Weekend Racing Review – 25th May

Caulfield review compiled by Michael Mitchell

Race 2: The Golden Fleece 2YO Plate – 1600m

1st Polanski – Dean Yendall
2nd Celiritas – Dale Smith
3rd Eagle Island – Dwanye Dunn

Eagle Island jumped well and then was eased back as Polanski and Celiritas pushed forward to take control in the early stages.

They hit the 800 and Polanski had it all its own way out in front, as Dunn started to get going on Eagle Island. Dunn tried to tag on to Western Heir who was the first of the back markers to commence it’s run. At this stage Eagle Island was giving Polanski 6 lengths.

As they turned for home Polanski was the clear leader and broke away from the field with Celiritas, who was now starting to make its move.

It was a two horse race as they hit the straight, with Celeritas drawing even on two occasions before a gutsy Polanskli put it away for an impressive win.

Eagle Island was a disappointing 3rd, but it got to far back and looked quite dower.

Follow: Polanski looks like it might be a promising stayer in the making.

Race 3: Catanach’s Jewelers Handicap – 2380m 

1st Shiny Buttons – Ben Melham
2nd Readings – Kate Nisbet
3rd Devised – Damien Thornton

Coup Acclaim missed the start in the 3rd, with Monkey Biscoe and Readings heading to the early lead.Finiguerra sat a lot closer to the speed in the box seat with Shiny Buttons around the speed as well.

Turning for the first time, Ben Melham tried to improve his position on Shiny Buttons as Holly McKechnie pulled out to give Shiny Buttons a solid check.

Through the middle stages, Readings took up the lead from Shiny Buttons, Monkey Briscoe and Finiguerra, withVerdant sitting last.

At the 600m Red Eye Special started to make its run 4 wide, with Verdant trying to get on its tail from the back of the field. Devised was travelling really well, but was stuck 3 back on the fence.

As they turned for home, Finiguerra was the first beaten, not responding to the whip, with Shiny Buttons moving up to challenge Readings. Red Eye Special and Verdant were sustaining their wide runs and Devised was still stuck for a run but travelling well.

As the line closed in, Readings and Shiny Buttons were having a great dual, with Verdant the danger on the outside. Devised was stuck behind the two front-runners and could not get out. Shiny Buttons was the eventual winner from a gallant Readings, who did all the work throughout. The eye-catching run was from Devised who finished 3rd. Both Verdant and Monkey Briscoe were also in the finish.

Follow: DevisedShiny Buttons and Monkey Briscoe when it goes over the jumps.

Race 4: Jimjoca 3YO Handicap 1400m

1st Akavoroun – Dean Yendall
2nd Scapolo – Stephen Arnold
3rd Liberty Rock – Daniel Stackhouse

Scapolo came out last from its wide gate in the 4th and was immediately ridden hard to get up on the speed.Motific went to the front in the early stages, with King Krovanh sitting last because it was also tardy out of the gates. Scapolo circled the field and burnt a lot of tickets to get to the front. It was challenged by Primitive Man, who on the contrary to its last start (where it was ridden very quietly) went to the front.

The speed was fast throughout. The field was strung out by over 10 lengths by Motific and Scapolo. Akavorounwas getting a nice run and was put to sleep in the box seat. Vicario and Liberty Rock were the others in the first half of the field.

As they started to turn for home Liberty rock and Vicario were the first two to try and attack to the leaders. In doing so, both tussled for a good 50 meters, not helping their chances of having a settled closing run. Vicario was then squeezed back when tussling between Primitive Man, who looked to be struggling and Liberty Rock. Scapolo looked to be going strong as it took the clear lead 300m out, as Akavaroun took its tail and then got into clear running. Akavaroun then swamped Scapolo, as Ava’s Delight and Quick Snitzel started to come wide. Akavaroun was too far in front and won by 2 lengths to a gutsy Scapolo, who held on after doing a lot of work throughout.

Vicario was three lengths beaten, but the unlucky runner of the race being checked on multiple occasions in running.

