Weekend racing reviews – Saturday 29th December

Moonee Valley review compiled by David Carr

Race 1 – 12:50PM Sportingbet Plate (1000 METRES)
Track Condition:Dead 4 Time: 0:58.39 Last 600m: 0:34.85
1    CLEVADUDE        Rick Hore-Lacy      Craig Newitt                 $1.55F

2    THE YOWIE         David Hayes           Chad Schofield (a)        $3.80
3    GOLD HOFFA       Patrick Payne        Ms Jackie Beriman (a)  $17

A four horse race for the opening event with Clevadude dominating the betting. It wasn’t long after they jumped that he dominated the race as well. Clevadude and The Yowie led by a space to Gold Hoffa and Address and that’s how they finished. Clevadude never looked in doubt and went to the line untested to win by 4.5L to The Yowie with a further 3L to Gold Hoffa. Trainer Rick Hore-Lacy made a big call post race declaring Clevadude is up there with his former stars Redoute’s Choice and Canny Lad.

Worth Noting: Clevadude is now the favourite for next month’s $2 million Magic Millions 2YO Classic but there is no value taking short odd’s after a soft win against a small field.

Race 2 – 1:30PM City Jeep Handicap (1600 METRES)

Track Condition:Dead 4 Time: 1:37.05 Last 600m: 0:36.58

1    QUICK SNITZEL            Peter G Moody     Ms Linda Meech               $9
2    HERE THE RHYTHM     Shawn Mathrick    Ms Jackie Beriman (a3)    $26
3    SHE’S MISSING           David Hayes         Thomas Sadler (a3)           $21

Quick Snitzel jumped straight to the front with Here the Rhythm crossing from out wide to set up a steady tempo. She’s Missing was caught wide and made an early move to sit outside Here the Rhythm. This allowed Quick Snitzel to enjoy a nice spot 4th on the fence. When the pace quickened near the 400m Medvedev was caught flat footed and lost a few lengths. As they came around the turn General Groove and Landale pulled out to make a move but couldn’t get passed the leaders. Under the Leaner went for an inside run and had nowhere to go. Medvedev tried to follow him through and went to the line untested. While this all unfolded Quick Snitzel got to the outside and had the momentum to overhaul the leaders in a blanket finish. A nice return if you picked the first 4.

Worth Noting: Medvedev will be better suited on a bigger track.

Race 3 – 2:10PM Aquanas Handicap (1200 METRES)

Track Condition:Good 3 Time: 1:10.43 Last 600m: 0:34.84

1    MELIORA                 Peter G Moody        Luke Nolen            $6.50
2    PRIMITIVE MAN       Shane Fliedner        Steven Arnold         $26
3    MAGNUS REIGN      Rick Hore-Lacy        Nicholas Hall         $8.50

The starter got them away in a pefect line with Meliora working across to take up the running from Righteous Ruler. The plunge horse Zerosixhundred sat outside Primitive Man in the box seat. The trainer of Caitlin’s Spirit announced a change of tactics to take up a forward position today but the gelding lacked early speed as a result raced back in the field. As they rounded the turn Meliora had them all off the bit chasing and shot clear making it a race for 2nd. Caitlin’s Spirit made ground out wide but was never in a winning position. Primitive Man and Magnus Reign were part of a wall of horses fighting out the minor places. Zerosixhundred was dissapointing.

Worth Noting: Perfect front running ride by Nolen who never gave the swoopers a chance.

Race 4 – 2:50PM Alternate Railway Handicap (1600 METRES)

Track Condition:Good 3 Time: 1:36.02 Last 600m: 0:36.84

1    GENUINE SPIN   Peter G Moody     Luke Nolen            $3.80F
2    BACKBONE        Michael Kent        Brad Rawiller         $6
3    FULL HAND         Brian Cox            John Kissick (a3)   $6.50

Cosentino and Quick Shakes gave each other no peace as the rolled the field along in the early stages. Moulin Bleu and Builder O’reilly tried to stay with the leaders throughout the race. Approaching the 600m the leading bunch had established a 3L gap to Full Hand and Genuine Spin who was ridden along to keep in touch. The rest of the field looked to be in a different race. As they entered the straight the leaders paid the price for their early work and were all running on tired legs. This allowed the well backed Genuine Spin to grind her way to the front and notch up a double for Nolen. Backbone, Full Hand and Rahveel all ran on ok to overhaul the leaders.

