Andrew Bogut Eyes NBA Title With Warriors

The Aussie big man is back in the big league.

NBA tips Golden State Warriors Andrew Bogut

Andrew Bogut is set to re-join the Golden State Warriors.

The NBL MVP averaged 12 points, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks over his 28 games this past season.

The most important aspect of that is the big rebounding and block numbers. Bogut is a defensive stalwart. When he isn’t blocking the shot, Bogut is boxing out and grabbing the rebound for a defensive stop anyway. This defensive ability is what the Warriors were craving in a big man.

Opponents are scoring 111 points per game against the Warriors this season, putting them in the bottom half of the league defensively.

Their team is built as offensive superpower, and this is where the need for a guy like Bogut stems.

The last time Bogut featured for the Warriors he averaged 6 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks over 24 minutes. That’s a huge defensive impact in limited minutes.

The move looks like having an impact on betting markets in Australia and the United States as well.

Australian bookmakers have already tightened the odds for the Golden State Warriors to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy at season’s end. BetEasy now has the Warriors as short as $1.45 to take out the title, despite two months of action still remaining this season.

The Aussie centre will be plugging a defensive hole that DeMarcus Cousins is currently leaving. The bookies seem to agree that signing Bogut will only strengthen the Warriors’ chances of winning the championship.

An interesting betting option, while a very long-odds one, could be Bogut to be Finals MVP.

No markets are currently available and the odds will be huge given the stars that are on Golden State’s roster. However his impact could be the difference between winning and losing for the Warriors.

In a game of offensive firepower, defensive players make a strong impact on viewers. Highlight blocks such as LeBron James’ chase down block on Andre Iguodala in Game 7 of the 2016 Finals stick in the voter’s mind.

Bogut is averaging 3 blocks a game this season in the NBL and some of them are nothing short of spectacular.

The reason Bogut left the NBA was the impact it was having on his body.

If he averaged 24 minutes a game and featured every game for the Warriors, this season he would have played a total of 1600 minutes so far.

He’s joining this team after playing only 831 minutes for the season, and being in impressive form. 

It’s almost a perfect way for Bogut to join this team given he’s played minutes and kept his body in good touch while simultaneously being primed for the NBA playoffs without taking minutes away from other rotation pieces.

Bogut is going to make an impact on this Warriors team, and it might be worth a dabble at monstrous odds when the markets go up. Andre Iguodala wasn’t in the conversation for Finals MVP either when he took it home in 2015.

Bogut will certainly be a talking point for the rest of the season, and could be the most valuable piece on the Warriors roster by the end of it.

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