An Expert Punter’s Opinion On WA Winners

Why Mark Van Triet's membership from the West is the way to go

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Having followed many different tipping services, most focused on racing, I’ve found that a lot of successful packages have a few things in common.

There’s always some exceptions to the rule, but there’s a few things I look for first when deciding whether I will cough up my hard-earned and put my faith in a paid package.

A major one is the human element. I’ve found that by-and-large, packages that an actual analyst (or team) puts their name to tend to be more successful. There’s actually a lot of services out there where this isn’t the case. There’ll be a business name or website, but beyond that you don’t actually know where or whom the bets come from.

The answer for most is simple: they come out of an algorithm that somebody has run over their database. There’s no real human judgement to it.

I’ve found that generally when a package is “owned” by an analyst, they tend to be more reliable. I’d say there’s a few reasons for that, not least that we’re all more thorough about things that go public with our names on them. After all, it’s our personal reputation on the line.

Also, I think a learned human eye is a critical factor in the age of data. Databases can identify trends, and that’s important in itself, but as soon as they do they’re either already out-of-date or about to be. The market adjusts and moves on.

Don’t get me wrong – databases are important, and I’m sure almost all successful pro punters these days use them. But there’s a difference between using a database and relying on it entirely.

Those who take data and then run their eye over it, using what they’ve seen and their own knowledge to turn it into useful betting information, are able to take into account so much more. Especially when it comes to racing, where so many non-quantitative factors (luck in the run etc.) can have a big impact.

Which brings me (slowly) to the WA Winners package that Mark Van Triet puts together. He clearly knows racing, being trusted by the likes of Oliver, Avdulla and the Schofields to manage their rides. And he’s taken that edge and applied it to Western Australia, which is one of our most interesting punting markets.

WA Racing

When many punters think of WA racing, they think only of Willie Pike and drunkenly trying to salvage your Saturday at Ascot. There’s more to it than that!

It’s a very isolated and consistent betting market. Hong Kong is often lauded as one the world’s best places for racing and punting. It’s a (relatively) small population of horses, trainers and riders and only two tracks – it takes a hell of a lot of the surprise and randomness out of trying to find a winner.

Western Australia is the closest thing that Australian racing has to this – other horses rarely make the trip across. Horses move fairly freely up and down the east coast, and South Australia is increasingly being raided by large Victorian stables in the hunt for more races. That’s not the case over in Perth – you get largely the same horses, trainers and jockeys week-to-week. This only really changes for the few Group 1s they hold in December.

What You Get

Combine this attractive betting market with a knowledgeable eye such as Mark’s, and I really think we have a recipe for success.

Mark covers all WA metro meetings, and the analysis is high quality.

When the races are metro you get Mark’s full rated markets. He will suggest which races he will be betting in and who he would like to be backing, and if/when the market prices allow it, you can back his recommended runners.

All the price and staking information is right there in the sheet.

For provincial meetings Mark will release some recommended bets with staking and minimum price to take.. so you can simply bet and forget.

Mark is currently sitting at around 25% PoT since the beginning May, making over $3,700 profit in that time – you get an idea of analysts after a while, and you can tell from his work that he knows what he’s doing.

And with the time difference of course, it only extends your punting day even further! It’s definitely worth giving this one a go.