Weekend racing reviews – Saturday 12th May

Caulfield Review compiled by Rick Williams
Race 1.     1600M    The Alannah & Madeline Foundation Handicap   OMINOUS QUALITY     DANIEL STACKHOUSE    1st     $5.50 LAKERS BAY              STEVEN KING                 2nd    $26 GRECIAN MELODY     JAMES WINKS                3rd     $19 Champagne Ruby was all the go here in the first and was unable to get the punters off to a good start. She missed the start a little and was used up a bit to get to the front but none of that mattered in the straight as she failed to find anything. Trainer says she will be spelled. Ominous Quality enjoyed a nice run just off of the pace and was able to do enough to get the job done. Spirit Of Song was another poor runner who will also be spelled. Worth noting: Champagne Ruby is very good, forgive her. Race 2.     1200M    Routley’s Handicap   HAUSSMANN               MARK ZAHRA      1st     $6 AFFABLE                     CHRIS SYMONS   2nd    $9 GENERAL GROOVE     CRAIG NEWITT     3rd     $15 The early tempo here was solid and Haussmann enjoyed a run off of the on the inside behind the leaders. As they headed to the turn he was able to get himself right into the race and then got the gap. Thought he let down well to win to the eye but his sectionals were a way off the other winners. He is only young though and will continue to improve. General Groove and Affable hit the line and the rest were well beaten. Worth noting: Not in a hurry to follow any of these Race 3.     2000M    Kevin Dunne Handicap   MANILA JEWEL      BEN KNOBEL      1st     $3.40 THE NIGHT’S HOT   NICHOLAS HALL  2nd    $3.20F YOU I FIND             ADAM MCCABE   3rd     $31 This was the only 2000m race if the day and they didn’t go very hard through the early stages of the race at all. That meant that Manila Jewel had the race ran to suit her and she settled just in behind the leaders and The Night’s Hot was at a big disadvantage as she was going to need to speed to get into the race from back in the field. Once they rounded the turn Manila Jewel was able to kick away and with the weight swing and tempo against The Nights Hot she got away and won well. Worth noting: Manila Jewel and The Night’s Hot can be followed in similar mare events Race 4.     1800M    Gayle Shacklock Handicap MAGNIFIQUE SOLEIL    NICHOLAS HALL              1st     $1.80F TURNITUP                     DANIEL STACKHOUSE     2nd    $4.40 ALROUZ                        JAMES WINKS                 3rd    $26 Alrouz crossed them eventually and led throughout until the final 200m. He didn’t go all that hard which played into the hands of Magnifique Soleil and Turnitup who had the sit on him throughout and eventually kicked away. Magnifique Soleil was heavily backed and he didn’t let the punters down as he pulled away for yet another dominant win and made it 6 from 7 this prep. Turnitup is racing really well and he looks ready to win now, would be looking for no worse than a dead 4 to back him with confidence though. Alrouz was coming off of a big run at Sandown and has plenty of talent, like to see him back to a mile and on firm ground. Worth noting: Pretty happy to follow the first three and back them again in a suitable race. Race 5.     1200M    Barbara Booth Handicap   CLASSY CHLOE     BEN KNOBEL          1st     $3.40 YOU TELL ME        PETER MERTENS    2nd     $16 STRATIGRAPHY     CRAIG NEWITT         3rd     $8.50 It was an all of the way win for Classy Chloe who was backing up after a win in Adelaide the week prior. She hit the lead early and that is where she was able to stay throughout the run. It was a great performance as she really worked early on in the race and was still able to produce enough late to win after being headed. You Tell Me was great and really came on from her win the start prior. She looked to have the money but Classy Chloe just kicked back. Platelet had the run of the race and loomed up to win but was unable to. She is a very good filly and I suspect that she may be a specialist 1100m horse. Worth noting: Wait patiently for Platelet to contest 1100m again and bet. Race 6.     1100M    Manfred Philipps Handicap   STRATCOMBE           CRAIG NEWITT     1st     $2.30F IT’S CRUNCH TIME     JAMES WINKS     2nd    $10 SHOCK VALUE          BEN KNOBEL       3rd     $12 Stratcombe continued on his winning ways and produced the best effort of the day to get the money. He worked the hardest early of all winners on the day and was able to still clock the best 800/600 section and held it together late also. Not sure where they go from here with him or how much more he can improve but he won very well and it was against some pretty handy sprinters. It’s Crunch Time continues to improve and that was an excellent performance to finish second. Shock Value battled on for third and he is better on a genuine good. Not sure if he will get a genuine good any time soon but if he does he can be given a bonus. Worth noting: Stratcombe been up a while now, his price will shorten if he keeps racing and he will be getting towards the end, stay away he will be a risk. Race 7.     