Weekend Race Reviews Saturday 15th December

Flemington review compiled by David Carr   Race 1 – 12:40PM Big Picture Group Handicap (1200 METRES) Track Condition: Dead 4 Time: 1:11.43 Last 600m: 0:34.76 1             VIBRANT ROUGE         Glenn Thornton         Damien Thornton (a3)    $3.80F 2             LA TIKKA ROSA            Peter G Moody          Luke Nolen                          $13 3             ALICE’S VIRTUE          Darren Weir                Brad Rawiller                       $3.90

Down the straight for the opening event they all wanted to race with cover leaving Miss Mazzeo taking the field up in an even gallop. Alice’s Virtue found a nice spot tracking Jolie Blonde. Vibrant Rouge settled at the tail of the field and raced between horses with cover until the 200m when she burst on the scene swallowing up Alice’s Virtue. La Tikka Rosa came with a big run down the outside and looked a threat at the clock tower but ducked in the last 50m as the well backed Vibrant Rouge forged clear. Forgive Jolie Blonde who was galloped on the off hind leg and also lost her off hind plate during the race.

Worth Noting: Great ride by Damien Thornton riding the winner for his father Glenn. Race 2 – 1:20PM Aktrapid Nursing Agency Handicap (1620 METRES) Track Condition: Dead 4 Time: 1:37.65 Last 600m: 0:34.66 1           MABSAM                             David Hayes                                 Chad Schofield (a1.5)                  $4.40 2           SECRET LIAISON            Mathew Ellerton & Simon       Zahra  Damian Lane (a1.5)        $4.80 3          CRUCIAL                             Anthony Freedman                   John Kissick (a3)                          $6

With no one keen to lead Rahveel had a soft run in front with Kukla on her outside half a length away. Kukla was under pressure around the turn and was disappointing. Crucial box seated and took the lead early in the straight having every possible chance but couldn’t go with Secret Liaison who took over at the 200m. Mabsam came from last with a big run and those two gapped the rest. The 5.5kg pull in the weights for Mabsam showed the last 50m as he got the better of Secret Liaison.

Worth NotingMabsam is suited by Flemington and would be a risk on a track with a shorter straight. Secret Liaison continues to race well. Race 3 – 2:00PM Spotless Handicap (2000 METRES) Track Condition: Dead 4 Time: 2:02.88 Last 600m: 0:35.24 1           ALCOHOL               Richard Jolly               Dwayne Dunn                        $5.50 2           DARK NOTE          Mark Houlahan           Damien Thornton (a3)       $51 3          TURNITUP             Peter G Moody            Luke Nolen                             $7

It looked like a race to avoid having a bet and it turned out that way with the despised outsider Dark Note running second. Alcohol stepped with them today and found a nice spot in the run. The tempo was slow early and Eraset increased it gradually from the 800m which set the race up nicely for Alcohol to out stay his rivals. Alcohol was popular on track and started under his true odds thanks to his namesake. Turnitup and Chasse raced one paced in the straight and ground to the line. Muirfield raced like he was looking for further and was only warming up on the line.

Worth Noting: Nothing to follow confidently from this race. Race 4 – 2:40PM Nowicki Carbone Handicap (1000 METRES) Track Condition: Good 3 Time: 0:57.98 Last 600m: 0:33.48 1         BIG BEAR ROCK          Stephen Brown         Luke Currie                          $4.40F 2        CHELEMBRA                   Robbie Griffiths        Chad Schofield (a1.5)       $31 3         GOLDSTONE                 Bart Cummings         Steven Arnold                    $6

Big Bear Rock was too strong in an otherwise even race with the first 9 across the line breaking 34 seconds for their last 600m. Near the 700m Melba appeared to lose its action and then attempted to buck causing a bit of interference. Too Deadly had to check, then switch to the flat side rail and probably should have run second. You could throw a blanket over 8 of them fighting out 2nd and third. Big Bear Rock looked to have the raced under control a long way from home and when Luke Currie pushed go he let down strong.

Worth NotingBig Bear Rock should go on to win better races. Goldstone and Too Deadly are also worth following. Race 5 – 3:20PM Dorevitch Pathology Handicap (1410 METRES) Track Condition: Good 3 Time: 1:23.28 Last 600m: 0:33.75 1         BRITISH GENERAL           Dan O’Sullivan        Glen Boss                           $10 2        THE NEW BOY                   Danny O’Brien         Jake Noonan (a1.5)      $6.50 3        WHITE UNIVERSE             Peter G Moody        Jake Duffy (a2)               $20

The leaders got their sectionals spot on and never gave the backmarkers a chance to get into the race. The New Boy and British General led from start to finish. They had a good battle down the straight with Bossy getting British General home. White Universe box seated and had its chance but couldn’t sprint with the first two. Dayita and Flyingconi both raced without much room in the straight. Hurdy Gurdy Man ran home well and can be followed over longer races.