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Race 5: PFD Food Services 3YO Handicap – 1100m

1st She Can Skate – Reece Wheeler
2nd Spending – Craig Newitt
3rd So Wotif – Damien Lane

Edgewood jumped well for a change but was eased back early. Elite Elle showed its customary gate speed to head to the lead with She Can Skate and So Wotif. Elite Elle was kept off the fence by the inside runner She Can Skate, as they set a fast tempo throughout.

The fast pace caught a lot of the back markers sleeping as the field split into two. She Can Skate and Elite Elle turned for home first with pressure from Innocent Hero when it got off the fence. Spending then found some room close to the fence and started to move forward.

With 200 to go, She Can Skate took off as Elite Elle kept on laying in on it. She Can Skate left the rest of the field for dead and ended up winning by 4 lengths to Spending, who was the best of the rest. Grand Emperor came home the best of the back markers to finish fourth.

Follow: She Can Skate.

Race 6: ALH Group Handicap – 1000m

1st Mr Make Believe – Jake Duffy
2nd Zedi Knight – Brad Rawiller
3rd Corvidae – Ben Melham

An even start to the 6th, with Spacecraft clearly beaten for speed and going to the rear with Any Dream Will Do. The pace was on as Mr Make BelieveGods Window and Alpha Proxima went to the early lead. Zedi Knightand Umgeton were positioned nicely, both getting some cover from the leaders.

As they turned for home, Mr Make Believe snuck off to a length lead, using an inside run, with Umgeton getting its tail from the box seat to loom as a threat. At the 200m Mr Make Believe took off and created a 2 length gap, as the other front runners started to drop off. Corvidae got into clear running (and showed massive improvement), as did Zedi Knight. They started to chase but it was all in vain as Mr Make Believe won by over a length.

Follow: Mr Make Believe as the tracks get softer.

Race 7: Responsible Gambling Week – 1200m

1st Royal Bender – Damien Lane
2nd Classy Chloe – Ben Knobel
3rd Serene Star – Jackie Beriman

Vibrant Rouge fired out the gate, as did Classy ChloeClassy Chloe continued on to lead with You Can Danceand Trading Halt, who also showed early speed. Royal Bender railed up nicely to get the perfect spot in the box seat, with Serene Star settling midfield.

Vibrant Rouge again was unlucky in running, as Dunn couldn’t sit any better than three wide throughout. Serene Star also had to commence its run 3 wide as it hit the 500m.

As they turned for home and the field bunched, Classy Chloe seemed to be doing it quite easily in the lead. Damien Lane looked so comfortable on Royal Bender, who was patiently waiting for the gap from the box seat, while Serene Star and Vibrant Rouge started being asked for an effort.

Classy Chloe was going to take some chasing down, but as soon as Royal Bender found clear running it took off and got to Classy Chloe at the 150m. It was going well enough to win by over a length to Classy Chloe and 3rd Serene Star, whose closing speed wasn’t a devastating as it had been in the past two starts. Spot On Maggiewas strong to the line and You Can Dance was not disgraced.

It would have been a tough Decision for Glenn Thornton to take his son of Vibrant Rouge.  I’m not sure it was a positive move as the horse was stuck 3 wide and sat closer this time. I’m not sure this was the best way to ride this horse and all in all it was disappointing.

Follow: None

Race 8:  Herald Sun 3YO Plate – 1600m

1st Moreau – Luke Currie
2nd Nautical – Dean Yendall
3rd Whitten’s Delight – Nick Hall

Keyarna Blue had a terrible start and was always going to be up against it, as it was ridden very hard to get back into the field. Come Follow Me started well and Tyanna and Moreau went around the field to take up the speed.

In the middle stages Moreau and Tyanna lead the field by a clear two lengths with the fancied Nautical,Whitten’s Delight and Keyarna Blue sitting midfield and travelling well throughout.