Worth Noting: 3 winners in a row for the Moody stable.

Race 5 – 3:30PM Adapt Australia Handicap (1600 METRES)

Track Condition:Good 3 Time: 1:35.88 Last 600m: 0:36.66

1    ORIENTAL RUBY         Gerard Moloney                            Nicholas Hall                $9
2    GIRL GONE ROCKIN    Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes    Steven Arnold               $3F
3    STARDOM                   Colin & Cindy Alderson                  Damien Thornton (a3)    $13

A wide open betting race to start the Quaddie. In a similarly run race to the previous event Angelic Lass and Kimiko clapped on the speed along the back. Girl Gone Rockin and Family Crest enjoyed the run of the race in transit. Koe was caught very wide and did a lot of work early. The Angelic Lass and Kimiko had established a big lead approaching the turn but had run out of gas in the straight. Girl Gone Rockin did the hard work to take the field up to the leaders and looked a winning chance 100m out but Oriental Ruby had cover until the 200m where she sprouted wings and came with a big finish to get up on the line. Stardom made her run with Oriental Ruby and just missed 2nd.

Worth Noting: Nick Hall is a master at timing swooping runs. Girl Gone Rocking did well to chase the tear away leaders and be right in the finish.

Race 6 – 4:10PM Chandler Macleod Handicap (1000 METRES)

Track Condition:Good 3 Time: 0:57.81 Last 600m: 0:34.71

1    SUMAKARAY            Brian Cox        John Kissick (a3)           $3.90
2    AVOID LIGHTNING     David Jolly       Adam McCabe (a2)        $3.60F
3    ZIPPA THE RIPPA      David Hayes    Chad Schofield (a1.5)     $9.00

Zippa the Rippa and Suvarna wanted the front and ran them along at a strong tempo. Gypsy’s Best and Avoid Lightning pushed up inside Two Hills keeping Sumakaray posted 4 wide. Lady Antebellum had no early speed and was ridden along 3L off the 2nd last horse. Entering the straight Avoid Lightning was momentarily held up for a run as Sumakaray gunned down Zippa the Rippa out wide to win in a gutsy performance. Avoid Lightning eventually got the split and ran on strong. Tykook made good ground and Lady Antebellum wound up when it was all over.

Worth Noting: Follow Sumakaray and Avoid Lightning when she gets a weight relief.

Race 7 – 4:50PM Late Starter Membership Handicap (2040 METRES)

Track Condition:Good 3 Time: 2:07.72 Last 600m: 0:36.22

1    HIDDEN MESSAGE     Danny O’Brien        Chad Schofield (a1.5)  $8.50
2    FRANK THE RIPPER   Daniel J Clarke       Adam McCabe (a2)     $41.00
3    STREET ECLIPSE       Greg Eurell             Vlad Duric                  $7.00

Frank the Ripper crossed from out wide to take up the running. In a great piece of ridding by Chad Schofield Hidden Message came across to sit one out and one back without doing much work. Once they found their positions they only ran it at a moderate gallop. The favourite Te Karaka was last on the inside as they approached the 600m and had a lot of work to do from there. As they swung for home Hidden Message claimed Frank the Ripper who almost pinched the race at big odds. Street Eclipse and Gogonski got home well to be in a photo for the minor placings. Te Karaka worked home to finish 5th but was never in a winning position.

Worth Noting: 10 out of 10 ride by Chad Schofield. Another race won by the best ride and not necessarily the best horse.

