Weekend racing review – May 10th

Flemington Review by Ray Hickson  

Race 1: Taj Rossi Series Heat (1100m)

1st Seenaan – Daniel Moor 2nd Al’s Kitchen – Steven King 3rd Picking Time – Glen Boss

Staviva, significantly, and Where It Began were slow out. Only a couple of lengths separated them early with Theycallmethehoff and I Am The Generaldisputing the early lead. Daring raced to their outside and Picking Time was wider. Seenaan appeared a little crowded for room in behind. Coming to the business end there were probably two lengths covering the field and I Am The General was in front of Daring. Where It Began went for a run on the inside and Picking Time loomed large out in the centre. Seenaan was still held up on heels and Al’s Kitchen held pushed through inside Picking Time to make a run. Picking Time looked to hit the front inside the 200m as Al’s Kitchen raced on one rein and Seenaan finally got clear running and they broke away to fight it out. Seenaan had the better sprint and held a narrow margin over the very green Al’s Kitchen while Picking Time had every possible chance in the run. They finished well clear of Daring.   Follow: Seenaan was particularly impressive given he was restricted for room for much of the race.

Race 2: Reduce Reuse Recycle Handicap (2000m)

1st Silk And Diamonds – Jackie Beriman 2nd Good Thinking – Katelyn Mallyon 3rd Green Roller – Jye McNeil

Sacred Dream conceded about three lengths at the start otherwise it was an even line. Nobody really keen to lead and after about 500m Azzaden eventually took it up. Baluch worked over from sitting three wide and Pentimento held the fence third. Green Roller raced just behind them and Special Miss was three back on the inside. Seemed quite a slow tempo and Milkwood and Caves took off to get closer to the lead, forcing the field to bunch. Azzaden was gone on the home turn and Green Roller raced to Baluch quickly to hit the lead a fair way out. Milkwood made a short dash and Special Miss ran up behind them. Silk And Diamondsstarted a run down the centre of the track with Good Thinking just ahead of her. Green Roller still had the lead at the 100m but Silk And Diamonds picked her up and the win looked soft on the line. Good Thinking just grabbed second on the line. Sacred Dream managed to work through to fun fourth after blowing her chance at the start. Special Miss proved very disappointing. Follow: none.

Race 3: Spotless Plate (1200m)

1st Longchamp Belle – Steven King 2nd I’m Fearsome – Jackie Beriman 3rd Good Music – Michelle Payne

Belle Couture stumbled out of the gates and missed it by a couple of lengths.Jemerica held the early lead about six horses off the fence and Cobblestonesraced to her outside. Longchamp Belle raced handy but much wider on the track though always looked comfortable. NicamoraeAwasita and Curl Up weren’t far away as well. Longchamp Belle looked to have the lead at the 300m from Jemercia.Hot Mama tried to go with the leader and Pearly Whites was doing similar inside her. Nicamorae struggled and the widest runner Good Music was winding up. Belle Couture was virtually unsighted for the entire race. Longchamp Belle sprinted best and established a winning break from the eye-catcher I’m Fearsome who hit the line hard from the back. Good Music kept her run going to snatch third. Hot Mama battled on and Nicamorae also showed fight to finish close up. The rest were beaten right off. Might pay to be a little forgiving on Belle Couture, within reason.   Follow: the placegetters I’m Fearsome and Good Music look to have upside.

Race 4: Cleanevent Handicap (1800m)

1st Backstedt – Steven King 2nd Lightenuff – Jackie Beriman 3rd Garud – Glen Boss

Voila Ici was first to find the lead but he had some company with Backstedt andLightenuff putting the pressure on. They broke the field right up and Lightenuff won the battle for the front. Lord WimbleMe Hungi and Garud were the next bunch and they were another few lengths ahead of the rest. With the exception ofHannaford they came right away from the inside at about the 800m with Lightenuff still in front. Voila Ici and Backstedt challenged at the top of the straight with Backstedt going by bar the better. Lord Wimble and Garud tried to run on and Me Hungi was battling closer to the inside. Backstedt strolled to the lead 200m out and he powered away. Lightenuff did a good job to hold on for second, Garud nailed Voila Ici for third. Very nice run first-up from the import Wish Come True who closed off his race in good style. Backstedt loves Flemington but isn’t as effective elsewhere.   Follow: Wish Come True’s first-up run was excellent.

