Sunshine Coast Quaddie tips, The Professor

The Professor really has taken all before him since joining Champion Bets in September 2018. His Queensland Winners service has produced over $16,000 profit to members (at $100 / unit) at a superb 15.6% profit-on-turnover. A figure like that, maintained for over two years now, is incredibly impressive in the current betting environment.

Here’s a good chat with the man himself about what he does to produce these incredible numbers:

Champion Bets: Tell us a little bit about your journey.
The Professor: I’ve actually spent a lot of time in the university system. I did my undergraduate degree, and then a PhD. I worked in the university system doing research for about 10 years. During that time, since my university days really, I’ve been interested in doing the form and taking it seriously for probably about the last 10 to 15 years. It got to a point where I was actually spending more time worrying about doing the form than perhaps what I should have been doing at work…

Champion Bets: That’s a bit unusual… an academic who loves a punt! 
The Professor: Yeah, isn’t that strange? It’s almost like I spent too much time at the pub. I guess I got the bug during the earlier years and since then I’ve been fascinated; consumed with trying to find winners and get the right prices, and working out how the big boys do it. So the last few years now I’ve been working full-time in the industry, and looking specifically at Queensland form.

Champion Bets: Can you tell us – why Queensland? You only bet there and not in the ‘bigger’ states of Victoria and New South Wales. 
The Professor: Yeah I think one of the things that’s great about Queensland is there are so many opportunities.  You’ll get six or seven meetings just in South-East Queensland every week, not even considering North Queensland. You get all those chances to find a winner. It does make the workload quite a bit higher having to do all the replays, but the opportunities are there.

I think the other thing is that there’s such a variety of tracks that suit different horses. I think that makes for lots of different opportunities to see horses going from unsuitable conditions to suitable conditions.

Champion Bets: Yeah there seems to be more variables in Queensland tracks than what there does anywhere in Australia for the way that they map during each particular race meeting. You specialise in South East Queensland – how do you differentiate and do the form for those different tracks? 
The Professor: I obviously look at metro meetings at Doomben and Eagle Farm, then Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba. Then after that, country tracks like Dalby, Kilcoy, Beaudesert and Gatton. So there’s a really big range of tracks and the way they play is a huge factor, and that’s probably one of the edges that we have. They all play differently.

When I review a meeting one of the main things I’m doing is looking at how the track played and which horses were advantaged or disadvantaged. So you build up quite a profile of the track and how it generally plays. But then there are obviously conditions that can make a track play a different way to what it normally does. So it is a tricky kind of situation. I think hopefully we’ve got a pretty good grasp, I think it is one of the reasons we’ve been successful.

Champion Bets: Talking about maps, most punters show a strong tendency to on-pace runners. Are you the same?
The Professor: Yeah I am. It’s certainly – in general – an advantage to be on the pace, all other things being equal. But I do spend a lot of time on the map of the race, and if I think that there’s going to be a really fast speed out front I’m not afraid to back something that’s going to get back and run on. I think it’s all about context, but I’d say in general if you ask me what kind of horse I would prefer to back… it would definitely be something that can be close to the speed for sure.

Champion Bets: And with all those track and opportunities you’ve mentioned, I imagine you’re getting involved many days of the week?
The Professor: Generally four days a week, and sometimes even five to be honest. Typically you have the midweek metros on a Wednesday, then sometimes we’ll get a country meeting on Thursday at Kilcoy or Gatton. There’s often a Friday provincial meeting too or a Sunshine Coast night meeting.

Saturdays are the big days… I do a full set of ratings for the metro meeting which includes all my assessed prices, comments for the key runners and an overview of the race. Usually, we’ll also have a provincial meeting on a Saturday, maybe Gold Coast or Ipswich, and then a third meeting at Toowoomba on a Saturday night. Finally, we back up Sunday, usually at the Sunshine Coast again.

Champion Bets: Heaps of opportunities. And amazing results including produced $4,672 profit at a whopping 31% PoT recently. So no wonder it’s one of our most popular memberships!
The Professor: I’m glad we’ve been able to put some runs on the board for members. Long may it continue.

The Professor's Queensland Winners is one of out most popular and successful memberships, with an incredible winning record on South East Queensland racing,

Just click here to get involved with one of very best.

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