Scone Review – May 14th 2016

By Mark Haywood


1st LOVING HOME – Tye Angland
2nd SETTLE THE FUTURE – Christian Reith
3rd HALFWAY TO HEAVEN – Kaylee Kirkwood (a)

Halfway To Heaven settled in the lead with Loving Home coming across to sit just outside, whilst Settle The Future was just behind in third, narrowly ahead and to the outside of Kingston Time. Favourite Duca Valentinois was next one off the fence, outside of Artibai, then Meiner Freccia ahead of a line of three – He’s Dreamin’ caught outside of Rod’s Bid and Murphy’s Delight, with Packen trailing the field.

Kirkwood let the favourite go a little around the back of the course, getting out to about two and a half lengths as the remainder of the field travelled fairly quietly, He’s Dreamin’ still caught quite deep for most of the run and being pushed forward, eventually camping outside of Duca Valentinois. Down the side of the course and Rod’s Bid was on the move, being pushed up from well back, whilst up front they’d reeled the leader in to be tightly bunched into the final turn. Halfway To Heaven led into the straight and held the rail with Loving Home and Settle The Future outside him, whilst McDonald sat patiently just behind on the favourite. It would be Loving Home and Settle The Future the strongest down the straight, Halfway To Heaven just dropping away and Duca Valentinois unable to go with them.

Watch: none.


1st ALL SUMMER LONG – Greg Ryan
2nd STAR SHAFT – Jeff Penza
3rd HOT HIT – Robert Thompson

Messy start from the big field with Fireball shooting through the inside to take the lead onto the course proper, with Brooklyn Storm right there and Grand Condor caught deep outside them. Esgrimidor was next with Hot Hit on the rails, then Selectify and All Summer Long with Texan Lad off the track. Next line was Wonderbolt on the fence with Barood for company and Mogador three deep, two lengths to Ice Chiller, Star Shaft and Crooked Blaze, with Ice Chiller a long last.

Field emerged tight from the final corner, Fireball still leading them on the inside from Brooklyn Storm and Grand Condor, as the challenges came from wider in Hot Hit and All Summer Long. Star Shaft had come even wider from a long way back to run on very hard, just failing to pip All Summer Long. Mogador finished well, as did Barood.

Watch: Star Shaft, All Summer Long, Mogador.


1st MANAYA – Lester Grace (a)
2nd RAIMENT – Tim Clark
3rd NONPARIEL – James McDonald

Another big field over the short course and Nourishing won the start, booted forward ahead of Not Surprising, Artova was third on the fence with Irish Sea right there in fourth, with Aghna and Raiment coming across from outside. Too Fast For Love was next on the rails from Mooshakissa, inside of Nonpariel and Suspenders, then Sugarparma and Brulee to Don’t Doubt Her outside of Try a Little Harder, then a gap to Maraya and a further gap to She’s Wild at the back.

You could throw a blanket over the field in the final turn as they emerged as a mob, Nourishing on the fence with Not Surprising, Irish Sea, Aghna, Raiment and Sugarparma across the track, the favourite Nonpariel behind and looking for a run. From even wider came Brulee and then rounding them all up was Manaya, flying home down the centre of the track to be too good for the Godolphin runners.

Watch: Manaya.


1st ALUCINARI – James McDonald
2nd ROEINDA – Kerrin McEvoy
3rd POSITIVE CHARGE – Samantha Clenton (a)

Another 1100 metre dash and it was Thorsborne taking it up early from out wide from Aegean Sea on the rails, Fancy Knickers was between them in third with Positive Charge moving up to fourth. Way Too Good was off the track and moving up next whilst Sangiovese was inside. Next was Regatta Rebel from Red Mist inside, Alart caught deep, then Credit Card Miss, Roeinda on the rails, Remunerator, Bubbleberry outside of Alucinari, and Don’t Doubt Marley last.
Aegean Sea led strongly into the straight with Positive Charge the initial challenger, whilst McDonald has weaved Alucinari up the inside and was looming. They eventually swamped Aegean Sea across the track – Alucinari, Roeinda, Positive Charge, Sangiovese and Way Too Good hitting the line in a wall. Alucinari would take it out by a whisker from Roeinda, who savaged the line.