1200M    Gail Jackson Handicap   MISS BINDI                  MARK ZAHRA    1st     $9 THERE’S ONLY ONE    JAKE DUFFY      2nd    $8 AVIONICS                    STEVEN KING    3rd     $31 Looked to be good speed here early and that’s the way it panned out with plenty of horses pushing up. Tariana led and Rue Maple worked across and her effort to fight on was admirable. Had they taken a sit with her she may well have won. Miss Bindi was coming off an excellent performance at Flemington and settled back off the speed. The runs came up the inside for Zahra all of the way up the straight as she burst through and won well. There’s Only One hit the line well late but was too far back and had to come wide. Worth noting: The winner is very good on her day, just needs a good tempo. Race 8.     1400M    Barry Poynter Handicap   GOLD SAND       DEAN HOLLAND   1st    $14 UTAH SAINTS     DAMIAN LANE      2nd    $8 FASTER SON     CRAIG NEWITT     3rd     $11 Only 1400 of the day. Utah Saints was caught wide,midfield and worked to get around them and lead, used lots of petrol. Under The Eiffel was another that was caught wide, he just can’t ever seem to draw a gate. Pago Rock was held up for a while up the straight again but he isn’t going anywhere near as good as he was early in his campaign, needs a spell. The winner was coming through a strong race in the bush, settled back in the field and he came with a good sprint along the inside. He had the best 1000/400 of all the winners on the day. Worth noting: Very big forgive Utah Saints. Was super first up and no luck here, will bounce

Rosehill review by Todd Burmester
Race 1 1st    Honorius                Glyn Schofield 2nd   Chez Harmony       Nathan Berry 3rd    Fiveandahalfstar     Hugh Bowman They were all away to a good start in the first with Fiveandahalfstar finding the front in the early stages from Campania and Nikody. Rowie was out wide and had to work around to sit outside the leader. Basically they stayed like this until they straightened where Findandahalfstar went for home and got away from them, briefly looking set for victory. Honorious which was the favourite in the race had been enjoying a good run about 5 lengths off the lead and although under a little bit of pressure on straightening, found the line very strongly for an impressive win. Chez Harmony was the other one to find the line very well. The rest were pretty ordinary but perhaps Rowie can be forgiven after its effort early. Follow: Honorius, Chez Harmony Race 2 1st    Euryale               Rod Quinn 2nd   Lucripetous          Hugh Bowman 3rd    Tribal Rock          Tom Berry Another fair start here also from the 1800m. Gnarly took up the lead after briefly disputing it with Trapunto. Tribal Rock was getting a very nice run third on the fence. The same as the first, there was no further action until they straightened. Tribal Rock switched three wide and was the immediate challenger to the leaders. At the 200m, Euryale had swept up on the outside and Lucripetous was making its bid for victory along the inside. Euryale was too good in the run to the line. I would have to say after its easy run on the fence, Tribal Rock was disappointing. Eliza Blues did a good job running on into fourth. Follow: Lucripetous, Eliza Blues Race 3 1st    Emotional Circus     Chris Reith 2nd   Aeronautical            Glyn Schofield 3rd    Skip Town               Jay Ford Startreusse tends to miss the start regularly and did that here. Didn’tcostalot on the other hand showed its usual amount of unlimited speed. He was well backed in betting and got out to a 3 or 4 length lead at the 600m. At the 300m, I thought it was obvious they had his measure and it was just a matter which one was going to go to the line best.  Aeronautical showed some form today, hitting the lead on the inside, in the shadows of the post but it was Emotional Circus that came with a brilliant run down the outside to narrowly grab victory. The fast pace may have flattered it but I liked the way it got to the line from a long way back. The favourite Didn’tcostalot was still fair, only being beaten a couple of lengths after going hard, but you will always have your heart in your mouth backing him. Skip Town ran well after chasing the leader. Follow: Emotional Circus, Skip Town Race 4
