Weekend racing reviews November 12th

Sandown review compiled by Rick Williams
Race 1.     1000M    Written Tycoon Champion Sire Stakes   (Time 59.71/600m 35.44)

 MAXIMUS MOONARD     CRAIG WILLIAMS    1st     $16 TIMELY TRUCE              CRAIG NEWITT        2nd    $26 ANDRE ROO HOO          HUGH BOWMAN     3rd    $3.60FIt didn’t take long for Craig Williams to get back in the swing of things when he was able to boot home the first of the day with Maximus Moonard (34.79). It was a pretty impressive performance and he was able to find his way from the back of the field and hit the line powerfully. He was the only horse in the 35s for the 600m and 24s for the 400m. The others ran ok but the winner looks a bit better and is worth keeping an eye on. Worth noting: Another gem of a ride from Craig Williams. Race 2.     1400M    Twilight Glow Stakes   (Time 1:28.37/600m 34.55) SECRET LIAISON           MICHAEL RODD     1st    $10 MISS STELLABELLE      CRAIG WILLIAMS   2nd    $4.20 SHOPAHOLIC                 DWAYNE DUNN     3rd    $6.50 Most of the betting attention here was between the top three runners but it was Secret Liason (33.98) who was given a gun ride by Rodd who got the money. On the speed map it looked like she couldn’t win but she proved that wrong. Miss Stellabelle (33.92) worked home well but she just looked to lack that extra zip that she had when winning at Moonee Valley. Shopaholic (33.74) worked to the line well from the tail and is worth following. The run of Combat Kitty against the clock was really good, she just got too far back and struggled to pick them up. Worth noting: Few nice filly’s in this race. I think they can come back in good shape in the Autumn, keep an eye on them. Race 3.     3200M    Sandown (Time 3:31.92/600m 35.65) OLYMPIC WIN    MARK ZAHRA         1st     $4 OUR SERENA    CRAIG WILLIAMS    2nd    $8.50 NORSQUI           CHRIS SYMONS     3rd     $2.60F Olympic Win (35.65) just thrashed them. He was given a gun ride by Zahra who led on him and he was able to mix up the tempo throughout and was far too strong. He continues to improve this guy and he is one of only a handful of horses we have that can run a strong 3200m. Norsqui (35.85) trailed Olympic Win throughout and looked to get a good enough run. It was evident halfway up the straight however that he couldn’t win and he just battled to the line. Our Serena (35.39) never wins but she keeps racing really well. She is a genuine stayer and whenever she is at 2500m+ she needs to be taken seriously. Worth noting: Our Serena was clearly the strongest over the final 400/200 and worth following. Race 4.     1300M    TMB Printing Kevin Heffernan (Time 1:18.97/600m 34.93) SOUL                    MARK ZAHRA        1st     $14 MASTHEAD           CRAIG WILLIAMS   2nd    $3.50F DOUBTFUL JACK  LUKE NOLEN          3rd     $13 Soul (34.81) got the breakthrough in what was a leader dominated race. Masthead (35.02) crossed from the wide gate and took up the lead. It was a good effort from the 3yo but Soul had the sit on him and was far too strong to the line. Doubtful Jack (34.90) put in another really good performance. He is a horse that runs well on firm ground but improves lengths on the wet. When he gets on a slow/heavy surface he should win. Turnitup (34.16) finished off really well from back. He doesn’t normally get so far back and can still finish off like that and he will be very hard to beat next start. Worth noting: Parables was favourite again and was very poor. She is sacked officially. Race 5.     1500M    The Alannah & Madeline Foundation (1:32.47/600m 35.58) UNDER THE EIFFEL     CRAIG WILLIAMS     1st     $1.90F SISTINE ANGEL           MICHELLE PAYNE    2nd     $9 ORBIT EXPRESS         JAMES WINKS          3rd     $26 Under The Eiffel (35.39) was smashed in the betting from the time the markets went up and started in the red at $1.90. This horse has improved a great deal due to his ability to now hold a spot in a prominent position and still possess a turn of foot. Williams hunted him around the field and he sat outside the leader before letting him go inside the 300m and he ran away with it. Plenty of upside still for him. Sistine Angel (34.95) and Orbit Express (35.32) worked home well from the back but they were no match for the winner. Launay (35.96) is going ok but just isn’t finishing his races off like he was last year. Worth noting: Not much to note here, what you see is what you get with Under The Eiffel, he will keep winning. Race 6.     