Sandown Hillside Review – June 4th 2016


Race 1 : Handicap (1300m)

1st Inspired Estelle – Dwayne Dunn
2nd Montoya’s Secret – Ben Melham
3rd Kenedna – Brad Rawiller

Montoya’s Secret was able to hold the early lead from the inside with Nina’s Ballerina up handy and Inspired Estelleimproving after a fair start. Bay Harmony settled just behind that trio and Kenedna got her head up as they slowed. Mrs Martindashed around them from the back as Inspired Estelle moved up to join Montoya’s Secret in the lead. The field bunched before the turn and Montoya’s Secret steadied in front and slipped a length clear of Inspired Estelle and Mrs Martin put under some pressure. Cat Woman made a move to be up there before the leaders sprinted and Kenedna was relegated to last at the 400m. Inspired Estelle cantered up to Montoya’s Secret soon after and was going by far the better as she went for home at the 200m. She broke away and proved far too good, obviously lifting sharply on her first-up effort. She’s a half-sister to Lankan Rupee so a city win is valuable for her. No excuses for Montoya’s Secret while Kenedna did well to get going again late. Slowly run race but they had their chance.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 2: Ladbrokes Park Handicap (1500m)

1st Clemency – Ben Allen
2nd Niminypiminy – Damian Lane
3rd Yellen – Ben Melham

Testability was ridden for the lead and took it up from Clemency and Yellen out three wide. Dancing Rose tucked in behind them from Niminypiminy and Dig A Pony was also out three deep. Yellen pressed on to sit up in second before they turned out of the back. Testability slowed them right up and was entitled to have a kick when they went to the 400m. Yellen had a bit of trouble getting to her early on and Clemency started to loom up. Dancing Rose couldn’t go with them and Niminypiminy was picking up ground in the middle and she sprinted through a gap between Yellen and Clemency to put herself in the picture. Testability was fighting on but Clemency and Niminypiminy settled down to fight it out in the latter stages. Just as it looked as though Niminypiminy was going hold off Clemency the lighter weighted mare just finished off the better late. Yellen just defied Testability’s fight back to grab third but a couple of lengths off them. Dig A Pony didn’t do much and little can be said about the others.

Follow: nothing stood out.

Race 3: Ladbrokes Mega Margin (1600m)

1st War Legend – Jake Bayliss
2nd Divine Mr Artie – Dylan Dunn
3rd El Greco – Damian Lane

Prince Of Babylon was one of the best out from a wide gate and pressed on as War Legend went looking for cover. Atlantic City and Lake Jackson were up there, the former pulling a bit, and Les Darci settled on the fence. Zandarral found himself three deep and strode forward while War Legend was still without cover. El Greco and Divine Mr Artie were behind them. Zandarral moved alongside Prince Of Babylon while Atlantic City still refused to settle. Lake Jackson and Les Darci settled nicely but War Legend was forced to race wide throughout. He started to creep forward before the 600m and Divine Mr Artie latched onto his back for a trail home. Prince Of Babylon was being niggled at on the turn and came off the fence, allowing Atlantic City space to come through. Lake Jackson made a dash past a battling Zandarral and War Legend was winding up further out, keeping El Greco snookered. Les Darci was looking for runs through and Divine Mr Artie had a couple of lengths to make up. Atlantic City momentarily hit the front at the 300m but had nothing left and War Legend swept to the lead with Divine Mr Artie starting to close in. El Greco was on his inside but War Legend was far too good, no excuses for the chasers after he raced wide. Divine Mr Artie held his form and El Greco ran an improved race. From the back Lunar Spin and Rezak ran on but never threatened.

Follow: again, nothing in particular.

Race 4: Ladbrokes Bet Better (1800m)

1st Turnitaround – Ben Thompson
2nd Longeron – Dwayne Dunn
3rd Sysmo – Ben Allen

There was a fair bit of competition for the lead with Sandhill Chief kicking up on the inside to hold out Longeron and Straight Jacket out wider. Extra Noble was in behind them and Sysmo, who jumped best, eased into a spot keeping Turnitaround right off the track. Wish Come True improved past him and into midfield. Sandhill Chief was largely left alone by Longeron and they had a couple of lengths on Straight Jacket and Extra Noble. Sysmo wound up three deep and Turnitaround was on his back as they improved coming to the turn. Sandhill Chief left the inside but was the first horse beaten as Longeron took over a fair way out. Extra Noble made a dash on his inside and Straight Jacket was in the clear. Sysmo started to chime in from the 400m and just behind him Turnitaround hadn’t been asked for anything serious. Longeron travelled pretty well as they got to the business end and the danger was coming from out wide as Turnitaround was asked to and he went straight past Sysmo. Straight Jacket was trying hard but no match for them. Turnitaround produced a sharp sprint and despite wanting to hang in a bit proved a bit too strong, making it four straight, for Longeron, who didn’t give it up, and they got away from Sysmo. Decent gap to the rest.

Follow: Longeron is close to a win now.

Race 5: Ladbrokes Handicap (1000m)

1st Magnagem – Ben Thompson
2nd Chiavari – Damien Oliver
3rd Kievann – Jake Bayliss

Plenty of action early as you’d expect in a 1000m race and Toothless cleared them to lead Johnny Roo BoyStingray just in behind them and Solar Duchess was closer to the fence. Magnagem had the drop on that group with Kievann on his outside andHotel Sierra further out. San Amaro and Sentfromthestars were back near the fence and Chiavari raced with them to the turn. Anyone’s race at the 400m as Toothless started to feel the pinch, Stingray got up inside with Solar Duchess and Sentfromthestars. Johnny Roo Boy was chiming in and Magnagem was holding Chiavari in a pocket. San Amaro was right behind that wall of horses. Further back Kievann was trying to wind up and Secret Blend the same down the middle. Hotel Sierra made a bit of a charge to be looking a threat inside the 200m. Johnny Roo Boy hit the front for a stride but Magnagem and Chiavari claimed him, Kievann started to chime in with Hotel Sierra and  Secret Blend with Jersey Whistler closing in behind them. Magnagem and Chiavari had it between them on the line and the former just got the head down to win. Kievann was right on their hammer and Secret Blend narrowly missed the place. Only about four lengths between the first eight home in a blanket finish. Forgive San Amaro who didn’t seem to like the conditions.

