Weekend Racing review – Saturday 28th December

Canterbury review from Todd Burmester
Race 1

1st                    Invisible                                 James McDonald 2nd                   Jetwings                                Brenton Avdulla 3rd                    Nordic Empire                        Damien Oliver Invisible was one of, if not the quickest out.  Jetwings began ok and then mustered good pace through the centre.  When they settled it was Jetwings in front from Invisible on its outside and Stratalena was third three deep.  Dual Star was back on the fence and Nordic Empire was being ridden along in the middle by the time they reached the 600m mark.  In the straight,Invisible and Jetwings paired off with Invisible going the better and getting the win.  Nordic Empire stuck on ok to run third after looking in trouble a long way out. Follow: Nordic Empire Race 2 1st                   Maysoon                             James McDonald 2nd                  Chosen Idol                          Brenton Avdulla 3rd                   Fiftyshadesofgrey                 Peter Robl Encostanati began very quickly in the second as did Maysoon.  For the first couple of hundred metres Maysoon was trapped three wide as Fiftyshadesofgrey kicked up in the middle.  Maysoon eventually crossed to the position outside the leader.  Around the turn, those three basically made a line of three, although Fiftyshadesofgrey could not go with the other two, and Watabout and Good Job Bro were making heavy weather of it back at the tail.  Maysoon went bang at the 200m mark and put the race beyond doubt in what was a well deserved win following its good form of late.  Encostanati got very tired in this and ran last despite heavy support for it in betting. Follow: Maysoon Race 3 1st                   Big Money                             Christian Reith 2nd                  Dolphi’s Boy                           Brenton Avdulla 3rd                   Pin ‘Em Down                        Kathy O’Hara Chestnut Road looked to run out a bit at the start and then was ridden hard from the barrier to try and come across and take up a position.  Letchworth was initially the best to begin on the inside and held out Chestnut Road in the run out of the straight the first time.  Magniloquent and Big Memory got good runs behind the speed in third and fourth.  The field strung out indicating the pace was pretty good.  In the back straight Chestnut Road was shading Letchworth, but they were cutting at one another.  Around the turn, Big Memory had moved around the leaders heals and was threatening big danger, and went on with it in the straight for a comprehensive win. The run of Reigning in this was better than it will look on paper as it copped a bit of the backwash in the straight when the leaders were tiring.  Richie’s Bickies was pretty average. Follow: Reigning Race 4 1st                    Rose Of Falvelon                      Glyn Schofield 2nd                   Sari                                         Kerrin McEvoy 3rd                    Kristy Lee                                Damien Oliver Shiraz and Red Dynamite which were both in the market didn’t begin well and went back to near the tail of the field early.  Curfew crossed Sari for the lead, with Kanjistar coming across to sit second.  Rose Of Falvelongot a nice run in the one out one back trail.  Shiraz was off around them wide before the turn after its poor start,and Red Dynamite was hopelessly entrenched back on the fence, but did use the rail to its advantage around the turn to get up behind the leaders once they turned.  Soon after, Rose Of Falvelon took advantage of its good run in transit to sprint to the lead and hold them off.  Red Dynamite, Sari and Kristy Lee all finished well but could not pick up the winner. Follow: Red Dynamite Race 5 1st                    Knoydart                                    Kerrin McEvoy 2nd                   Petrify                                        Christian Reith 3rd                    Field Marshall                             Glyn Schofield Monbazillac missed the start and settled a clear last in the sixth event.  Ying La and Knoydart both began well and looked to lead.  Eventually Knoydart got the lead, but it was after doing what looked like a fair bit of work to get there, and then he seemed to over race a bit due to having to be pushed to get the front.  Once Knoydart and Ying La crossed, Fort Sumpter and Petrify which held them out initially, both got good runs behind the speed.  Before the turn, Knoydart was able to slow up a bit, which meant he was able to go for a sprint around the turn, and then again kicked inside the 200m mark to go on for what was a pretty good win, and this is a horse that I think has better things ahead of it.  Petrify was good in second placing, trying all the way to catch the leader. Field Marshall and Monbazzilac both get a pass mark, but all honours were with the winner. Follow: Knoydart, Petrify Race 6 1st                    I’ve Got The Looks                      Blake Shinn 2nd                   Recoinage                                 Glyn Schofield 3rd                    Breakfast In Bed                        James McDonald Medusa’s Miss with a wing on every foot from the start came across and led them, and set up a break of about 6 lengths at the 800m mark.  Arrowette and Breakfast In Bed settled second and third.  Dark Brown Sugar was trapped three wide back off the speed.  Around the turn, Medusa’s Miss still had about a 5 length break but you could see it stopping.  Breakfast In Bed and I’ve Got The Looks were chasing hard, and Recoinage was sailing down the outside.  In the run to the line, I’ve Got The Looks got there narrowly from Recoinage and Breakfast In Bed.  Those three streeted the rest and it might be a pretty good form race to follow the first three home. Follow: All of the first three home Race 7 1st                    Black Jag                                        Blake Shinn 2nd                   Fortunefivehundred                           Peter Robl 3rd                    Sir Berus                                        Glyn Schofield Druid didn’t begin well and then managed to throw the jockey off soon after.  Black Jag found the front fromFortunefivehundred.  Coffee and Sultry Assassin settled in third and fourth.  Black Jag had about a three length lead mid race, and that may have been partly to do with the fact that the riderless horse moved up and took it on for the front.  As they came to the turn however, looking back in the pack, just about all other runners were scrubbed along to keep up.  In the straight, the riderless horse looked to run in on top of Black Jag, and both horse and rider did a very good job here to avoid big trouble and to go on and win the race.  Fortunefivehundred ran on nicely into second and they had a decent margin over the rest of the field in the run to the line.  Sir Berus is a ‘gunna’ but he did manage to run into third place.  All credit to the winning horse and rider. Follow: Black Jag Race 8 1st                    Messene                                            James McDonald 2nd                   Kaypers                                              Christian Reith 3rd                   Said Com                                            Damien Oliver Straight AlbertSaid Com and Brigintan were all a bit slow to begin in the last.  Madam Nash took up her favourite spot in the lead, and had a bit over a length break from Cathay Lady.  Western Symbol got a good run in third on the fence, and Messene also had a nice trail in fourth.  Just before the turn, McDonald on Messene was off and running to make a good thing of it and when they straightened it was four wide, but still going well and about to threaten the leaders.  Inside the 200m, Messene let go with its sprint and put three lengths on them in the run to the line and the good thing of the day was home.  Kaypers used the good run it had in transit to rail through into second, and Said Com, yet another “gunna” ran into third.  The key to Said Com will be finding him when he bobs up at the right price. Follow: None to follow, but sack Said Com Specials from the meeting: Knoydart, Petrify, Recoinage And, while it was a few days ago now Todd had these runners to follow from the Boxing Day meeting at Randwick to follow: Nightingales, Shamalia, Myamira, Destiny’s Kiss, Sysmo, Hypernicus, Fantastic Ballad   Our Melbourne review will return next week.