2400M    Zipping Classic (Time 2:37.87/600m 34.55) AMERICAIN     GERALD MOSSE   1st     $1.55F MANIGHAR     DWAYNE DUNN      2nd    $13 MOURAYAN    HUGH BOWMAN     3rd    $4.80 Americain (34.23) was just too classy for them here and the race was really run to suit. He was able to relax off the speed in a small field and enjoyed being able to wind up in the big long straight. He ran his last 400m in 22.86 and his 200m in 11.81 and was just a class above his rivals here. Hopefully he pulls up well and heads to Hong Kong. Manighar (34.58) ran really well and he kept fighting hard as did Mourayan (34.67). Worth noting: Excellent run by Americain and his turn of foot is awesome at the end of the staying trips. Race 7.     1600M    Betfair Sandown Guineas   (Time1:38.34/600m 37.24) SO SWIFT          CRAIG WILLIAMS     1st     $19 NIAGARA            NASH RAWILLER     2nd     $7 GALAH               KERRIN MCEVOY     3rd     $3.60F Craig Williams did it again here and So Swift (36.64) a last start maiden winner at Hamilton stuck his head through late and got the money. It was an excellent run, a big step for him and he will come back better in the Autumn. Niagara (37.26) who was back from the 2500m Derby trip was another excellent performance. He almost led all of the way and lost by the narrowest of margins. Galah (36.13) was a drifter in the betting and he was always going to be a risk from where he was mapped to be. McEvoy decided to head to the inside which was a great move and he just missed out. He wants more ground which was evident at his previous start at Flemington. Highly Recommended (36.13) worked home well from the tail and had it been 1650m probably would have won. Worth noting: The form from this race over the years hasn’t always stacked up. Race 8.     1800M    Betfair Eclipse (Time 1:52.18/600m 36.11) ROTHERA              LUKE NOLEN               1st      $21 FOLDING GEAR     BRENTON AVDULLA     2nd      $9.50 ULUNDI                  CHRIS SYMONS           3rd      $16 Rothera (35.94) was able to hold onto a break he had over the concluding stages and pinch a win. It seems he enjoyed the extra distance because his form has been fairly poor of late. Folding Gear (36.00) was a very good run. He was unlucky not to win after copping a decent bump at the top of the straight before balancing up and getting going again late. Ulundi (35.95) worked home from the tail as he does and he is probably looking for further than 1800m. Lord Pyrus (36.37) ran really well. I prefer him with a sit and he was on pace. Worth noting: Follow Folding Gear with confidence next start. Race 9.     1500M    Le Pine Funerals Summoned HI BELLE                 CRAIG WILLIAMS     1st     $5 SOPHIE’S SPIRIT     NASH RAWILLER     2nd    $4.80F HINEMOA                LISA CROPP             3rd    $11 Yet again a gem of a ride from Craig Williams with Hi Belle (35.53) winning the last. He box seated throughout and she was able to show a good turn of foot from a prominent position and won well. Sophie’s Spirit (36.02) got an easy lead and kept finding up the straight. She is racing really well and is worth following. Maquina (35.61), Yavanna (35.59) and Sussuro (35.54) all worked home to the line well but the winner is a class above them and was just too good. Worth noting: Follow the first two with confidence. Pay to follow: Our Serena, Under The Eiffel, Folding Gear, Hi Belle, Sophie’s Spirit
Rosehill review completed by Todd Burmester
Race 1 1st        Faustus        Jim Cassidy 2nd       Kuchinskaya    Tom Berry 3rd        Limes        Josh Parr Kutchinskaya led the race as it did in its recent trial.  As is often the case however, trial form does not equate to race day form. Faustus a good run behind them and sprinted well to win. The irony of the trial form was that Limes had beaten the winner and seemingly in pretty good fashion but today just ground home. Dances On Stars again got a mile out of its ground and ran on ok but isn’t a betting proposition at the moment with the start it gives them. Race 2 1st    Colorado Claire    Jim Cassidy 2nd    Sindarin        Josh Parr 3rd    Debelle        Chad Schofield Sindarin led them up here at a slow pace and the race quickly looked like one of the first two would win. That’s the way it turned out with Colorado Claire sitting outside the leader and then