Weekend Racing Review – August 29th

Caulfield Review by Ray Hickson

Race 1: Cape Grim Beef Plate (1400m)

1st Abidewithme – Patrick Moloney 2nd Set Square – Michael Dee 3rd Kansas Sunflower – Ben Melham

Danestroem kicked up from her inside alley to hold the lead over Kansas Sunflower coming across. Redasun and Samartested let them go as Mossbeat eased as well, but soon after settling Redasun dipped and lost ground. Danestroem seemed to control things well up front and Samartested and Redasun were under some riding well before the turn. Kansas Sunflower cruised up to Danestroem in the straight and looked ready to explode. Mossbeat loomed up past the struggling Samartested and Redasun and Set Square made ground up on the inside. The widest was Abidewithme and she was hitting top gear. Kansas Sunflower could only find a length or so and was struggling at the 100m. Set Square had to eased around her heels and while that was happening Abidewithme pounced and that momentum was enough to get her home narrowly over Set Square who dived through late. Kansas Sunflower just held third over Mossbeat and Danestroem was disappointing after seemingly having an easy lead.

Follow: excellent return by Set Square who has more improvement in her than the winner.

Race 2: Montague Tree Handicap (1400m)

1st Alaskan Rose – Steven Arnold 2nd Giulietta – Kerrin McEvoy 3rd Sailing By – Craig Newitt

Sailing By broke well from the inside gate and was headed by Giulietta who ran clear. Circle Game moved to second ahead of Alaskan Rose sitting in the one-one. A couple of lengths to Eclat punching up inside Overstay. After slowing up in the middle stages, Giulietta took off again at about the 800m. Circle Game tried to stay with her and coming towards the turn Alaskan Rose moved out three wide as Sebring Sally made a dash wider out. Sailing By waited on the fence and they were getting away from Eclat. Giulietta had a kick again at the 300m and saw off Circle Game with Alaskan Rose looming up to challenge. Sailing By had plenty of room on the fence and they’d sprinted clear of Eclat and Sebring Sally. Alaskan Rose took a while to get to Giulietta but asserted her authority over the last 100m, pulling clear. Sailing By had her chance in third and it was a decent gap to the rest headed by Sebring Sally, Eclat and the late closing Air Apparent. Winner far too classy.

Follow: stay with Alaskan Rose.

Race 3: Catanach’s Jewellers Handicap (1200m)

1st Real Time – Mark Zahra 2nd Squeaky Squirrel – Dean Yendall 3rd Kayjay’s Joy – Blake Shinn

Nothing drawn wide showed any pace and Bishops Castle with Matagami worked through to share the lead. Roll The Ignition held the inside behind the lead and Squeaky Squirrel sat outside. In the clear was Real Time just off the pace and Kayjay’s Joy followed. Reddamour, Orient Line and Cross Of Gold were in the next bunch and the rest of the field were all over the place, some six and seven wide. Matagami moved alongside Bishops Castle on the turn with Squeaky Squirrel right on his back, Roll The Ignition waiting and Reddamour slid up further out, momentarily pocketing Real Time. Matagami hit the lead at the 200m but Squeaky Squirrel pounced on him, a length or so away Real Time was in the clear and winding up and Kayjay’s Joy with Inspector were running on further out. Real Time really kicked in over the last 100m or so and scored moving away over Squeaky Squirrel, who ran very well, and Kayjay’s Joy. Sir Berus did his usual run on when it was all over and Roll The Ignition stuck on over on the fence. No serious ground was made from the back here and many were never in the hunt.

Follow: Real Time still has upside and was first-up.

Race 4: McNeil Stakes (1200m)

1st Gold Symphony – Glen Boss 2nd Ready For Victory – Mark Zahra 3rd Demonstrate – Craig Newitt

Patchy start and Top Me Up looked to be the early leader until Stream Ahead gathered pace along the fence. Ragazzo Del Corsa sat three wide and Prince Of Brooklyn landed fourth in the clear. Gold Symphony improved on his inside and Stoker his outside. Up front Stream Ahead took over with Ragazzo Del Corsa sitting up second and Top Me Up taking the trail. Gold Symphony pinched ground on the fence ahead of Prince Of Brooklyn while Mr Individual rushed around them deeper out. They bunched a little near the turn and Mr Individual hung out and lost ground. Ragazzo Del Corsa took over at the 300m with Top Me Up looming. Gold Symphony  came through inside the new leader to chime in and running up behind them was Ready For Victory from the back. Wide out Demonstrate also charged home and Prince Of Brooklyn couldn’t sprint with them. Gold Symphony dug in when challenged and while Demonstrate looked likely to swamp them his run ended and Gold Symphony scored a solid win. Ready For Victory did get close in a nice return and Demonstrate ran another honest race. Top Me Up had his chance next and wouldn’t sack Prince Of Brooklyn who finished off well late.