1st    Gai’s Choice           Jay Ford 2nd   Recorrido                Shaun Guymer 3rd    Empress Milly         Adam Hyeronimous An even start here with My Cookie Monster and Empress Milly setting a good speed in front, with My Cookie Monster holding the fence. Again due to the face pace, everything was brought into the race and they basically queued up for victory at the 200m. Gai’s Choice and Recorrido did the best in the run to the line, with Gai’s Choice getting the victory. Empress Milly was the run of the race here, going fast outside the leader and holding on for third. This is in comparison to My Cookie Monster that stopped badly after being on the pace, to run last. Follow: Recorrdio, Empress Milly Race 5 1st    Gopana                Brenton Avdulla 2nd   Triple Six              Glyn Schofield 3rd    Shamardani          Tom Berry Another one from the 1800m here and other good start. The Patriot set the pace here, from Shamabelle. Sour Mash was getting a good run third on the fence and the eventual winner Gopana was one out and one back. The favourite Moriarty was three wide basically all the way. The field packed up at the 600m. When they straightened, Moariarty made its brave bid for victory but the tough run was always going to tell on it. At the 200m Gopana sprinted to the front after its good run in transit and Triple Six which also had a good run in the race was coming into it on the inside. Shamardani, which was a clear last early and took off at the 600m ran on well down the outside for third, but its long run told on it in the end. Moriarty fought on well, and will definitely win one of these races. Follow: Moriarty, Shamardani Race 6 1st    Kinnersley         Tom Berry 2nd   Wazn                Chris Reith 3rd    Firebolt             Nathan Berry This time over the 2000m, Zakynthos Imprintz led early, but the expected leader Herculian Prince was rolling up out wide and was in front by the 1400m with a clear lead.  Skyerush pulled in second place, one off the fence. The eventual winner, Kinnersley had a good run in fourth. He moved three wide just before the turn, with the favourite, Crafty Irna, moving off the fence after a very economical run in transit. There was a lovely run for Crafty Irna just after straightening to go up and virtually hit the lead, but at the same time Kinnersley out wide had joined in. Kinnersley as it has done before, just kept toughing it out for victory, depsite the efforts of Firebolt, Wazn and Southern Skye to challenge it late in the piece. Crafty Irna goes into the sack book here after an easy run, whilst Wazn is bursting to win a race now. Follow: Wazn Race 7 1st    Falzzon                Chris Reith 2nd   We Betcha           Tom Berry 3rd    Altered Boy          Hugh Bowman Plenty disputed the early lead here, with Theophorus taking it up from Glintz and Sharp Princess moving up three wide. Oh Oklahoma and Kenny’s World had lovely runs in behind the speed, as did the eventual winner Falzzon a little further back. Do You Think, which was in the market, was a mile back in running. After they turned for home and Falzzon found its way into the clear it is the only one you really wanted to be on. We Betcha and Altered Boy tried hard along the inside, but were never going to win, whilst Do You Think made up good ground, but giving them a start like this often proves costly. The money for him suggests he’s worth following in a race with good pace. Follow: Do You Think Race  8 1st    Under The Sun        Tom Berry 2nd   Censor                    Brenton Avdulla 3rd    Thumbtacks            Hugh Bowman Al’s Gold and African Prince were the two that missed the start here. It was a fairly keenly contested lead, with the favourite, Under The Sun finding it as most expected. Thumbtacks was outside of it, with Zedlion working out wide and eventually finding the spot outside the leader. The Last General had an easy run in fourth on the fence. When they turned, they all had their chance at Under The Sun but he was still travelling well. With 300m to run, Thumbtacks did look some sort of danger, but when Berry went for Under The Sun he was holding them safely enough. Censor ran on very well to grab second, whilst in a bizzare twist to the race, the NSW TAB win pool was over $700,000, and Circle Of Power started at $3.70, but was more like $18 on track. It ran a very good race for fourth. Where there’s smoke?? Follow: Censor, Circle Of Power Specials From The Meeting: Empress Milly, Wazn, Censor