Why Nothing Compares To AFL Specials

A punter's take on the AFL Specials membership

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AFL Specials is back for 2019, and I for one can’t wait!

The first two weeks of last year’s service really set the tone when we went 27-8 and made 43 units profit.

I knew that wouldn’t be sustainable but there was no real major downswing either on our way to a whopping 107 units for the season.

And because it’s the AFL, bookies have a bigger threshold for player prop bets than say the NBA or NFL, which means you can win for longer as well.

Who Is Behind It?

Brett’s team of data scientists crunch the numbers on a range of sports and expose player prop lines and team totals that aren’t accurate.

Most punters (like I used to) spend time trying to win on the head-to-head, line, margin and total game score markets because it’s easy to bet and follow. Cheap thrills you might say.

Brett and his team, however, focus in on the markets that the bookies pay less attention to. The player performance and team totals are often slightly off, and that’s where his team pounces.

There is plenty of money to be made in these side markets. Since taking up Brett’s service it’s opened my eyes to that fact and made me completely re-think how I’ve been betting for all these years.

What You Get

I’ve had Brett’s NBA Specials before and this was a very similar set-up.

A spreadsheet of bets (was usually 2 per match) is released to members at lunchtime for day games or 5:30pm for night matches.

It makes things really easy by showing the available lines and prices from a range of bookies, and the appropriate stake to have on each option.

You only bet the play at one bookie, but having a range of options helps with shopping around for the best line and price.

You don’t want to be caught out when Gary Ablett has 30 disposals and you took over 30.5 with Sportsbet, only to find that Ladbrokes had their line set at 29.5!

As a result I’d recommend having as many bookies available to you as possible to maximise your chances of winning. It also makes sense to spread your bets amongst different bookies so you don’t get limited or banned right away.

Once the bets are on, that’s it! All you have to do is sit back with a beer and watch the game unfold.

If you’re new to the service and not sure what to expect at first, I am speaking from experience when I say you’ll learn to trust Brett and his team very quickly!

Is It For You?

Well, do you like money? It sounds like a cheap ad for a scam but there is really no other way to explain it.

Brett’s team has proven over and over that the bookies are no match on these side markets. They’ve done it in the NBA, NFL and AFL.

I’ve got a few memberships with Champion Bets, in both racing and sport, but this is one of my favourites because I love watching footy above everything else they offer.

The profits are consistent and you can literally sit back and enjoy an entire season of footy with peace of mind that you’re likely going to have a significantly bigger bank balance by the end of it.

So if you love footy and money (or at least one of those things!) then it’s a resounding yes – this is definitely for you.

Brett’s AFL Specials are back for another year of bookie bashing.

Members doubled their starting banks with $10,700 profit in 2018, and 2019 is gearing up to be even bigger.

Bet on the AFL with the confidence, knowing that you’ll come out well ahead by season’s end.