Race 8 – 5:30PM Mitchelton Wines Handicap (1200 METRES)

Track Condition:Good 3 Time: 1:10.15 Last 600m: 0:34.74

1    LE BONSIR          Mick Price           Damien Thornton (a3)   $4.80
2    IT IS WRITTEN      Robbie Griffiths    Matthew Allen              $2.10F
3    KING BUDDY        Darren Weir        Brad Rawiller                $16

This looked like a two horse race on paper and when they jumped straight to the front they never looked in doubt of fighting out the finish. It is Written cruised through the first half of the race with his head on his chest and looked like he was going to take a power of beating. As they swung for home Matthew Allen held It is Written together for too long and allowed Le Bonsir to level up outside him and take a narrow lead. It is Written and Le Bonsir had a good battle all the way down the straight with Le Bonsir just holding the narrow lead he established around the turn.

Worth Noting: Damien Thornton simply out rode Matthew Allen. He is riding as good as anyone and will continue to ride winners. King Buddy will win an easier race soon.

Canterbury review by Todd Burmester
Race 1
1st    Ferment                 Chris Reith
2nd   Eye The World       Nathan Berry
3rd    Lilluburlero              Glyn Schofield

The odds on favourite Lilliburlero wasn’t great to begin here and then was dug up to take up a forward position. Eye Of The World went to the early lead from Ferment. The pace looked ok, and the talking point of the race was that clearly Schofield didn’t want to be on the fence on the favourite and spent a good part of the race trying to push Corey Brown out of the way on Sir Berus. He was unsuccessful in doing so and both those horses pretty much spent their tickets in the process. In the straight, Ferment, which was hard and fit, claimed Eye Of The World to go on and win. Lilliburlero kept sticking on for third, and the run was good under the circumstances. Some will talk of how unlucky she was, I think it was good competitive riding by Corey Brown that was her undoing.

Follow: Liliburlero

Race 2

1st    Dothraki                    Glyn Schofield
2nd   Aussies Love Sport    Tommy Berry
3rd    Star Wars                 Blake Shinn

Dothraki, which was sent out short in the Magic Millions race at Wyong on her debut, came out well here and there was no getting boxed in for Glyn Schofield this time.  He lead from Passarli and Aussies Love Sport settling third on the fence. Before the turn, Dothraki, which was heavily backed, was rolling in front and had them all off the bit chasing. Dothraki did get tired in the run home, and I am not sure it’s a Magic Millions contender, but did enough to get the job done here. The debut of Aussies Love Sport was encouraging, but it looks to me like a horse that will be better in its next campaign. Not a great deal to be said about the rest. Passarli was clearly amiss in some way and Star Wars debuted well enough in third.

Follow: None to follow

Race 3

1st    Cathay Lady      Blake Shinn
2nd   Havana Rey       Glyn Schofield
3rd    Mercir               James McDonald

Soros showed its poor barrier manners again to miss it about 2 lengths. Cathay Lady went straight to a clear lead here and the pace looked pretty good as they strung out. Havana Rey, another noted front runner went into a clear second.  Circle Of Power and Mercir which was sent out a short priced favourite got nice runs just behind the speed.  Soros was under pressure before the home to, back last and trying to make some ground unsuccessfully.  It was a lovely ride by Blake Shinn to give Cathay Lady a breather before asking her for the big effort as they turned for home.  She answered the call, and fought off Havana Rey which I think hit the front for a bit but peaked.  Mercir could not offer anything to catch the first two despite a nice run throughout and if you have not sacked this horse already, it’s now time to do so.

Follow: Havana Rey

Race 4

1st    Bennetta            James McDonald
2nd   She’s A Stalker   Sam Clipperton
3rd    Rebel Dancer      Robert Thompson

Springs Reward from the Hawkes camp, a well bred Redoute’s Choice filly was well backed here but missed the start badly and it was goodnight nurse.  She’s A Stalker pinged out like a greyhound and led easily from Prettyfamous, with Snow Lion trapped three deep.  The eventual winner Bennetta got back to second last but the pace looked ok.  In the straight, Bennetta defied a betting drift to come with a brilliant sprint and put a gap on She’s A Stalker in the run to the line.  This would have to be the win of the day from a horse on the way up.

