSELHOOF – Matthew Cameron Field somewhat split in two at the start, Hippopus taking up the lead early from Café Society, Landlocked, Alpha Beat and Hasselhoof pushing forward, whilst sitting back were Beyond Thankful, Loophole, Libran, the favourite Allergic and Arab Dawn.  O’Hara stretched Hippopus out to a decent speed, with Hasselhoof keen to go with him but being collared by Cameron, leaving the leader unchallenged for much of the run.  Landlocked shifted out down the side of the track and was followed by Alpha Beat and Loophole and they hit the final turn. Into the straight and Cameron was all over Hasselhoof in chasing down the leader, whilst Arab Dawn, from the rear of the field, found a charmed path through the mess to emerge with a good look at it on Hasselhoof’s outside.  The favourite Allergic attempted to follow Arab Dawn through but would not get the same opportunity, being constantly blocked for a run.  Arab Dawn stepped around Hasselhoof and went to the line, with Allergic finally finding a clear lane and being able to run in next.  Libran and Loophole also ran on well. Watch: Allergic – had no luck and can be forgiven Race 9 – GET WELL KERRIE WILSON SPRINT (1100m) 1st COOLRING – Blake Shinn 2nd BROOK ROAD – Samantha Clenton (a2/54.5kg) 3rd TAHITIAN BLACK – Tye Angland Fast start from the big field with Coolring going forward along with Esgrimidor and Straturbo, with On a Shining Star also pushing out wider, whilst the favourite Brook Road sat well back in the field on the fence.  Genuine speed in the run as the field spread right out, Esgrimidor holding the lead with Straturbo with him stride-for-stride. A mob of horses emerged from the turn with Coolring finding a great run on the fence just behind the leader, whilst the favourite Brook Road was still well back until really getting going in the straight. Esgrimelda and then Straturbo dropped off leaving Coolring with victory in his sights and Brook Road finishing hard to challenge, leaving his run a fraction too late as Coolring grabbed a very narrow win, with Tahitan Black running on for third. Watch: none. Horses to follow: Rose of Man, Press Statement, Le Romain, Montaigne, Allergic. —– FLEMINGTON REVIEW Race 1: Curragh Racecourse Trophy (1600m) 1st All Cerise – Ben Melham 2nd Blendwell – Luke Currie 3rd Written – Jackie Beriman After a fair start, All Cerise rolled to the front and Marli Magic came across with her but stayed at her quarters. Written was caught three wide early on but found cover when Dig A Pony eased with Blendwell in that group. Pindan Pearl was also three wide but lost her cover. All Cerise was able to get a couple of easy furlongs midrace though Marli Magic was up on her outside on the bend, Written and Dig A Pony were also creeping forward. All Cerise had a kick left and shook off Marli Magic past the 300m. They were closing wider out as Blendwell burst through to make her run with Written and Dig A Pony but All Cerise just had enough in hand to hold them off in a close finish. Much improved run from Blendwell third-up and she might be heading the right way now. Of the others Written ran well while Dig A Pony continues to be hard to catch. Follow: Blendwell, particularly if she can strike a soft track. Race 2: Talindert Stakes (1100m) 1st Weatherly – Craig Williams 2nd Conscious – Stephen Baster 3rd Jackson – Mark Zahra A bunch towards the inside of the track with Want To Rock and Brittany leading, Call Me Tess settled in behind them, Happy HalloweenHavildar and Clockwork Orange were all up handy. Battle Order tucked in withRamensky while Jackson was about a length off them in the middle of the track. Wide out Pearl Congenial led from Conscious and Weatherly, who was slowly out again, and they looked to be a length or two behind the inside division. Clockwork Orange hit the lead at the 200m from Want To Rock, Happy Halloween was still there battling and Battle Order and Jackson were winding up. They were swamped on the grandstand side by his Weatherly who sprinted powerfully and raced away. Conscious chased him home out wide in a nice debut and they spaced the inside group with Jackson getting up to grab Battle Order for third. Not a lot to say about the rest who were well beaten. Weatherly looks a strong type and it’ll be interesting to see where he heads. Follow: Conscious trialled well before this debut and has more upside than most. Race 3: Auckland RC Trophy (1000m) 1st Estaminet – James McDonald 2nd Scratchy Lass – Steven King 3rd Afleet Esprit – Jordan Childs Estaminet went down on her knees at the start and was last but