Weekend Racing review – February 28th

Warwick Farm review by Todd Burmester

Race 1
1st Sasenkile – Serg Lisnyy
2nd Phrases – Blake Shinn
3rd Danjeu – Jason Collett
This week the cup of tea race over a mile and a half was the first on the program. Sasenkile was a bit slow to go and went back to last, as did Dream Folk, and Ghost Protocol was also snagged back. Phrases did as many would have expected and led them to the post the first time, but was going very slowly in front so Planet Purple and Danjeu strode up out wide to see what he was doing. Danjeu initially stayed three wide, but eventually worked up outside the leader at about the 1500m mark. The rider on Dream Folk wasn’t happy with the pedestrian pace early, and strode up to the front at about the 1200m mark. Before the turn, Phrases went back to the lead, with Danjeu coming out after it, Artibai was three wide and Blazing Dragon was trying to come into it even wider, with Sasenkile hooking around it from the rear. Realistically it was a slogging affair up the straight where Danjeu looked to be going to Phrases, but then it kicked back, and Sasenkile rounded them up from last, for what was a pretty good win, even if these are no world beaters!
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Race 2
1st Exosphere – James McDonald
2nd Odyssey Moon – Ty Angland
3rd Wolf Cry – Hugh Bowman
Half the distance for race 2, with Salerno quickest to begin, and it was then taken on by Mogador and those two shared the front from Wolf Cry and Odyssey Moon. The short priced favourite, Exosphere got back towards the rear together with Sebring Sun who was wide. Mid race, Salerno kicked back through to lead, and Sebring Sun was let loose pretty early as it wasn’t helping by being wide and near the back, which meant McDonald on Exosphere was off the fence and trailing him up, and then came around him as they came into the straight. In the straight, it was a one act affair as Exosphere showed a blistering turn of foot to leave them standing still. On the line he had about four lengths to spare and looked a pretty good horse.
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Race 3
1st Always Allison – Glyn Schofield
2nd Speak Fondly – Kerrin McEvoy
3rd Tibrogargan Miss – Luke Tarrant
It was a patchy start in The Sweet Embrace with Italy a bit slow to go along with Alpina and Mowgli. The Queenslander, Tibbrogargan Miss was quickest to jump and led from Speak Fondly, with Always Allisongetting a nice run behind them on the fence. Circular was caught three wide on the speed. They came off the fence as they turned for home, where Speak Fondly was throwing out the challenge the Tibborgargan Miss, but you could see Always Allison coming off the fence and hooking around the heels of Speak Fondly to challenge. In the last part of the race, Always Allison took a little while to wind up, but then finished off nicely to pick up Speak Fondly, with Tibbrogargan Miss fighting on nicely on the fence to hold third. Back in fifth, Italy ran on nicely after not going the early pace, and might be a horse that looks for a bit more distance.
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Race 4
1st First Seal – Blake Shinn
2nd Supara – Tommy Berry
3rd Slightly Sweet – Kathy O’Hara
Adrift began badly and ended up at the rear of the field immediately after the start. A few of them wanted the top end early with High Above beginning well from out wide, Lucky Raquie using its inside gate to drive through and Candelara initially wanting to be involved, but then it eased back to take the sit, however couldn’t get in as a couple booted up inside of it, which were Supara and Amicus. Adrift was then in midfield but very wide on the track. First Seal was just minding her own business back in the field, and Winx found itself back last. Around the turn, First Seal was very wide, but that’s where the ground seemed best and you could see her letting rip with a big run. In the final furlong, she made them look second rate, racing away to a three length win under hands and heels riding. I dare the say the pattern of the day may have helped a little bit, but none of these would beat her if you ran the race another ten times. Slightly Sweet in third was not a bad run over towards the fence. Winx didn’t do a lot today, but again did make some late ground.