As they came around the bend Moreau took off from Tyanna, who was left wanting as Montoya Heights pulled out into clear running. Nautical saved ground and came up behind Moreau with a good tactical rails run. Whitten’s Delight peeled out wide and commenced a strong run and as they hit the 200m, it looked as it could come over the top. Nautical got the tail from Moreau and when it found clear running it started to look for the line. Moreau was going too strong, as the first three broke clear from the rest of the field. Moreau just held on as they hit the line from a gallant Nautical and Whitten’s Delight.

Keyarna Blue was super impressive to come home 4th after butchering the start and having to make up ground early.

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Race 9: The Chase Hotel Handicap – 1600m

1st Strawberry Boy – Daniel Stackhouse
2nd Bit Of Hell – Nick Hall
3rd Oregon Spirit – Jake Duffy

Strawberry Boy got a flyer, as did Triple Tee. The New Boy came from wider to join the lead in the early stages. Under The Eiffel was very handy getting the box seat, without having to do any work, as Bolton was eased back on the fence. Strawberry Boy set a good pace with The New Boy, which strung out the field over 10 lengths.

After the early speed, Stackhouse put Strawberry Boy to sleep and slowed the pace down to a canter in the middle stages. After a furlong of this, the back markers started to show there hands with Offenders the first to come onto the seen, followed by Oregon Spirit.

As they turned for home Strawberry Boy had saved enough tickets and took off on The New Boy and Under The Eiffel. The wide runners lead by Bit Of Hell and Oregon Spirit were looking the dangers.

As they hit the 200m Strawberry Boy looked a moral, breaking away 2 lengths from the field. It then hit a bit of a wall, with Oregon Spirit and Bit Of Hell closing very strongly. Strawberry Boy had enough on the closers to fall over the line, but Bit Of Hell and Oregon Spirit were both gallant in defeat. Mr O’Ceirin was the eye catcher, flashing home very strongly and will now be looking for further.

Under the Eiffel and The New Boy were also tough as per usual to the line. I’d think they have both probably earned a well-deserved rest.

Follow: Mr O’Ceirin.

Randwick review by Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st           Dowdstown Charlie                 Courtney Van Der Werf
2nd         Everage                                        Rachael Murray
3rd          Bernabeu                                     Shaun Guymer

Everage and Knight Templar jumped well in the first and shared the early lead, before Everage eased back, which meant Knight Templar led, off the fence, from Ryker.  Around the turn, Wouldn’t It Be Nice was the first to challenge for the lead, but Everage was getting into the clear and struck the front soon after.  She looked set for victory as Burnabeu struggled to go with her, but Dowdstown Charlie came with a strong run at the end and got up in the shadows of the post, to win from Everage, and Koroibete which made up nice ground at its debut run to finish third.  Goldclip, Radiant Angel and Ryker all go down as disappointing in this.

Follow: Everage, Koroibete

Race 2

1st               Hunter Jack                           Josh Parr
2nd             Mishani Persuader              Jackson Morris
3rd              Scarborough                          Rachael Murray

A good line out in the second, with Scarborough going to the front from Oompa Loompa which ran favourite.  Secret Delight and Mishani Persuader got nice runs just behind the speed.  Around the turn and into the straight Oompa Loompa did its best to go to the Scarborough but never really got on terms.  Chez Harmony looked a chance up the inside, and Mishani Persuader was coming down the outside along with Hunter Jack.  In the run to the line it was Hunter Jack that proved strongest, in what I thought was a very good win, sustaining his run from just prior to the turn, all the way to the line.  Oompa Loompa looked disappointing, but I do feel is a better horse when it can find the front.

Follow: Hunter Jack

Race 3

1st                Queenstown             Thomas Huet
2nd              Faust
3rd              Celtic Prince             Patrick Murphy

Remorse missed the start at the 2000m in the third event, where Tamariz led up from Faust.  Into the back straight, Queenstown went around them into second place, sitting outside the leader and stablemate, which gave Faust a sit.  Around the turn, and up the rise, there were plenty that looked a chance, but Queenstown had been asked for the effort and got to the front and kicked clear.  In the run to the line, Faust was entitled to run down Queenstown but could not do so, and Celtic Prince ran on into third, and might just about be ready to win one now.  Prince Jester, which had support in betting, did very little.

