Sandown Review – November 12th 2016

Ray Hickson reviews Saturday's Sandown meeting and highlights some horses to follow.

Race 1: Merson Cooper Stakes (1000m)

1st Arctic Angel – Chris Symons
2nd Mikuni – Luke Currie
3rd Zarpoya – Ben Thompson

Arctic Angel flew out of a wide gate and cleared them easily. Wide out My Mother Says didn’t have the same speed and several kicked up underneath including HerreraFrom The Clouds and Another DemonHeatherton and Kedelston were handy enough closer to the inside and Malzoom and Mikuni were also in the leading half. Arctic Angel showed them a clean pair of heels at the 400m and was travelling well. Kedelston and Zarpoya were on her inside under a bit of pressure. Heatherton and Herrera were a bit one paced, Mikuni went straight past Malzoom and Vinland was starting to wind up from the back. Arctic Angel showed no signs of stopping and was never in danger as she cantered in to beat the fast-finishing Mikuni. Zarpoya just won the battle for third over Kedelston and a couple of lengths to Vinland running on okay. Winner was far too quick.

Follow: Vinland looks to have some upside.

Race 2: Sandown Stakes (1500m)

1st Redkirk Warrior – Craig Williams
2nd Stratum Star – Brad Rawiller
3rd Un De Sceaux -Craig Newitt

Nobody that keen to lead so Stratum Star was left in front, pulling a bit, from Royal Rapture on his outside and Inspectorholding the fence. Redkirk Warrior eased into a good trail. A couple to Sovereign Nation in the clear while at the back were Un De Sceaux and Slightly Sweet. With no pace on Un De Sceaux whipped around them to take up the running. Stratum Star settled a bit better with more speed on while Royal Rapture seemed to be chasing a fair way out. Redkirk Warrior moved three wide on the turn and started to work into it while Sovereign Nation wasn’t going anywhere. Un De Sceaux was giving a big sight down to the 200m but Redkirk Warrior was closing in fast with Stratum Star and they got to the leader soon after with Redkirk Warrior finishing just a bit the better. Game effort by Un De Sceau and the others weren’t really a factor. Royal Rapture may have had enough this prep and Sovereign Nation was a big flop.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 3: Sandown Cup (3200m)

1st Qewy – Kerrin McEvoy
2nd Swacadelic – Glyn Schofield
3rd All I Survey – Patrick Moloney

Didn’t take long for Qewy to assume control in the lead from Tunes up on his outside. All I Survey landed behind them with Murphy’s Delight getting into a good spot behind the leader. Swacadelic settled well in midfield and Four Carat was next. Absolutely no speed on and there were no moves for a long was as Qewy was allowed to dictate the race. He was stoked up coming to the home turn and was able to pinch a couple of lengths on the field. Tunes was the first horse beaten and when a run opened up on the inside Murphy’s Delight couldn’t take advantage. All I Survey was first to loom up and Swacadelic pushed Four Carat out of the way to run on too. Qewy safely held All I Survey but Swacadelic was getting very close as the finish line loomed. Not much left on the line but Qewy proved a bit too good from a game Swacadelic and they beat All I Survey by about three lengths or so.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 4: Doveton Stakes (1000m)

1st Husson Eagle – Michelle Payne
2nd Miss Promiscuity – Hugh Bowman
3rd Rock ‘N’ Gold – Damian Lane

O’Malley blew the start but gets back anyway. Jungle Edge held the lead in the middle but they were all over the shop, Bullpitwas wide out and Miss Promiscuity closer to the fence. Brockhoff and Vezalay were also in that group. A couple to Rock ‘N’ Gold around Husson Eagle. Bullpit went very wide on the turn and Miss Promiscuity railed through to take the lead from Jungle Edge. Brockhoff and Vezalay were a bit flat and Husson Eagle was getting up on their inside. Rock ‘N’ Gold started to push through underneath Bullpit. Jungle Edge was racing quite roughly and dropped off leaving Miss Promiscuity clear. Husson Eagle was in the clear to chase in plenty of time. Rock ‘N’ Gold was finishing off the race well too but Husson Eagle picked up Miss Promiscuity inside the 100m and edged away for a strong first-up win. Miss Promiscuity just held Rock ‘N’ Gold. Vezalay just battled a bit while O’Malley hit the line when it was all over. Bullpit was a strange run, tracking wide all the way.

