Are you getting the best price on your bets?

Betting odds, getting the best price on your bets
The importance of getting the best price on your bets

While finding a winner is almost the sole focus for a lot of punters, getting the best price on your bets is just as important – just ask the pros!

A single fluctuation in price might not seem like much on any one bet, and indeed it may not mean you win much more on that bet. But as with all things betting, it’s the long term that matters. Small differences in price, over and over again, add up very quickly and make a tremendous difference to your overall profitability as a punter.

Getting the best price on your bets

The Betting Academy

Aussies love a bet. Many of us are introduced to betting at a young age, maybe getting a couple of dollars from mum or dad for a flutter on the Melbourne Cup.

For adults in Australia, betting is everywhere. It’s never been quicker or easier: just reach for your phone, and you have endless racing and sports betting options right there, from bookmakers all desperate for your dollars.

But we think there’s something missing.

Many of us spend a lot of time and money on the punt, over years and decades.

Yet there really is nothing in place that actually teaches people how betting really works. How betting markets are framed, how form study really works, and how profitable punters actually manage to make money (first hint: it’s not through good luck).

Even in racing, an industry which survives on punters spending their money, there’s precious little available to help them out: to help them understand how it all works and what they need to do if they don’t wish to simply bleed cash.

So it’s time for some proper betting education, where you can learn to bet instead of simply learning to lose. It’s The Betting Academy.