Follow: Celtic Prince

Race 4

1st            Fiumicino               Jay Ford
2nd          Motivado                Chad Schofield
3rd          Vatuvei                     Josh Parr

Fuimicino was the best to begin, but took a sit behind Sky Raider when they left the straight the first time.  Count Encosta worked around them into second place, and the pace didn’t look too quick.  There was no change in the order, until just inside the 800m, where Fuimicino took an inside run, and went to the lead before the turn, and looked to be traveling well.  Motivado, which ran favourite was hooked wide and being worked upon around the turn.  Inside the 200m, Fuimicino still had a good break over Motivado which had run to a clear second, but it was a case of catch me if you can for Fuimicino and they couldn’t.  Motivado ran well in second, and there is not a lot to say about the rest.

Follow: Motivado

Race 5

1st              Elfina                   Jay Ford
2nd            Gullible               Jason Collett
3rd             Titbit                   Chad Schofield

They went slowly in the early stages of the fifth event, which saw Elfina leading from Sweet Cinderella and Potions three wide.  Such was the slow pace that they were in a line of 4 or 5 behind the leading group.  In what was a well judged ride from Jay Ford, Elfina fought on the whole way down the straight to get home narrowly fromGullible which did its level best to pick up the winner, and Titbit ran on quite well into third.  It might be a tricky race to follow the form from due to the slow early speed.

Follow: None to follow

Race 6

1st               She’s Clean                  Jason Collett
2nd             News Alert                  Adam Hyeronimus
3rd              Dee’n’Gee                     Chad Schofield

There was plenty of speed early in race 6, with Gasquet heading off Hurrara and Turf Hero.  The favourite in the race and eventual winner, She’s Clean settled back midfield along the fence, but was seen pushing out of that position as they came around the turn, to be in a position ready to strike.  Into the straight, Hurrara was the beneficiary of an inside run to hit the lead.  They were all over the shop inside the 200m, but then it was She’s Clean and News Alert that worked their way to the front, with She’s Clean getting the better of News Alert in the run to the line.  The run of Dee’n’Gee was good in third place, as was Pretty Pins which worked home well first up from a spell.

Follow: Dee’n’Gee, Pretty Pins

Race 7

1st                Oakfield Commands            Sam Clipperton
2nd              Brian’s Honour                      Shaun Guymer
3rd               Falzzon                                     Jay Ford

Anevay and Carmine King paired off in front in race 7, with Eminent Domain not beginning well and going back near last.  Eucumbene got a nice run behind the speed, whilst Hendricus was caught three deep.  As they topped the rise, Hendricus ran to the front despite being three wide all the way, but Oakfield Commands and Brian’s Honour came off its back to go up and claim the lead together inside the 200m.  It was Oakfield Commands which went home better to beat Brian’s Honour, with Falzzon just grabbing third on the line from a very brave Hendricus.

Follow: Hendricus

Race 8

1st             Coup Ay Tee                       Jason Collett
2nd           Under The Sun                  Thomas Huet
3rd           Merlin Mustang                 Winona Costin

And so to the last, and Balavan and Thumbtacks both missed the kick a bit, although Balavan recovered along the fence to go into 6th.  Snitsky led them up from Renewed Vitality.  Under The Sun and Merlin Mustang got good runs just behind the pace.  Around the home turn, Snitsky cleared out and came away from the fence with a clear lead, from Merlin Mustang which stayed on the fence, and Under The Sun which was coming out after the leader.  No sooner did Under The Sun hit the front, Coup Ay Tee sprinted through along its inside and went on for a nice win.  Destiny’s Kiss was flying home at the end into third place.

Follow: Destiny’s Kiss

Specials from the meeting: Hunter Jack, Dee’n’Gee, Pretty Pins, Hendricus