Watch: Roeinda

Race 5 – INGLIS 3YO GUINEAS (1400m)

1st SERENE MAJESTY – Kerrin McEvoy
2nd SPILL THE BEANS – James McDonald
3rd KIMBERLEY STAR – Greg Ryan

Good battle for the lead early with McDonald finally manage to push hot favourite Spill the Beans to the front ahead of a pesky Professor Marx and Girl Sunday, Dark Steel was next the rails from Supply And Demand, a gap then to Serene Majesty who had Meteora Miss moving up, then Kimberley Star and Sargent Doakes who had been taken straight to the back.

McDonald sat pretty around the side with Supply And Demand the main mover, Clark taking him around the outside to keep touch. They straightened with Spill The Beans holding out Professor Marx on the inside, whilst Supply And demand was coming with Serene Majesty getting a tow in. Dark Steel was also running strongly and was held up momentarily on the inside, whilst McEvoy put the foot down and had Serene Majesty moving past them all to draw level with Spill The Beans. He would get the win by centimetres in a great finish, whilst Kimberley Star came from well back to nab an impressive third.

Watch: Serene Majesty, Kimberley Star, Dark Steel.


1st CLEARLY INNOCENT – Samntha Clenton (a)
2nd MUSIC MAGNATE – Kerrin McEvoy
3rd CRADLE ME – Christian Reith

Music Magnate settled into the lead early from Decision Time who in turn led River Lad on the outside of Cradle Me, a length or two then to Federal inside of Clearly Innocent, Unknown Destiny caught a little deep, then unequivocal back on the fence from Chrysolaus, Piamimi and Ninth Legion.

Music Magnate took them into the straight and had Cradle Me directly behind, Reith attempting to get off the fence and brushing shoulders with Decision Time as River Lad loomed up. Outside further and a length back were Federal and Clearly Innocent, the ladder coming with a head of steam to pass them all and tackle Music Magnate. He’d take him relatively comfortably in the end to record a local win, with Unequivocal and Piamimi running on reasonably further back.

Watch: Clearly Innocent, Unequivocal.


1st DANISH TWIST – Tim Clark
2nd ONEMOREZETA – Samantha Clenton (a)
3rd PRESS REPORT – Jeff Penza

Lucky News won the start to settle in front from Ammirata, Press Report was third on the rails and the favourite Danish Twist deeper in fourth and covering a lot of ground. Peace Force was next on the rails with Onemorezeta outside, then She’s Clean on the inside, Artistry out wider, Electric Power, Just A Blur and Hetty Heights, First Bloom caught deep, In A Wink, Queen Of Kariba and Fitou last of all.

Lucky News just held the lead into the straight but was under serious pressure from Ammirata and Press Report up the inside. Danish Twist was still well deep but loomed up with Onemorezeta holding on as well, and it was the favourite bursting away in extremely impressive fashion to claim the win. Just A Blur and Artistry were also eye-catching in the finish.

Watch: Danish Twist, Onemorezeta, Just A Blur, Artistry.


1st KAEPERNICK – Robert Thompson
2nd INZ’N’OUT – Christian Reith
3rd THAT’S A GOOD IDEA – Tye Angland

Furnaces and That’s A Good Idea shot up the inside to lead from Ms Wicked Wanda with Slots next the inside of Inz’n’Out, then Kuro, Eminent Duke, Pro Consul on the fence, Kaepernick, Brook Road and Speedy Squib deep, with Got The Goss last.

Furnances and That’s A Good Idea led them home but were quickly run down by Kaepernick and Inz’n’Out, the latter by far the strongest to get home for a commanding win. Brook Road in fourth hit the line well.

Watch: Kaepernick, Brook Road.

Horses to follow: Star Shaft, Manaya, Roeinda, Kimberley Star, Serene Majesty, Clearly Innocent, Danish Twist, Brook Road.