Weekend Racing review – Saturday 30th March 2013

Rosehill review compiled by Todd Burmester
Race 1
1st    Chiaramonte      Josh Parr
2nd   Brave Soul         Glyn Schofield
3rd    Heart Testa        Jason Collett

An excellent day of racing, with The Darby Munro Stakes as the first on the card.  Fire Thunderbolt and Faustus didn’t begin well, where as Chiaramonte went straight to the front.   Maximilian sat second, with Heart Testa getting a nice run in third.  Ichihara was caught in the cheap seats three wide today.  When they turned, Chiaramonte kicked, and Heart Testa was having some trouble getting into the clear.  Once he got out he came after the leader but was never going to pick it up, and in fact Brave Soul got through into second, making the run of Heart Testa a little disappointing.

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Race 2

1st    Julienas               Jim Cassidy
2nd   Permit                  Hugh Bowman
3rd    Dance With Her    Kerrin McEvoy

The Manion Cup over 2400m was race 2.  Pelicano took it up as they left the straight the first time from the well supported Julienas.  Off the back straight, Dame Claire made a move up towards the leaders, but Cassidy kicked up on Julienas to hold it three wide and its run was short lived.  Before the turn, Julienas claimed Pelicano and looked to travel pretty well.  In the straight, Julienas found plenty, and they queued up behind him for the minor placings.  Kaypers and Permit both ran well again, as did Coliseo.

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Race 3

1st    Scandiva              Peter Robl
2nd   Shahad                James McDonald
3rd    Major Conquest    Jim Cassidy

The Magic Night was race 3, with Greytfilly missing the start hopelessly.  Brilliant Bisc and Scandiva went straight to the front, from Bulbula which got a nice run on the fence in third.  Around the turn, Scandiva claimed Brilliant Bisc, with Itameri getting a run in the middle to look some sort of danger.  She didn’t go on with it, and it was up to Shahad to chase Scandiva, but ultimately just failed.  Vocalise got through along the inside to make a lot of ground up late.  Assail tried to come with a run half way down the straight, but was another who couldn’t go on with it.  Greytfilly is not a punting proposition.

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Race 4

1st    Sidestep     Kerrin McEvoy
2nd   Dothraki      Greg Ryan
3rd    Fuerza        Brenton Avdulla

To the Pago Pago, and it was Dothraki taking up the running, from Good Job Bro, Diamond Oasis and Sidestep.  Just before the turn, Dothraki looked to travel pretty good, and the well supported Sidestep may have been in a bit of trouble.  Inside the 300m however, Sidestep started to get into its work, and got up for a nice win under heavy riding from McEvoy.  Fuerza ran on again into third, but is becoming a bit of a non winner I suspect.  Dothraki, despite running second, needs something easier.

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Race 5

1st    Aliyana Tilde    Corey Brown
2nd   Epingle            Craig Williams
3rd    Dolly Dolly       James McDonald

The Epona Stakes was race 5, with the last start winner, Thy, taking it up, from Natch Catch which worked over from a wide draw, giving Crafty Irna and Fibrillation good runs behind the speed.  At the 600m, Fibrillation came with its run, and went neck and neck with Thy around the turn.  Crafty Irna was the first to come out and try to challenge in the straight, but its run didn’t last long, supporting my opinion that it doesn’t try hard enough.  Epingle and Aliyana Tilde came with their runs down the outside, and Dolly Dolly was late on the scene.  It was Aliyana Tilde that got its head down on the line for a fairly strong victory.  Those three gapped the rest.

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Race 6

1st    It’s A Dundeel    James McDonald
2nd   Sacred Falls      Leith Innes
3rd    Tatra                 Kerrin McEvoy

The Rosehill Guineas was race 6.  It was somewhat disappointing to see Fiveanahalfstar scratched on race morning,  as it was set to start second favourite, but in hindsight, probably would have gotten nowhere near It’s A DundeelBloodbuzz Ohio led them up from Kingdoms which got one of the fence after being wide early.  It’s A Dundeel got back to second last today but the pace seemed ok.  McDonald knew what was under him however and got going at the 500m mark and basically was level with the leaders around the turn, and he gave them the go by, coming away to win by 5 or 6 lengths.  Sacred Falls ground away for second, indicating that he is getting better as the distances increase.  Hvasstan dropped out badly today to finish last.

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Race 7

1st    Bel Sprinter       Kerrin McEvoy
2nd   Snitzerland        Corey Brown
3rd    Decision Time    James McDonald

There was speed to burn in The Galaxy, with the eventual winner Bel Sprinter missing the start clearly.  The three-year-old Snitzerland led them up from PampelonneSea Siren got a nice run third on the fence.  Inside the 300m, Brown looked to be swinging against Snitzerland, but soon after Bel Sprinter came with a huge sprint down the outside and put the race beyond doubt in a few strides.  He came away to win by over 3 lengths, with Snitzerland doing a fair job to hold onto second after going pretty hard in the lead.  Decision Time ran well for third.  Sea Siren was disappointing after and easy run in transit, and Pampelonne dropped right out.

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Race 8

1st    Havana Rey    Glyn Schofield
2nd   Riva De Lago   Corey Brown
3rd    Monton          Christian Reith

Race 8 was the Ajax Stakes, and Carlton House was well backed to start favourite and was never sighted.  Havana Rey went to the front from Monton on its outside.  Havana Rey looked to settle well today, and from the 600m you could see him wind the pace up a bit, indicating he was going to be hard to run down.  Plenty of them tried to get past him in the straight, with the main two challengers being Monton and Riva De Lago, but Havana Rey found plenty, backing up his good run last start and held a length advantage on the line.  The return effort of Lightinthenite was good, and there wasn’t a great deal to say about the others.

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Race 9

1st    Arinosa                Brenton Avdulla
2nd   Shamal Wind        Glen Boss
3rd    Miss Stellabelle    Jim Cassidy

Catkins began well and looked to lead early, but Altar ended up crossing over and led from Miss Stellabelle, giving Catkins and Choice Words nice runs behind the speed.  In the straight, Shamal Wind was weaving it’s way through, and for a stride or two looked like it may be the one, but that was just as Arinosa joined in with its run.  It came with a sprint that looked like Bel Sprinter earlier in the day, and claimed the lead at the 150m.  She came right away from them on the line, with Avdulla again sitting up for the picture on the line.  Shamal Wind lost no admirers with its run, and is capable of winning more races.  Soft Sand was well in the market but was disappointing indeed, and isn’t a punting proposition at this level.

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Specials From The Meeting:  Julienas, Vocalise, Arinosa, Shamal Wind

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