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Race 5

1st    Caesar’s Princess     Glyn Schofield
2nd   Oh My Papa              Courtney Van Der Werf
3rd    Mossmoney              Corey Brown

Princess Layla was ridden out of the gates a bit to momentarily find the front as she usually does, but it was evident others wanted a piece of the action and she then took a sit behind Caesar’s Princess.  Probably not a bad move to take a sit on Princess Layla as she hasn’t been kicking in the straight lately, but she did even less so today.  Reiby Regina sat outside the leader and Shuswap found itself in the one out one back trail.  On the bend, Caesar’s Princess was the only one not under pressure and when let run in the straight by Glyn Schofield quickly put a gap in them and it was all over.  Oh My Papa which found support in betting got to the line well to just touch out Mossmoney for second.  Princess Layla dropped out badly and surely will be spelled after this poor effort, if not, sack her as a punting proposition for now.

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Race 6

1st    Testarythm        Blake Shinn
2nd   Zedlion              Tommy Berry
3rd    Bello                Josh Parr

Zakynthos Imprintz was the one that came out a clear last here.  There was a bit of pace up front with Number One Gun working hard out three wide to try and cross Zedlion but was unable to do so.  These two dueled in front with Happy Finish and Testarythm getting the nice trail behind them in third and fourth respectively.  High On Believing and Hoss Amor which were the top two in betting had little chance in this when they found themselves back at the tail of the field in the run.  In the run to the line Testarythm which had some betting support, took advantage of a nice run in transit to get a narrow victory over Zedlion which was the run of the race, and wins with less pressure on in front.  Happy Finish didn’t find a lot of room early in the straight and can be forgiven, whilst Hoss Amor and High On Believing did their best work late and a sharp improvement next time wouldn’t surprise me.

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Race 7

1st    Travolta           Tommy Berry
2nd   Marden            Hugh Bowman
3rd    Secessio         Corey Brown

Travolta led them in the run to the post the first time and out of the straight had a length advantage over Planetarium, with Kukri and Marden settling a couple of lengths further back.  Mid race Travolta was clear in front but looked to be running them along a bit, until about the 900m where he slowed the pace nicely, but Blake Shinn on Fortunefivehundred was not happy with that and took off before acceptances to establish a clear at the 600m.  Tommy Berry got on his bike just before the turn on Travolta to come out after Fortunefivehundred and claimed him at the 100m.  Marden and Secessio did their best to come with Travolta but I liked the way the winner kept fighting on for the win here which is a characteristic it has shown in all its recent runs.  I think making an early run on Fortunefivehundred is the way to go, as he did improve a lot here from his last start failure.  There is not a lot between this grade of staying horse in Sydney as we have seen in recent weeks.  Its fair to say Marden has been unlucky! Beaten narrowly this time after losing on protest last time and having no luck the start prior!

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Race 8

1st    Mighty Obvious      Tommy Berry
2nd   Gasquet                Corey Brown
3rd    War Charm            Blake Shinn

Corey Brown took Gasquet straight to the front with ease in the last.  Not A Dancer moved up on its outside to make sure it wasn’t a cake walk in front.  This gave Mighty Obvious and Kimberley Kid the cushy runs behind the speed, whilst Kirinata was the one caught three wide.  In the straight Mighty Obvious took an inside run to narrowly get there from Gasquet which kept fighting on, but there will no doubt be several hard luck stories, and probably none more than War Charm which literally grew wings late without the clearest passage.  Tahitian Black was another that came from a hopeless position on the turn to be right in the finish, and the one still looking for a run on the fence was Delabombell, with Butt I’m Ready also cramped for room.  For a horse three wide from the get go and under pressure on the turn, Kirinata’s run was a lot better than it will look on paper.

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Specials From The Meeting: Havana Rey, Benetta, Marden