Follow: stick with the winner, Rock ‘N’ Gold can also pick up another race

Race 5: Twilight Glow Stakes (1400m)

1st Prompt Response – Damien Oliver
2nd Hear The Chant – Dwayne Dunn
3rd Petition – Kerrin McEvoy

A few of them wanted the lead early and Ghenwaa had it from Prompt Response on the inside, Sword Of Light trying to get across from wide out as Hear The Chant held here spot one off the fence. Flying Jess was off around them ahead of I’ll Decideon the inside and Moonlites Choice handy. Lilac Wine and Moonlover were next ahead of Petition around A Sterling Dash. Ghenwaa had a bit of pressure applied through Sword Of Light and Flying Jess while Prompt Response travelled well on the inside and was quick to join them at the 400m. Hear The Chant was starting to loom from I’ll Decide under pressure. Moonlites Choice couldn’t go with them and right to the outside Petition was winding up. Prompt Response went for home at the 300m and had Hear The Chant closing in on her. Sword Of Light was beaten but Petition was still coming and Moonlites Choice picked up to go with her. Prompt Response kept going and held off the challenge of Hear The Chant by a neck or so with Petition looking like she needed another 100m. Flying Jess stuck on well behind them with Sword Of Light. Deserved win for Prompt Response.

Follow: Petition is desperate for a mile.

Race 6: Sandown Guineas (1600m)

1st Morton’s Fork – Craig Williams
2nd Ruthven – Luke Nolen
3rd Jennifer Lynn – Dean Yendall

Jennifer Lynn was a surprise leader but Benz eventually obliged to take it up and Fomo gathered speed to move into second. Ruthven found a good spot with cover. Wimborne and Soviet Secret were the next pair while Morton’s Fork was caught wide and started to ease. Faraway Town was back with Stornaway. They raced about four horses off the fence up the back and Benz wasn’t going overly hard in the lead. Ruthven was first to pull out and stride up three wide around Fomo while Jennifer Lynn waited behind them. Faraway Town stole some ground on the inside of Soviet Secret and Morton’s Fork was the widest after starting a run well before the turn. Faraway Town stayed to the inside and was able to hit the lead at the 400m from Benz and Fomo. Jennifer Lynn and Ruthven were further out and hadn’t been let go at that point and Morton’s Fork was still five off the lead at the 300m. Jennifer Lynn and Ruthven ran past Faraway Town, who was in the quicksand, and looked set to fight it out but Morton’s Fork was still chasing and he ran down Ruthven to score an amazing win given the lack of pace. The runner-up was game and Jennifer Lynn did a good job as well. They got away from the rest.

Follow: long term Ruthven could develop into a nice horse.

Race 7: Zipping Classic (2400m)

1st Beautiful Romance – Glyn Schofield
2nd Almoonqith – Damien Oliver
3rd Big Orange – Damian Lane.

Not surprisingly Big Orange assumed the lead and Tristram’s Sun sat up on his outside. Beautiful Romance eased to get a trail around Who Shot Thebarman while Secret Number was caught wide around Almoonqith and So Si Bon on the fence. Transfer Allowance saw them all. Big Orange loped along in the lead and didn’t seem bothered by Tristram’s Sun. Secret Number crept forward three wide with Who Shot Thebarman holding the rail and Beautiful Romance between them. Transfer Allowance tried to get into it from last with a sweeping run around the field and Almoonqith got onto its back. Big Orange was being tested by Tristram’s Sun before the turn but he was responding. Transfer Allowance made it to third as Who Shot Thebarman waited on the rails for a run. So Si Bon followed him and eventually got up underneath. Beautiful Romance was shuffled out near the tail. Big Orange shook off the two roughies early in the straight, Who Shot Thebarman and So Si Bon were getting up on the inside of him and joined him about 350m out. Wide out Almoonqith was coming and Beautiful Romance was also picking up. So Si Bon hit the front 300m out but hit a brick wall on the inside and Almoonqith swept up wide out with Beautiful Romance coming through and Big Orange still whacking away. Almoonqith looked all set to win but right on the line Beautiful Romance got the head down and stole it. Big Orange tried hard and they got away from So Si Bon and Who Shot Thebarman was disappointing.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 8: Kevin Heffernan Stakes (1300m)

