The punting premiership (Queensland)

Last week we continued our series on the best trainers in each state, but with a punting twist. Chris Waller and Joe Pride were highlighted as two of the best stables for punters to keep a close eye on in NSW, following on from Peter Moody, Mick Price and Leon Corstens in the Victorian trainers ranks. We’ve based our assessments on a proportionate (target betting) plan to look at Profit on Turnover for all runners, favourites and Last Start winners. Today we’ll take a look at the top 10 in the Queensland Trainers Premiership ranked by winners and also include their betting statistics. • Robert Heathcote – trained the most winners, but his overall record from a punter’s perspective was only mediocre with the exception of favourites who performed very well. • Michael Nolan – performed better than average across the board. • Bryan Guy – poor strike-rate and profit performance from a stable that is seriously over-rated by the market. • Darryl Hansen – excellent strike-rate and profit figures highlighted by last start winners being able to win again next time out. • John Thompson – his runners were a very poor punting proposition last season. • Liam Birchley – overall record was OK but below-par performance for favourites and last-start winners. • John Manzelmann – not a great strike-rate but was good to follow for favourite backers and last start winners. • Gerald Ryan – excellent strike-rate and profit performance with one exception (last start winners) • Jason McLachlan – good overall record and a phenomenal record of getting last start winners to repeat. • Peter Fleming – way below the norm whichever way you look at it. Michael Nolan and Darryl Hansen were the two clear stand-outs for punters betting on Queensland racing last season and a special mention should go to Gerald Ryan. At the other end of the scale, the least profitable of the big stables to follow were Bryan Guy, John Thompson and Peter Fleming.