Follow: Ready For Victory and Prince Of Brooklyn.

Race 5: The Heath 1100 (1100m)

1st Bounding – Kerrin McEvoy 2nd Rich Enuff – Dwayne Dunn 3rd Miss Promiscuity – Linda Meech

Bounding and Miss Promiscuity jumped well then Rich Enuff was dug up to hold the fence and ran to the lead. Bounding eased in behind to a trail as Thermal Current made ground to be handy and they got away from the other four headed by The Bowler. Rich Enuff was being kept honest by Miss Promiscuity in the middle stages and about 500m out Bounding started to edge to the outside of them. Thermal Current stayed on the fence and Richie’s Vibe followed Bounding around the bend. Rich Enuff had shaken off Miss Promiscuity by the 200m but at the same time Bounding picked them both up and sprinted right away, putting some four lengths on her rivals. Rich Enuff boxed on pretty well for second, as did Miss Promiscuity just holding Richie’s Vibe. Under The Louvre worked home without ever looking a threat in what was very much an on-pace race. Pass marks first-up for Rich Enuff and Under Louvre (race not run to suit him), the flop was Bull Point who did very little.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 6: Hockingstuart Handicap (1400m)

1st Charmed Harmony – Dylan Dunn 2nd Jacquinot Bay – Micharel Walker 3rd Awesome Rock – Ben Melham

Charmed Harmony jumped well from his inside alley and was able to hold the lead fairly easily. Jacquinot Bay and Trevieres showed some early speed. Sir Andrew and Amralah were in that bunch and Desert Jeuney not far off them after getting away with them this time. About midfield were Awesome Rock and He Or She. Charmed Harmony was able to do his thing a couple clear of the field and Jacquinot Bay was doing well to stay with him as a few around him were being niggled at to keep up. Past the 300m Charmed Harmony was asked to go and he held a couple of lengths over Jacquinot Bay who wasn’t going away but not making ground either and Awesome Rock ran out of the pack giving chase. Amralah and Trevieres dropped off and Zebrinz was running on with He Or She and Pressing down the outside. They were no hope of catching Charmed Harmony who made it four straight with little worries in the run. Solid returns from Jacquinot Bay and Awesome Rock and really you’d be pleased going forward with each of the second through sixth placed horses.

Follow: assess He Or She and Pressing on their next starts.

Race 7: Sprint Series Heat 1 (1200m)

1st Madam Gangster – Blake Shinn 2nd Hazard – Ben Melham 3rd Vezalay – Michael Rodd

Plenty of action for the lead and Vezalay held it three off the fence around More Radiant and Vibrant Rouge, Griante raced four deep and Girl Guide eased off them but wide outside Estonian Princess and Soosa Rama on the fence. Around midfield sat Madam Gangster, Jessy Belle and Cosmic Endeavour. The line of four in the lead remained into the straight with Griante pressuring Vezalay and they had the better of More Radiant by the 200m. Madam Gangster was on their backs on the turn and peeled out to chase with Hazard going with her. Hazard actually hit the lead about 50m to run but Madam Gangster fought back to regain the lead when it counted. Vezalay stuck on well for third though did get the wobbles in the closing few strides. A few nice runs behind them as Jessy Belle weaved through and May’s Dream caught the eye charging down the outside ahead of Petite Diablesse and Cosmic Endeavour. Griante weakened and finished with Girl Guide. Tough win by Madam Gangster and there were a host of good runs going forward. Be a little forgiving of Vezalay who was never able to get comfortable but toughed it out.

Follow: May’s Dream, Jessy Belle.

Race 8: Group 1 Memsie Stakes (1400m)

1st Boban – Glyn Schofield 2nd Entirely Platinum – Dwayne Dunn 3rd Stratum Star – Ben Melham

Entirely Platinum ran to the lead but had company as Stratum Star, Temple Of Boom and Setinum were all looking to be forward. Hi World settled a couple of lengths off them with Petrology. Another small gap to Boban getting past Rising Romance about midfield where Weary was supposed to settle until he missed the start. Entirely Platinum was able to roll along in the middle stages as Setinum sat about half a length behind and Temple Of Boom outside Hi World and Stratum Star went back to fifth. They bunched right up coming to the turn chasing Entirely Platinum who had the better of Setinum and Temple Of Boom. Stratum Star came with his run down the outside, Petrology and Hi World raced a bit tight and Boban was sneaking up on the fence. Rising Romance and Weary tried to get into it and Volkstok’n’barrell was also trying weave through from the second half. Getting to the business end Entirely Platinum was gripping on as Stratum Star drove on the outside and Boban ambushed them on the fence in the last few strides to tip them out. Weary did a good job to run fourth after his slow start and Hi World battled on well to be close up. Rising Romance and Volkstok’n’barrell were also there in nice first-up runs and the big eye-catcher was Prince Of Penzance hitting the line nicely late. Of the others Happy Trails was always well back and wasn’t fully able to wind up in the straight. A pass mark as his best is a mile and beyond.