Follow: Chiavari went down fighting and can win one of these races.

Race 6: Ladbrokes Live Play (1600m)

1st Nesbo – Dwayne Dunn
2nd Royal Rapture – Ben Thompson
3rd Distant Rock – Patrick Moloney

Nobody overly keen to lead and Red Spyder took it up from Master Reset, Distant Rock was three deep outside them andCloudscape back on the fence with Commanding Time in that bunch. Not far off them were Scherzoso and Schockemohle.Royal Rapture was on his back and Nesbo trailed. Distant Rock crossed them to get control in front and Commanding Time worked up to be outside him giving Red Spyder some cover. A move came from Royal Rapture when they slowed up and he ran to the lead well before the turn. That put Distant Rock under some pressure. Red Spyder wasn’t picking up and Master Reset and Commanding Time were left flat footed. Scherzoso found himself back in the ruck behind Schockemohle and Nesbo was starting a run right down the outside at the 400m. Royal Rapture had nothing left after that midrace move a Nesbo hit full steam and swept past him. Distant Rock battled on behind them with Master Reset and Scherzoso getting going when it was all over. Too good for them Nesbo first-up from a spell. He did beat a couple of non-winners there and Scherzoso was luckless so forgive him.

Follow: stay with Scherzoso.

Race 7: Ladbrokes Odds Boost (1300m)

1st Forgeress – Jessica Payne
2nd A Lotta Love – Dylan Dunn
3rd Danestroem – Beau Mertens

Danestroem gathered speed to lead as he usually does but off the fence and split A Lotta Love and Exclusive Lass. Behind them Forgeress found a good spot in the clear. Nadeem Lass and Khutulun were next. Danestroem ran them along but staying right off the inside coming to the turn. Exclusive Lass crept a bit closer to her on the bend and A Lotta Love was still on the leader’s inside. Forgeress peeled out a couple of lengths away hand Khutulun was wider. A Lotta Love took the lead past the 200m from Danestroem who wasn’t going away without a fight and Forgeress was running on, though the rider had problems with the rein. Forgeress knuckled down in the closing stages and was able to finish off a bit too well for A Lotta Love and Danestroem stuck on well for third. Noela’s Choice ran on very late to grab Khutulun for fourth but was never in the hunt. Conditions suited the winner and was entitled to win the way the race was run. A Lotta Love not disgraced but is likely to go for a spell.

Follow: none.

Race 8: Ladbrokes Cash In Handicap (1300m)

1st Odyssey Moon – Tom Sadler
2nd Battlecamp – Dwayne Dunn
3rd Bassett – Daniel Stackhouse

Ascendance was a clear leader early as the others sorted themselves out. Odyssey Moon edged over into second from Bassettand Sooboog charged forward after being stuck wide. Bon’s Ghost was hard up against the fence and Sword Of Justice was in the bunch just off the leaders. Nat’s The Boss made a move around them passing Street Pride and Battlecamp. Ascendance turned in front in the centre of the track with Odyssey Moon stalking, Sooboog was further out and Bassett had room between them. Sword Of Justice was under some pressure and Battlecamp got up inside him to start a run. Jalan Jalan was making up ground from last closer in. Ascendance still had a kick but Odyssey Moon made his move near the 200m and took over. Bassett was getting through underneath Sooboog who was battling and Battlecamp started to wind up with Nat’s The Boss down the outside too. Odyssey Moon always looked to have Bassett’s measure and Battlecamp was the one charging at them but the line came up too fast and Odyssey Moon held on for an overdue win. Battlecamp wins in another stride and Bassett ran his best race for a while. Nat’s The Boss wasn’t disgraced and Jalan Jalan and Sooboog were next.

Follow: Battlecamp is a promising type and will win races.

Race 9: Ladbrokes Infohub (1300m)

1st Magnus Lad – Dylan Dunn
2nd Duke Of Brunswick – Beau Mertens
3rd Bon Rocket – Nick Hall

Magnus Lad and Bon Rocket disputed the early lead and Tankster and Running Bull let them go. Duke Of Brunswick landed in a nice spot though wanted to get his head up. Ruettiger wasn’t settling either as he was restrained around Vizkaha and Mio Dio. Magnus Lad won the battle for the front and was able to control it midrace until coming to the turn where Bon Rocket, Tankster and Duke Of Brunswick made a line of four with him. Running Bull stayed to the inside and Mio Dio was in behind the leaders while Ruettiger was the widest on the bend. Bon Rocket joined Magnus Lad about 250m out with Duke Of Brunswick chiming in further out. Raposo made a dash closer to the fence while Running Bull battled. Ruettiger was still there wide out. Magnus Lad fought back and regained the lead from Bon Rocket inside the 100m and he out-toughed them to win in something of a form reversal. Duke Of Brunswick got up for second from Bon Rocket and Ruettiger was close up from Raposo. Hard to knock the winner’s effort.

Follow: be forgiving of Duke Of Brunswick and Ruettiger, neither of which settled at all.

Specials from the meeting: Longeron, Battlecamp, Chiavari.