VicBet: The Alternative Option

If you’re looking to expand your options regarding bookmakers, it might pay to think outside the square a little… VicBet is a great example of this.

On-course bookmakers have copped an absolute hiding over the past decade. The proliferation of online and mobile betting means their businesses are now a shadow of what they were. Many have left the game altogether.

Not all have been left behind, however.

Rod Cleary has been on the rails since 1992, back when the holds were “five or six times” what they are now. It was in his blood: his old man, Allen, was a rails bookie for 50 years. Allen’s uncle was also a long-term bagman.

Unable to get a permanent spot locally on the Melbourne rails, Rod actually started at Broken Hill before taking his business to Border Park in Tweed Heads: he’d fly up every Saturday morning and back on a Saturday evening. It proved to be a good training ground until he finally landed on the Melbourne rails in 1999.

Bet online, over the phone, or at the track with VicBet

While many watched the on-course business slowly dry up, Rod decided to go with the flow. He registered the VicBet name and got a license to operate online in 2005. The current business was born.

But Rod didn’t leave the track – VicBet is one of the few bookmakers where you can bet online, over the phone, or in person at the track. If you prefer to deal in cash, you can deposit and withdraw straight from the bag on course.

While the online channel now makes up the majority of the business, Rod is happy to cater for those who prefer a more traditional approach.

So what draws punters to a more boutique offer like VicBet, as opposed to the myriad of multinational corporates that have flooded the market?

Best of the Best on every race with VicBet

Rod identifies his Best of the Best (BOB) offer as a major factor. BOB is the premium tote product available, paying at the highest of the three totes and the Top Fluc price. Only a few corporate bookies offer it, and they only do it on metro racing on Saturdays. VicBet offer it in every Australian race: every track, every day, 52 weeks of the year. No other bookmaker offers that.

A personal touch with VicBet

“I think people like the touch of service too. It’s more personal,” says Cleary.

“I give everybody a call when they open an account, just to say g’day and ask if they have any questions. People appreciate that. They can call me personally anytime while we’re operating to place a bet or amend one. They know me, and I know what sort of punters they are.

“It’s a bit more of a focused approach too. We only do horse racing, people won’t be caught up with a website full of sports betting.”

VicBet operates every day on all Australian horse racing, from the first to the last race nationally – as well as any international horse racing that takes place during those hours.

VicBet Promotions

VicBet also offers a number of great promotions that ensure you get a better price, or even a free bet. Check out the VicBet website to learn more about VPromotions.

Rod Cleary’s all-day every day Best of the Best product is a cracker. So good in fact that no corporate bookmaker can match it.

Click here to register with VicBet. Make sure to use Champion Bets on the ‘how did you hear about us’ dropdown as he’s assured us that our members will be well looked after.

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