Follow: Stratum Star looks a future G1 winner. Volkstok’n’barrell’s return was pleasing.

Race 9: Heatherlie Stakes (1700m)

1st Magnapal – Luke Currie 2nd Iggimacool – Glen Boss 3rd Onpicalo – Michael Dee

Onpicalo was able to hold the lead over Lord Durante and Maygrove improving three wide. Magnapal landed in the box seat inside Bold Sniper and Dig A Pony looking for cover. Iggimacool worked into a midfield spot with Excess Knowledge caught three deep outside Dylan’s Promise and Escado. Onpicalo was untroubled by Maygrove and Lord Durante who stayed a length away. Magnapal waited for a run behind the leader and Bold Sniper was the first under pressure near the turn. Iggimacool worked clear inside him and Dig A Pony the widest. Extra Zero had made ground ahead of Escado and Excess Knowledge. Onpicalo had a kick at the 300m and that allowed Magnapal off his back, Iggimacool was winding up out wide and nothing else made an impression. Magnapal took over at the 100m and held off Iggimacool, yet another second, and Onpicalo held on okay. They got away from the rest headed by Lord Durante, Dig A Pony wasn’t disgraced and Excess Knowledge and Extra Zero weren’t far away. The Cups hopefuls really didn’t do a lot in this race with Excess Knowledge the best of them. D-Day doesn’t loom until the Naturalism in a few weeks for most of them.

Follow: none in particular.

Specials from the meeting: Set Square, Ready For Victory, Stratum Star, Volkstok’n’barrell.