picked herself up fairly quickly. Pretty Possum jumped well and crossed to join Sweet Emily in the lead. Japhils let them go and came across heels to be in the clear and Estaminet improved to be fourth. Afleet Esprit stayed on the inside of Rose Of Falvelon and Scratchy Lass. Pretty Possum was being niggled a fair way out, as was Sweet Emily, and Japhils moved alongside but Estaminet went with her and travelled by far the better. Rose Of Falvelon and Scratchy Lass were running on while Afleet Esprit was relegated to last. Estaminet sprinted away when asked and looked to do it very easily on the line. Scratchy Lass had her back for most of the race and finished off well too while Rose Of Falvelon was nabbed by Afleet Esprit getting home strongly into a place first-up. Japhils was a bit disappointing though she races best when she can lead so might be worth another look at her. Follow: Estaminet is a real winner, same can’t be said for most of her rivals, stay with her. Race 4: JRA Trophy (2000m) 1st Pemberley – Daniel Stackhouse 2nd Word Of Mouth – Jye McNeil 3rd Falago – Harry Coffey Tuff Host was first onto the fence and held the lead over Pin Your Hopes behind him and Renew and Falago making ground to be up there. Pemberley was ridden hard out of the gates after being slightly slow and made it to midfield with cover ahead of Scelto and Word Of Mouth. Renew did a bit of work to get up outside Tuff Host and was the first one under pressure when they reached the turn. Falago snuck up three wide and Pemberley followed him. Pin Your Hopes stayed bailed up behind the leader and Word Of Mouth came out looking for a run between horses. Falago and Pemberley struck the front together at the 400m and at that stage Falago looked to be going okay. Soon after Pemberley sprinted hard and dashed away. Word Of Mouth was out in plenty of time and ran to second with Falago holding third safely but they were no match for Pemberley. Golden Mane worked home into fourth but was never in the hunt, same with Azurite who only loomed before one-batting and Pin Your Hopes was a bit one paced once he got out. The winner is a very progressive middle distance performer. Follow: Word Of Mouth looks close to a win. Race 5: The Vanity (1400m) 1st Don’t Doubt Mamma – Dwayne Dunn 2nd Egypt – Craig Williams 3rd Perfect Reflection – Ben Melham Alaskan Rose was one of the first out but didn’t want the lead and Sacred Eye, somewhat surprisingly, made a beeline for the front withItaly going on with her. Jameka landed third with Don’t Doubt Mamma on her back. Perfect Reflection settled three back on the fence with only Egypt behind her. Sacred Eye seemingly travelled pretty well coming to the turn, getting a breather midrace, and Italy didn’t put any pressure on. Jameka came out three wide and Don’t Doubt Mamma also pulled out. Alaskan Rose and Perfect Reflection found themselves behind the pack. Jameka challenged Sacred Eye about 300m out but Don’t Doubt Mamma clearly had their measure. Perfect Reflection was badly held up and lost momentum trying to get into the clear. Egypt was down the outside. Don’t Doubt Mamma went for home inside the last furlong and just held a fast-finishing Egypt. Perfect Reflection got going in time to grab Jameka for third place with Sacred Eye a touch disappointing after a fairly easy lead. Follow: Perfect Reflection was unlucky and Jameka a pleasing first-up run. Race 6: CS Hayes Stakes (1400m) 1st Tivaci – Craig Williams 2nd Palentino – Mark Zahra 3rd Tulsa – Ben Melham River Wild stood there at the start and missed it by five lengths or so while Top Me Up flew out to lead. Vostok joined him and Bon Aurumwas caught three wide. Lizard Island settled just inside him and Patch Adams was on the back of that group. Gold Symphony was another length or so back and over racing. Ready For Victory took off around Palentino at the same time the leaders pulled up. River Wild was recovering and Tivaci ran wide as a result of the tempo slowing. This is the point of the race that jockey Craig Williams would later protest over. By the turn there was about three lengths between most of the field. Top Me Up led around the turn but there was a line up with Vostok, Bon Aurum and Ready For Victory looming. Further out Palentino and Tivaci ran on and Lizard Island was in behind that wall. Tivaci hit the lead about 300m out from Top Me Up and looked to have the measure of Palentino. Tulsa was starting to run on from the back and Lizard Island was getting through. Palentino dug deep to kick back and regain the lead 50m out and held on to be first past the