1st Lucky Hussler – Brad Rawiller
2nd Illustrious Lad – Anthony Darmanin
3rd Super Cash – Craig Williams

Faatinah kicked up on the inside to hold the lead with Durendal up handy and Illustrious Lad coming over to eventually sit up second. Tried And Tired was in the box seat from Burning Front while Famous Seamus was three deep next. Under The Louvre and Lucky Hussler were the next pair. Faatinah was held together on the turn though Illustrious Lad always travelled better than him. Tried And Tired went to that no-go zone on the inside and Durendal wider out was battling to stay with the leaders. Lucky Hussler made quick ground between horses to run up behind them at the 400m with Burning Front and We’ve Got This on the inside. The widest runner was Super Cash warming up from last. Illustrious Lad went for home at the 250m and Lucky Hussler was the only one left chasing him. Faatinah couldn’t go on while Durendal and Super Cash were still coming further out. Lucky Hussler made a last ditch bid to run down Illustrious Lad and stuck his head out to snatch it. Super Cash hit the line nicely into third ahead of Durendal and Faatinah. Under The Louvre disappointed.

Follow: Super Cash can pick up a race.

Race 9: Eclipse Stakes (1800m)

1st Turnitaround – Hugh Bowman
2nd High Church – Dean Yendall
3rd Lidari – John Allen

Plot The Course ran to a clear lead from Jacquinot Bay and Turnitaround wider out pushing on. Cool Chap, who didn’t jump well, settled inside LidariMagnapal was in the clear next though three deep with Desert Jeuney and Auvray pushing up underneath. Gabella was also wide from High Church and Tucanchoo, who dropped back from a wide gate then improved along the fence. Plot The Course was unchallenged to the turn with Turnitaround stalking. Cool Chap went back to the inside of the leader, Lidari and Jacquinot Bay were slapped up and Gabella was wider out making some ground. High Church got to the outside of her and Tucanchoo went up on the fence but that was the slow lane. Turnitaround got to Plot The Course just before the 100m with High Church closing in and Lidari and Alaskan Rose not far away. Turnitaround kept going and just held off High Church and Lidari finishing well into third just ahead of Plot The Course. Alaskan Rose and Cool Chap were next. Forget Tucanchoo went around, he never had a chance.

Follow: High Church a very nice second-up run.

Race 10: Summoned Stakes (1500m)

1st Silent Sedition – Craig Williams
2nd Sweet Redemption – Stephen Baster
3rd Extensible – Hugh Bowman

Sweet Redemption jumped quickly and went straight to the lead with Miles Of Krishan and Weather The Storm up there and Silent Sedition rolling forward further out. Coronation Shallan and Mossbeat were handy from Extensible between Grey Streetand OnemorezetaMetaphorical was behind them with cover. Sweet Redemption had them running along and Silent Sedition stayed a length or so away coming to the turn. Weather The Storm was on their inside and Coronation Shallan angled for a run. Miles Of Krishan was running about a bit and Extensible went for a run inside her and Onemorezeta was one of the widest running on. Sweet Redemption was giving a good sight in the lead though Silent Sedition wasn’t asked for the big effort until the 200m. Extensible ran to third with Shillelagh getting through on the inside.  Miles Of Krishan and Onemorezeta were battling on. Silent Sedition had a good run and finished off nicely to down Sweet Redemption and Extensible who had her chance in the straight. Shillelagh was close up and Miles Of Krishan was far from disgraced.

Follow: Miles Of Krishan back in class.

Specials from the meeting: Vinland, Petition, Super Cash, High Church.