Worth NotingBritish General proved its worth forgiving the leaders from Caulfield last Saturday. Race 6 – 4:00PM Zouki Western Health Cup (1200 METRES) Track Condition: Good 3 Time: 1:09.70 Last 600m: 0:34.42 1         ADAMANTIUM (NZ)              Danny O’Brien            Craig Newitt                        $8 2       BIG BUDDIE                           Andrew Sawden         Dwayne Dunn                     $4.80 3         OUTSTANDINGLY               Damien Williams        Damian Lane (a1.5)          $14

Youbolt, Outstandingly and Adamantium led the field and wound the tempo up from the 1000m. Adamantium kicked clear at the 300m and raced away for a soft win. Amah Rock raced back in the field and was the first horse beaten. A subsequent veterinary examination of Amah Rock revealed no abnormalities. Giresun suffered interference at the start and Luke Nolen dropped the whip but he still hit the line strong late in the race. Big Buddie worked home for second and Outstandingly boxed on well for third.

Worth Noting: Don’t read much into the slow last 600m time as the race was run and won from the 1000m to the 400m. Race 7 – 4:40PM Lanec Services Handicap (1720 METRES) Track Condition: Good 3 Time: 1:42.78 Last 600m: 0:34.96 1               HOT LOVER                      Patrick Payne        Michael Rodd        $2.60F 2               UNDER THE HAT           John Sadler            Glen Boss                 $13 3              MIDNIGHT GLORY           Darren Weir           Brad Rawiller          $19

Moulin Bleu led Midnight Glory in a steady gallop. The well backed Hot Lover was buried on the fence just worse than midfield. Rodd rode for luck on Hot Lover and made it look easy as he found plenty of room in the straight to run away with a soft win. Under The Hat chased hard but was no match for the winner. Midnight Glory fought on well considering the rest of the early leaders finished at the tail. Whisper Downs raced wide throughout and made late ground out wide.

Worth Noting: Another winner who comes off an unlucky run that was not suited by the track bias at Ballarat last start. Race 8 – 5:20PM Kane Constructions Handicap (1410 METRES) Track Condition: Good 3 Time: 1:23.81 Last 600m: 0:33.73 1            LAMPEDUSA                       Peter G Moody           Luke Nolen                          $2.60F 2            CROSS OF GOLD             David Hayes                Chad Schofield (a1.5)      $21 3            KHALIFA                              Mark Kavanagh            Michael Rodd                    $2.80

Big win by Lampedusa who was three wide the trip and hit the line hard almost breaking 33 seconds. Khalifafound the line nicely after missing the start and racing without much room in the straight. Cross Of Gold hit the front straightening and fought on strong but couldn’t produce the turn of foot to match Lampedusa. Red Inca came from last to run 4th and ran the quickest last 600m of the day.

Worth NotingLampedusa will now be spelled ahead of an interstate autumn campaign.

———————————————————————- Rosehill review by Tod Race 1 1st           Regimental Pride         Glyn Schofield 2nd         Let’s Frolic                      Corey Brown 3rd          Howdah                           Kerrin McEvoy

Two-year-olds in the first, and an eventful start with Shadowofyoursmile getting no room at the start and Kathy O’Hara hitting the turf. Howdah led them up from Let’s Frolic which was sent out and easing favourite. Passarli settled back behind the speed and in doing so pushed Regimental Pride back a bit further. On the point of the home turn Regimental Pride was up to challenge the two leaders and they made a line of three soon after. The riderless horse was now starting to cause havoc to Pasarli and Fine Diamond who were effectively knocked out of the race. In the run to the line the possibly under rated Regimental Pride just outgunned Let’s Frolic and Howdah but the run of the race was Fine Diamond which closed off again late after being smashed by the riderless horse.

Follow: Fine Diamond Race 2 1st         Gullible                         Alysha Collett 2nd       Bennetta                       Brenton Avdulla 3rd        Prettyfamous                Nathan Berry

Voluntina was ridden with intent to lead as most are from the Waterhouse stable, with Centrepet moving up outside of it. Voluntina fired right up in the lead and set up a 4 length break after a couple of hundred metres which probably did its chances no good. Gullible was the beneficiary of a lovely run just behind the speed and there was plenty of room for it in the straight which it took full advantage of to set up a winning break. The well backed favourite Bennetta came from last around the bend to make ground into second but was never going to pick up the winner that showed a nice turn of foot.

