NRL Tips

  • 6 - 8 best bets weekly from Steve Green covering NRL, Origin and Internationals.
  • Over $9,500 profit at 6% profit-on-turnover since 2016
  • 4/5 winning seasons with Champion Bets.
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NBA Specials

  • Incredible profits: 126 units at 11% PoT last season alone.
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NBA Platinum

  • Highly profitable across tens of thousands of bets
  • Focusing on side markets where bookies are weak.
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High Low

  • Weekend tips on local racing and Australian/overseas sport
  • Easy-to-follow and simple service
  • Over $120,000 of profitable opportunities identified since 2015

NFL Tips

  • Full betting analysis of every game each week from Scott Kellen, one of the best long-term winners in America.
  • 14/18 winning seasons in total since 2002.

Golf Insider

  • Heaps of action all year round - covers PGA and Euro tours, plus all Majors and special events.
  • Brought to you by a proven expert analyst from the UK, with five years of profits and big winners.

NFL Prime Time

  • Covering 3 prime time NFL games per week: Friday, Monday and Tuesday (Aust time).
  • 5 bets per game across a range of player performance and team performance markets.
  • 60 units profit @ 12% profit-on-turnover last season!

AFL Betting Tips

  • Victorian-based syndicate proven over thousands of bets
  • 8 - 10 bets per week on main markets: H2H, lines, totals and margins
  • $2,659 profit on AFL Tips across 2018 - 2019

AFL Specials

  • The next level of footy betting.
  • Team and player prop bets from the hugely successful Brett's Betting Syndicate.
  • Action on every game across the AFL season.

Horse Racing Tips

Start beating the bookies with premium racing tips from our stable of experts. Each a specialist in their own area, our professional punters provide profitable tips that are suitable for everybody from the time-poor 'bet-and-forget' punter to the keenest of horse players.

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