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Race 5
1st It’s Somewhat – James McDonald
2nd Rudy – Luke Tarrant
3rd Gypsy Diamond – Sam Clipperton
Malavio and Destiny’s Kiss looked to be slow to go in race five. Aomen and Hot Snitzel had the front as they settled down, with Thump in third. Red Excitement got a very nice run a couple of lenghts back off them.It’s Somewhat, who was the eventual winner also had a nice run in midfield and looked to follow Red Excitement into the race. On the home turn, Red Excitement went wide, whereas It’s Somewhat saved some ground before coming around the leaders. It’s Somewhat struck the front with about 150m to go, and given his form is over longer distances you always knew he was likely to be strong to the line. Rudy chased through nicely for second and Gypsy Diamond and Malavio finished their races off very nicely down the outside, but realistically, all honours here go to the winner, and more so to James McDonald for a brilliant ride. Red Excitement was very average in the straight.
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Race 6
1st Contributor – James McDonald
2nd Hartnell – James Doyle
3rd He’s Your Man – Blake Shinn
Junoob missed the start in The Chipping Norton. Weary ended up finding the front when they settled down which was a bit of a surprise. He led from Ninth Legion, Fiveandahalfstar and He’s Your Man. Contributorwas out wide initially, but then got one off the fence outside of Silent Achiever and not too far off the lead which was an ominous sign for his rivals. Boban was very wide back in the field. Up towards the turn, He’s Your Man was off with its run three wide, so McDonald got going on Contributor four wide. Silent Achiever was being ridden to try and get on the back of Contributor. By the time they reached the furlong, Contributor had the front and you thought he was set for a fairly comfortable victory, but it was hard to miss the run of Hartnell who weaved its way through from the back of the field, closer to the inside of the track and made a race of it. In the end, Contributor still had them covered, but it will be interesting to see what the second horse does from here. John O’Shea and James McDonald could be set for utter domination as a combination in the future. It was pleasing to see He’s Your Man run a good race today, and Who Shot Thebarman was very good from a future viewpoint. Lucia Valentina did her best work late, and Fiveandahalfstar also gets a pass mark for its run, as does Silent Achiever. Again, this is one of those races where you are best to track down the replay and have a look.
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Race 7
1st Danesiri – Christian Reith
2nd Cosmic Endeavour – Tommy Berry
3rd Mahara – James McDonald
A pretty good start for the big field in race seven, with Tarloshan showing the most pace to settle down in front from Solicit and My Sabeel who was wide, but that didn’t seem to matter so much today. Solicit kicked through on the fence to lead coming towards the turn, but there looked to be runs coming from everywhere out wide. The widest of those was Danesiri who made up ground quickly to be challenging for the front up towards the 300m mark. Cosmic Endeavour had also gotten through back closer to the inside, and those two looked to have a share of the lead soon after. Danesiri had the most momentum from that point onwards and went on for a very strong win. I can’t help but point out that this long priced winner was a video watch special in this column a couple of weeks ago, so I hope that you had something on. When the winner goes widest and beats them, it is hard to recommend anything behind her today, although the second and third horses will pick up more races.
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Race 8
1st Press Report – Jason Collett
2nd Earnest Ernest – Brodie Loy
3rd Floral Insight – Priscilla Schmidt
Floral Insight led when they settled in the last event from Carpossa and Perfect Weapon, Big Buddy was caught out very wide. The favourite Le Cordon Bleu got a nice trail in behind the speed. Press Report, who was the eventual winner and well in the market got back to second last. Around the turn, Floral Insight still had it, with Le Cordon Bleu getting up inside of it. Half way up the straight they were all over the place withEarnest Ernest getting up on the fence and Press Report running on strongly down the outside. Earnest Ernest hit the front, and had a look at the post, but I am not sure he likes winning all that much, and that combined with Press Report finishing absolutely brilliantly meant that it was another minor placing for poor old Ernest. It was an interesting days racing, with a number of winners, including this one looking very impressive, but did they find a bit of a fast lane? Their subsequent form will tell the story, but perhaps be a little bit wary of short odds next time out.
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Specials from the meeting: Exosphere, Hartnell
Our Melbourne review will return next week.