Learn to bet! Welcome to The Betting Academy

Aussies love a bet. Many of us are introduced to betting at a young age, maybe getting a couple of dollars from mum or dad for a flutter on the Melbourne Cup. But that doesn’t mean we ever really learn to bet!

For adults in Australia, betting is everywhere. It’s never been quicker or easier: just reach for your phone, and you have endless racing and sports betting options right there, from bookmakers all desperate for your dollars.

But we think there’s something missing.

Many of us spend a lot of time and money on the punt, over years and decades.

Yet there really is nothing in place that actually teaches people how betting really works. How betting markets are framed, how form study really works, and how profitable punters actually manage to make money (first hint: it’s not through good luck).

Even in racing, an industry which survives on punters spending their money, there’s precious little available to help them out: to help them understand how it all works and what they need to do if they don’t wish to simply bleed cash.

So it’s time for some proper betting education, where you can learn to bet instead of simply learning to lose. It’s The Betting Academy.


All the know-how you need to get started on the punt in one simple-to-digest eBook.

In The Only Way to Win on the Punt, you’ll learn:

  • Why and how it’s possible to win on the punt
  • Why sayings like “you’ll never go broke backing winners” are myths
  • How to properly understand betting odds
  • How bookies build a betting market to beat you
  • What you need to turn the tables on them and win
The Betfair Exchange

Backing, laying, matching, commission? It might seem complex at first, but we’ll make the Exchange simple.

Australian Racetracks

Learn our major tracks inside-out from those who know them best.

Australia’s biggest races

From the brand new to those that’ve been around for 150 years: these are Australia’s biggest races.

The Ultimate Form Guide Betting Podcast

We gathered an all-star panel of pro punters and betting experts to teach you about all the big issues across this 15-episode betting podcast.

In each episode, the experts address a different area of racing or punting and give you the benefit of their extensive experience.

Featuring Trevor LawsonMark RhodenThe ProfessorCameron O’BrienJames JordanDaniel O’Sullivan Terry Leighton Vince AccardiRobbie WaterhouseTristan MerlehanBarry Meadow (USA) – Wayne Finter (UK)