leaving it standing in the straight for a fairly good win. Debelle was on the fence behind them and ran ok for third. Yurrapendi was in the one out one back spot and ground home in the straight (best part was its last 100m). It is a horse that wants further and probably a lot more pace on. Follow: Yurrapendi Race 3 1st    Sacred Pins    Glyn Schofield 2nd    Embark        Jay Ford 3rd    Cindarockinrella    Josh Adams 3rd    Gaze In Awe    Rod Quinn Sacred Pins was initially going back to midfield but you have to love a jockey with initiative. He crossed after a few hundred metres as the pace was pedestrian and that was the end of the race. Not only did the others let him go around them to the lead they also then let him pull up in front. Rosehill as I have mentioned before has always been a leaders track and yesterday was no exception. Try as they may to get past this one it showed enough fight in the straight for a fairly soft win. The beaten brigade all ran fair races without anything particularly standing out. Follow: None to follow Race 4 1st    Oakfield Beauty    Jim Cassidy 2nd    Tropicana Girl    Chad Schofield 3rd    Blurred Vision    Kathy O’Hara Ring a ding ding Pumper’s the King. It was the third winner for Cassidy in four races and another to run to the front and slow them up. I speak of Oakfield Beauty. Blurred Vision sat outside the leader and battled on OK whilst Tropicana had an easy run in transit and tried hard but was no match for the winner. There really was not a lot to say about the race in all honesty other than it was a well judged ride on the winner. Savannah’s Choice and I Walk The Line that ran 4th and 5th although beaten a fair way ran to the line fairly strongly. Follow: None to follow Race 5 1st    Stratana                    Shaun Guymer 2nd   Regal Banter              Josh Adams 3rd    Rumour And Scandal   Tom Berry Rumour and Scandal led whilst Stratana sat second in the run. The jockey on Stratana rode with purpose early to ensure he had a handy position. Ultimately Stratana was the one with the best acceleration in the straight which is what gave it the win. Regal Banter, who was first up, worked home well in this race and I thought it was one of the better runs of the day and is worth following. Rumor And Scandal held on for third but realistically was no match for the winner. Follow: Regal Banter Race 6 1st    My Destiny     Jay Ford 2nd   Embarrassed  Kathy O’Hara 3rd    Rolling Pin     Glyn Schofield Embarrassed was sent out a well backed favourite and led the race as expected from Rolling Pin and Budabar. My Destiny camped just off the speed but I thought it was a very good ride by Jay Ford to use some aggression on the point of the turn to put himself into the picture and be challenging the lead not long after. Embarrassed did what it could to repel the challenge but in the end the winner ground it out well. Hendricus was in the market but couldn’t really go the pace, but did run on well in the straight. Follow: My Destiny, Hendricus Race 7 1st     Lightinthenite      Jim Cassidy 2nd    Circle Of Power   Chris O’Brien 3rd     Riva De Lago      Jay Ford Othello led as usual with Toms Rocket outside of it. Riva De Lago missed the start and was used up a little to get to midfield but didn’t show that some ping in the straight. I believe this indicated the horse is a query at the distance of 1500m, where its previous wins have been 1200m and 1350m and it has shown fantastic acceleration. Lightinthenite had a good run and again was another to go just on the point of the turn which turned out to be a winning move. Circle Of Power another great run following its encouraging effort last time and will win soon. Follow: Circle Of Power Race 8 1st     Strike One     Andrew Stead 2nd    Levi’s Choice  Blake Spriggs 3rd     Fawkner        Steven King This photo finish was closer than the Melbourne Cup! Guderian led them up. Strike One sat back off the pace and pinched inside runs for the win at massive odds. Levi’s Choice from third last was a great run and this distance range might be what it has been looking for. Fawkner which was one of the better supported runners all day had a good run in transit but basically tried to grind it out, might want even further. You can’t sack it on this defeat even if you lost your money! Follow: Levi’s Choice, Fawkner Specials From The Meeting: Regal Banter, Circle Of Power, Levi’s Choice