Frequently Asked Questions:

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Who are Champion Bets?

Champion Bets has been operating since 2006, with the simple aim of helping punters win their battle against the bookies.  We offer premium tipping and ratings memberships for horse racing and a range of sports including AFL, rugby league, basketball, golf, and more.

We also offer a range of free features such as racing previews and reviews, punting news and odds comparison.


Where do the tips and ratings come from?

Professional punters and analysts.

Our tips and ratings aren't spat out by a computer or put together by wannabes.  Instead, we employ experienced professional punters and expert analysts, each of whom specialise in a certain area of racing or a certain sport.  So no matter which package you're subscribed to, you can be assured your information and advice is being compiled by a genuine expert who has been at it for years, and knows his subject and the market intimately.


If these professionals are betting for a living and winning, why would they share their tips and ratings with members?

Good question!  We went straight to the source and asked them.


How do profitable punters do it?

All profitable punters win by betting to value and taking a long-term approach.

We have a series on how it works, which is well worth reading if you're keen to understand how to win on the punt:

1: What kind of punter are you?

2: Mastering the maths: Part 1

3: Mastering the maths: Part 2

4: The dangers of variance

5: What the profitable punter needs


What do the packages cover?

Our current stable includes packages for:

  • Horse racing (Australia, New Zealand and the UK)
  • AFL
  • NRL
  • NBA
  • Golf

You can check out all the premium packages here.


How and when are tips and ratings sent out?

Timing of betting releases varies by package and is based on the events we're betting into, the way each market works and the analyst's betting style.  Each analyst has a clear approach which is outlined for members upon joining.

Tips are delivered to members in three ways:

  • email;
  • the private member's section of our website; and
  • directly to your phone via our smartphone app, which is free to download.


How much do I bet?

That's entirely up to you and your own budget.  We strongly recommend a 100 unit bankroll for each of our packages.  That simply means 1 unit = 1% of your betting bank.  For example, somebody with a $10,000 bank would be betting in $100 units.

Each recommended bet will be advised with a stake in units.

By lookign at past and expected results of each package, you can start to get an idea of how big you want your overall betting bank to be (in $ terms).


Can I see some past results?

Yes, they're publicly published and regularly updated here.


How are the official results calculated?

Due to the many differences in racing and sports betting markets, each analyst will have their own method by which they calculate official results.

The overall aim is for all official results to be fair and achievable.


Will I be able to match the official results with my own betting?

Definitely.  Though in some cases, you need to be willing to put in a little extra work to ensure you're getting maximum value and can stay in the game...

Firstly, you need to be willing to have a range of bookmaker accounts (basically, as many as possible).  Bookies' prices obviously vary so the more you have access to, the better prices you'll be able to capture.

Bookie accounts are of course free to open, and you might be able to land yourself some handy bonuses just for doing so: check out our bookies page here.

The best way to manage this is to use an odds comparison tool which displays multiple bookies' prices in the one place and allows you to quickly capture the best available price.

Secondly, you need a genuine 100 unit bank.  All successful betting packages experience variance, and you need a proper bankroll to comfortably ride it out.

Finally, you may need to bet in a timely manner.  Betting markets can be volatile and although our analysts are very fair in the way they record official results, some prices and markets simply move and the value in the bet may disappear.


What is the profit guarantee?

The profit guarantee applies to three month and twelve month memberships.  We're confident in our analysts' ability, so if the official results don't show a profit over the period of membership, you'll be given another equal period of the same package free.

Our analysts have great records and we're confident they'll all deliver in the long-run, however the profit guarantee offers members some relief from subscription fees in the event of a more prolonged negative period of variance.


Am I locked into a recurring membership, or can I cancel when I like?

Almost all of our membership packages - some single day and season memberships aside - are automatically recurring.  Your membership will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged again at that time.  This is the payment system that best suits our members.

However you're not locked in for any period whatsoever.  Just contact us any time before your next payment is due, and we'll cancel the membership at the next renewal date and switch off your auto payment.

In most cases we're also happy to put memberships on hold for a short time if you're away or unable to bet for some reason, with the remaining credit available when you return.  Again, contact us to sort this out.


Why are some of the packages unavailable at the moment?

Some of our memberships attract large numbers of punters... however no betting market is infinite.  Too many punters backing the same selection (when advised by an analyst) simply means the price collapses too quickly and not enough members can get on.

We monitor markets as bets are released to ensure it's still possible to get a bet on whilst still offering in-demand packages to as many people as possible.  Once a membership hits its cap, it needs to be closed to protest prices for members.

You can contact us to join the waiting list for any closed package and we'll offer you a spot as soon as one is available.


Does Champion Bets offer free trials?

We don't offer free trials for any of our packages. The information offered by analysts is valuable and dividends need to be protected for paying members, so it wouldn't be fair on them to offer the same selections for free to others.

If you're wondering about performance, all results are publicly available on the website.  In any case, a short trial will not tell you much about performance: profit are made by taking a long-term approach.


I have more questions?

We're here to help!  Contact us now.