Rosehill review by Todd Burmester
Race 1
1st Emerald City – Jason Collett
2nd Defrost My Heart – Hugh Bowman
3rd Napoleon – Tommy Berry
It was a mile and a half event to start the day with Defrost My Heart sent out favourite and Bowman jumped her out well and took her to the front as they came down the straight on the first occasion. Emerald City strode up to keep him company as they went out of the straight. Soviet Courage and Lucky Liason got good runs behind the speed. The pace looked very slow throughout and there was no change in the order until the 600m mark where Soviet Courage came out three wide to move into a challenging position. Around the bend, Defrost My Heart looked to travel well with the rest of them pushed along. Up to the furlong pole, Defrost My Heart looked all over a winner, but Emeral City really dug in from there on, and came after the favourite and managed to grab it in the shadows of the post for a narrow victory.
Follow: Emerald City
Race 2
1st Centre Pivot – Hugh Bowman
2nd Foreign Prince – Tommy Berry
3rd Hollywood Bound – Jason Collett
Race two was over 1500m and Foreign Prince pinged straight to the front as most would have expected. Adorabeel settled closer today, up outside the leader and Marenostro took the trail on the fence behind them. Centre Pivot settled just off them in fourth. Again there was no change in the order in the middle stages, and just prior to the bend, Bowman on Centre Pivot started to make his move three wide. Foreign Prince traveled ok into the straight as Marenostro looked to push its way off the fence to issue a challenge. It got clear, but Centre Pivot was coming with more momentum on the outside and challenged Foreign Prince just before the 100m mark and from there on maintained a narrow margin to the line over Foreign Prince and Hollywood Bound. Marenostro didn’t really go on with it, but also may not have appreciated being a bit cramped for room.
Follow: Foreign Prince
Race 3
1st Wudang Mountain – Hugh Bowman
2nd Let’s Make It Rain – Sam Clipperton
3rd River Wild – Adam Hyeronimus
River Wild was sent out favourite in race three and didn’t begin all that well from a wide gate. Salerno went to the front from Jadeer in the early stages, but eventually River Wild worked its way up outside the leader, with Jadeer taking a sit. Wudang Mountain had a nice camp on them whilst all that was going on. Into the straight, Salerno still had the front, with River Wild coming right away from the fence and being pushed along for an effort, and Let’s Make It Rain was finishing off well on the far outside. Soon after, you didn’t want to be on River Wild, and Let’s Make It Rain struck the front, but Wudang Mountain was coming through in the middle to challenge. In the run to the line, Hugh Bowman got the best out of Wudang Mountain and made it an early double. It was a good effort by the horse to fight hard in the straight, but it was given every chance by a lovely run in transit.
Follow: Wudang Mountain
Race 4
1st Magic Hurricane – Sam Clipperton
2nd Silverball – Tye Angland
3rd Kapour – Tim Clark
1800m was the distance for race four, and when they settled, Spurtonic rolled forward from out wide to take up the running. Kapour was a couple of lengths off in second and Silverball was a further two or three away in third, with Beyond Thankful camped on its tail. They strung out a bit, indicating the pace wasn’t too bad, but they did pack up mid race as the pace slowed. Around the turn, there was virtually four horses challenging for surpremacy, which were Spurtonic, Kapour, Silverball and Beyond Thankful, with Magic Hurricane just off them and pulled out wide. Silverball challenged strongly inside the 300m mark, and Magic Hurricane was putting in big strides to make up the ground also. There was very little in it over the concluding stages, but Magic Hurricane built up the momentum and went to Silverball for a strong win. They gapped Kapour in third.
Follow: The first two home are “winners”
Race 5
1st Exosphere – Sam Clipperton
2nd Press Statement – Tye Angland
3rd Holler – Christian Reith
The big one of the day was The Run To The Rose and Japonisme was sent out around yours for theirs in betting and began well from the inside. Holler put its head in front early with Redzel building momentum to go through and challenge. Redzel took up the front with Holler on its outside which gave Japonisme a lovely sit in third spot. Press Statement and Exosphere were minding their own business at the rear. Around the turn, Japonisme moved three wide and you would have expected it to sprint to the lead, however soon after it was in plenty of barney rubble as Press Statment went past it on the outside. Press Statement looked a big chance at the furlong as the went up to Holler who was fighting on well, and then Exosphere started to launch down the outside from last. In the final part Exosphere stretched out beautifully to claim a soft victory, and looks in for a good campaign based on this. It is no secret I am a big Japonisme fan. It is hard to say what happened here, he seemed to strike a flat patch early in the straight, but did appear to be picking up a bit again towards the end of the race. Whether he has reached the end of his campaign or not might be the question, but I am happy to leave that to Chris Waller, and won’t be dropping of him if they push forward.
Follow: Don’t give up on Japonisme yet
Race 6
1st Sultry Feeling – Hugh Bowman
2nd Freeze The Charges – Kathy O’Hara
3rd Felines – Jim Cassidy
Race six was over 1100m and Freeze The Charges was straight on the bunny in front. Absolute Empress was up outside the leader with Awasita caught three wide early. Felines had a nice trail behind the pace. As you would expect in a race over this distance the pace looked ok. Freeze The Charges came around the bend in front and then was asked for the effort and was doing a pretty good job of fending them off. It got to the 100m mark in front, but Sultry Feeling had made up a stack of ground from the back of the field and was going on with the job brilliantly. In the final 100m she made a one act affair of it. Freeze The Charges held the rest of them off, with Felines making use of its good run in transit to run third. I don’t feel there are any excuses for the beaten brigade here. The winner was ready first up and made them look second rate.
Follow: Sultry Feeling
Race 7
1st Berrimilla – Hugh Bowman
2nd The Waco Kid – Sam Clipperton
3rd Passion Flower – Kathy O’Hara
Sabino Speed began best in race seven but was headed by Passion Flower who ran to the top. His Majesty took a sit on the fence with Sabino Speed outside of it. Fuerza was a couple of lengths away in fourth with the pace looking pretty good, meaning there was no change in the order up to the turn. Around the bend, Passion Flower still had it clearly with His Majesty presented with a run on the inside if good enough and Sabino Speed trying to rally on the outside. Inside the 300m mark, it was evident that His Majesty had a problem and that would soon be revealed that it had bled. Whilst that was happening, Hugh Bowman, weaved Berrimilla into the clear and came up inside of Passion Flower to challenge for the front. The Waco Kid also rallied along the inside and it was down to those two to fight it out. On a day that Bowman showed them why he is the best, he rode Berrimilla hard for victory and got there by about a length from The Waco Kid. Passion Flower did a pretty good job to hold onto third, with Scratch Me Lucky finishing off well for fourth as it often does.
Follow: Passion Flower
Race 8
1st Inz’n’Out – Josh Parr
2nd Wild ‘n’ Famous – Winona Costin
3rd Turbulent Jet – Tye Angland
To the last, and Inz’n’Out was sent out a short priced favourite and ran the gates, and went straight to the lead. Dream Choice went up outside of it, with Wild’n’Famous and Snippets Land taking the sit behind the speed. Up to the turn, Inz’n’Out had run the race as it liked and favourite punters had to be on pretty good terms with themselves as some rivals had come off the bit. With 300m to go Josh Parr asked Inz’n’Out for an effort and it responded nicely and from there on neven looked in doubt and went on for a clear victory. Wild’n’Famous took advantage of its good run in transit to run second from Turbulent Jet who always finishes hard and did that again today. This was an impressive win from a horse that has more than average ability and there’s no reason it can’t keep improving its already impressive record.
Follow: Inz’n’Out
Specials from the meeting: Sultry Feeling, Inz’n’Out