Race 5: Secondbite Fresh Food Rescue (1400m)

1st By The Grace – Michelle Payne 2nd Search Squad – Ibrahim Gundogdu 3rd My Angus – Jackie Beriman

Last Sight and Gracious Prospect battled for the early lead ahead of Burning Front and Written Up slotted into a perfect spot one-one from his wide gate.Kingdom Of Dreams and Search Squad were the next pair and My Angus strode up three wide around them. The pulled up in front midrace and a few horses didn’t like that, particularly Search Squad. Written Up moved up three wide to take on the leaders before the turn and he took over and went for home. Gracious Prospect stuck with him and Search Squad came off his back to run on. Kingdom Of Dreams battled just behind the wall in front and By The Grace got into the clear and began to chime in. Search Squad got the better of Written Up about 150m out but By The Grace, who had been unlucky in his two runs back, had the momentum building and she dashed past him. Burning Front was all set to run third but was nosed out by My Angus, at huge odds, who finished hard late. Not a bad effort from Written Up who had a hard run with a big weight. Kingdom Of Dreams may not have handled the conditions and the big disappointment was Miss Maggiebeel who did absolutely nothing.   Follow: if Written Up keeps going stick with him.

Race 6: Sprint Series Heat (1100m)

1st General Peekay – Glen Boss 2nd Pillar Of Creation – Dale Smith 3rd Le Bonsir – Jye McNeil

Reasonable line out. Pampelonne showed pace and came off the inside to lead clearly. Le Bonsir and Decircles weren’t far away. Such Hope strode along widest on the track and General Peekay and Pillar Of Creation were tucked in behind the speed. Lonhspresso found herself back near last on the inside and was under pressure coming to the 400m. Le Bonsir found the lead by the clock tower but closer to the middle of the track General Peekay and Pillar Of Creation were finishing better and General Peekay edged away from them for a strong win. Nice first-up effort from Pillar Of Creation. Lonhspresso got going very late after working from the inside of horses to be close to the outside fence. Everything else had their chance and all honours to the winner. Wouldn’t take short odds but be a little forgiving of Lonhspresso.   Follow: General Peekay still has some improvement.

Race 7: Momentum Energy Trophy (2800m)

1st Ancient King – Daniel Stackhouse 2nd Shoreham – Jye McNeil 3rd Wells – Luke Currie

Spremacy led a very strung out field to the post the first time. Wells sat a clear second from Buxted and Prairie Star. After going along quick early Supremacy backed the tempo right off and the field bunched somewhat. Not a lot of action in the race but the speed picked up again about 1000m out as Supremacy tried to get away. Wells stuck with him and Prairie Star edged closer. Gottino got onto his back as Buxted dropped off. Ancient King started to track into it as well and Shoreham followed his every move from the 600m. Wells took over on the turn but by the 300m the swoopers were looming large. Ancient King and Shoreham made their runs together and got to Wells, who fought on like a tiger, with Ancient Kingsticking his neck out to score narrowly. Shoreham had his chance to win and an enormous run from Wells. Unchain My Heart worked home without threatening from Gottino and the rest were gassed by the tempo.   Follow: Wells is in for a huge jumping season.

Race 8: Flemington Green Fields (1400m)

1st Henwood – Glen Boss 2nd Tried And Tired – Jake Noonan 3rd Chile Express – Luke Currie

Soros again made a mess of the start and gave away a few lengths. The New Boypounced on the early lead from Shadow Ninja and Tried And Tired up three wide early on. Lord Durante and Ventic were just off the pace and Specter landed a lot closer than usual. The New Boy kept them running and moved to the centre of the track on the bend. Tried And Tired made a move despite his wide run and tackled at the 400m. Specter had his back all the way and went fairly wide to make his run but only battled and Henwood, who in turn tracked Specter, peeled off and unwound with a strong finish. Chile Express weaved through behind them and made a short dash as well. But Henwood had everything go his way this time and he sprinted too well to down a gallant Tried And Tired and Chile Express. Follow Specter at your own peril from now on, he had every hope, and Mister Milton made some ground as he usually does.   Follow: stay with Tried And Tired in similar races.

Specials from the meeting: I’m Fearsome, Good Music, General Peekay, Wells (jumps).