Guide to tote betting

Betting at tote price? Let us help you navigate the myriad of tote offers available so that you always get the best possible price.

The majority of your betting these days is probably done at fixed odds.

Having said that, there’ll always be situations where you’re on a drifter and want to ride the tote price.

All corporate bookmakers offer tote products, and with the number of players in the market it can be confusing as to who pays which dividend.

We’ve put together a guide to show these dividends for all the major bookies in Australia.

Download your copy here.

The local tote agency

SuperTAB (Victoria)


UBET (Queensland / NT / SA / Tasmania)

WA TAB / TABtouch (WA)

Hopefully at some point in the not-too-distant future, the pending merger of Tabcorp and Tatts will mean that these four totes are merged into a single national pool.  But for now, this is what we have.

The first rule is simple: there’s really no situation in which you should be placing tote bets with the local agency.  In almost every instance, there’ll be a corporate bookie with an offer that will guarantee you the possibility of a better price.


Vic toteSuperTAB (Victoria)
UBET toteUBET (UniTAB) (Queensland / NT / SA / Tasmania)
APNAustralian Price Network.  The on-course price used for the official starting price and fluctuations.
VOPVictorian Official Price.  Recently replaced the APN in Victoria.
Mid toteMiddle price of Vic tote, NSW tote and UBET tote
Best toteHighest price of Vic tote, NSW tote and UBET tote
Best of 4Highest price of Vic tote, NSW tote, UBET tote and APN/VOP
Best of 2Highest price of Vic tote and NSW tote
Select from 4Choose from Vic tote, NSW tote, UBET tote or mid tote
Select from 2Choose from Vic tote or NSW tote


Best of the Best

Best of the Best is (not surprisingly) the best offer out there: it’s the same as Best of 4, but includes the Top Fluc price as well.  It’s available at a few bookies, generally only on Saturday metro racing.

So don’t place a bet at Top Fluc or Best of 4 if you’re betting there: Best of the Best guarantees you the best price of them all.