post over Tivaci. Tulsa was only half a length or so back and Lizard Island a handy have fourth. A couple to Sovereign Nation who only got warmed up late after being back in the ruck and Bon Aurum a fair run though wide all the way. River Wild finished midfield in a forgive run. Of course Tivaci won the race on protest, a somewhat puzzling decision. Follow: messy race, merit in the first six home at least. Race 7: Group 1 Black Caviar Lightning (1000m) 1st Chautuauqa – Dwayne Dunn 2nd Terravsita – Damien Oliver 3rd Japonisme – Glyn Schofield Exosphere went left out of the gates then straightened but four of the six runners headed towards the outside fence. Exosphere stayed about five horses off the inside and directly on the back of the bolted Va PensieroJaponisme landed in front of Delectation and Terravista out wide while Chautauqua trailed that trio. The outside division were always in front and Exosphere sailed past Va Pensiero closer to the middle of the track by the 400m. Japonisme went for home about 300m out but Terravista cruised up on the inside to hit the lead and held about three-quarters over Japonsime at the 100m with Chautauqua starting to get warm when the race looked all over. Exosphere was all at sea in the centre of the track and looking one paced. Japonsime had another dip at Terravista and got very close but Chautauqua had the last shot at them and arrived in the last stride to score after looking in trouble 200m out. Exosphere wound up pretty close on the track to the placegetters by the post ahead of Delectation who was just fair. Once again Terravista had a Group 1 down the straight shot to pieces before being run down. Chautauqua can only improve which is scary while Japonisme proved he’s up to these horses. Exosphere put in a jury’s out run, he was in the wrong spot and will be better back in Sydney but is he as good as we thought he was? Follow: none in particular, obviously these are our best sprinters. Race 8: Ascot Racecourse Trophy (1400m) 1st Dan Zephyr – Michael Dee 2nd Divan – Michelle Payne 3rd Mighty Like – Craig Newitt Charmed Harmony showed his usual speed to hold the front from Gracious Prospect coming over to sit with him. Dan Zephyr landed in a perfect trail. Underestimation also found a good spot around Kenjorwood with Zupacharged behind them. Divan was stuck wide around him and Observational had the rails with Amorino pulling out of that bunch. Charmed Harmony wasn’t able to break away from Gracious Prospect as he can do and Dan Zephyr just sat behind them waiting. Another couple to Kenjorwood and Underestimation while Divan was still wide. Dan Zephyr produced his sprint at the 300m and ran straight past Charmed Harmony and Gracious Prospect, as you’d expect with the run he had. Underestimation ran to second but was battling while Mighty Like hit the line strongly from well back, coming with Divan in the last 200m. But Dan Zephyr had it too good in the run and was never in danger. Divan was excellent first-up after racing wide worrying Mighty Like out of second and Underestimation had his chance. A couple to Kenjorwood and Amorino. Winner was too good. Follow: Divan, though he may not race much again until the spring, and Kenjorwood. Race 9: HKJC Handicap (1200m) 1st We’ve Got This – Craig Newitt 2nd Rough Justice – Damian Lane 3rd Sweet As Bro – Stephen Baster Onerous was okay away from the inside but tucked in for a trail behind Henwood. The field split in half and We’ve Got This made a late switch from the inside to the outside group. On the outside Jimando led Hard Stride with Rough Justice on their backs. Sweet As Bro andYesterday’s Songs followed and We’ve Got This was at the end of the six out there. The others came along the same inferior patch that Exosphere took a couple of races earlier with Henwood leading Onerous. Zebrinz was under pressure a long way out and while the inside group probably had the overall lead at the 400m after another furlong the outside were well clear and Rough Justice hit the front. Yesterday’s Songs was out in time to make his run with Sweet As Bro and We’ve Got This was closest to the outside fence winding up. Onerous took over from those on the inside but wasn’t in the race. We’ve Got This picked up Rough Justice easily in the closing stages and had plenty in hand. Sweet As Bro outgunned Yesterday’s Songs for third. That quartet held a commanding margin over the rest. Follow: none, but be wary of those who were on the inside as they were disadvantaged. Specials from the meeting: Blendwell (particularly in wet), Conscious, Word Of Mouth, Divan.