Follow: Bennetta Race 3 1st            Lilliburlero                      Glyn Schofield 2nd          Grand Business            Hugh Bowman 3rd           Hunter Jack                    Blake Shinn

Fragmento was a bit slow to begin here, with Hunter Jack and Lilliburlero going forward to dispute the lead and giving Long Lasting a lovely sit just behind them. The other three runners raced in another group about 3 lengths astern. They rounded the bend in this order and it seemed Hunter Jack may have been traveling better than Lilliburlero, with Long Lasting struggling big time to keep up. To the credit of Lilliburlero, she responded well to hard riding and had a clear victory from Grand Business which ran on well, and Hunter Jack that kept one batting. The major flop here was Long Lasting which tailed off.

Follow: None to follow but the winner remains unbeaten

Race 4

1st             Scream Machine         Kathy O’Hara 2nd           Marden                           Peter Robl 3rd            Planetarium                 Glyn Schofield

The talk of race 4 will be the protest. Firstly the one lodged by Kathy O’Hara for interference on the home turn, and then the one lodged by the steweards for interference in the home straight. The result was that it was uphelp, and Scream Machine got the victory over Marden. Which ever way you look at it, Scream Machine is certainly going well at the moment. He was slow to begin, got chopped out on the first turn and then over raced, and then over the line managed to run Marden to a half length – after coming from last in the run. Although it lost the race, I did like the “win” of Marden and do think it has more in store, as does Scream Machine. The flop of the race was Gangster’s Choice which seemed to have every chance but was gone before the turn and ran a long last. The rest I suspect are “walkers”.

Follow: Scream Machine, Marden Race 5 1st            She’s Clean                    Hugh Bowman 2nd           Choice Words               Blake Shinn 3rd            Lady La Douce             Sam Clipperton

There was plenty of comeptition for the lead in race 5, with Lady La Douce finding it from Delabombell. The ridiculously short favourite Choice Words settled third on the fence, but that was after using petrol contesting the lead early. Whilst all this went on the eventual winner She’s Clean settled fifth on the fence and was always the one you wanted to be on. She’s Clean was going well around the turn and opted to come to the outside for a run which proved a race winning move, as Choice Words stayed locked away on the fence. Take a bow Hugh Bowman for the ride of the way. Choice Words did try hard in the run to the line and can win races, whilst Nuptse also worked to the line well to run fourth.

Follow: Nuptse Race 6 1st          Cantonese             Jim Cassidy 2nd          Iggi Pop                 Glyn Schofield 3rd           Fiumicino              Nash Rawiller

Cantonese had the best and the most consistent form in this race and was taken straight to the front by “The Pumper”. The others took time to work out where they wanted to settle in the run which played straight into the hands of Cantonese in front. Cassidy took the opportunity to set a strong enough pace to ensure he wouldn’t be taken on, but still kept plenty up his sleeve. At the 800m plenty of runners were off the bit and it was evident from there that the further they went the further he was going to win by. Iggi Pop tried to run on in the straight, but his effort was more like a good trial for a 4000m hurdle event than one that was going to be competitive with Cantonese in this event or any other. Moriarty scrapes in for a pass mark after a run that wasn’t the easiest.

Follow: Cantonese Race 7 1st             Samui Lad                          Nash Rawiller 2nd            Capital Commander       Kerrin McEvoy 3rd             Happy Hussy                    Jason Collett

Samui Lad was taken straight to the front here. This is a horse that I often don’t think shows a lot of intestinal fortitude – however, I do like a leader at Rosehill, and that’s what this bloke did. They strung out a bit, with Havana Rey and Uate in second and third in the run. Samui Lad was traveling well as they straightened, but they were lining up to come past him it seemed. Capital Commander was the only one able to really raise a serious challenge, but today Samui Lad had plenty of fight and got there for the win. Happy Hussy rallied well along the fence without threatening, and Privately made up a stack of ground down the outside.

Follow: Privately Race 8 1st             Whitlam                      Chris Reith 2nd           Sessions                     Kerrin McEvoy 3rd             Butt I’m Ready          Alysha Collett

Mighty Obvious showed plenty of speed from the inside and led Kimberley Kid which crossed from the deep and that planted Testarythm three wide early. These three in front gave Whitlam the perfect run just behind the speed. In what was a surprise, Ain’t She Grand tailed out last and stayed there for the entire event – suggesting something may be amiss. Whitlam used its good run to pull out and claim the lead just inside the 300m, whilst the well backed favourite Sessions has been well back in the run and was searching for a run. Sessions was eventually brought to the extreme outside and did power home, but it was all too late to catch Whitlam which had skipped clear. Sessions will be everyone’s black book horse and will start very prohibitive odds next start – buyer beware!

Follow: None to follow Specials From The Meeting: Fine Diamond, Cantonese, Privately