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Brett’s Betting Syndicate


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We’re rapt to have Australia’s most prolific and profitable AFL analysts back on board for the 2021 season.

Brett’s Betting Syndicate has built advanced sports betting solutions for AFL, NBA, NFL and more. They’ve enjoyed many years of strong success but are definitely not resting on their laurels. A recent six-figure investment into cutting-edge AI technology has ensured their models stay a step ahead of the bookies and they are very bullish for the 2021 AFL season.

You can get on board now for team and player prop bets from a very successful Victorian-based betting syndicate.


  • Team-based and player performance bets available with multiple bookies
  • Average of 2 bets per game throughout all home & away rounds plus the finals series
  • Huge profits over the last few years across a range of sports
  • Game day updates with recommended bets, stake and price to take
  • A range of viable options across different bookies for each bet
  • Members updates will be sent out around the following times (AEST):
    • 5:30pm on Friday night
    • 12:30pm on Saturday and Sunday
  • Updates are delivered straight to your smartphone via our app, as well as by email and in the members section on the website

The Approach

Brett and his team of sports modellers use cutting edge data science techniques to find AFL best bets. They use an ensemble approach that allocates weightings to a number of proven team and player models. The best performing models earn a stronger weighting and they’re able to accurately forecast the outcome of AFL matches, and strike when there is good value in the betting market.

Better data and better analytical tools means the bookies stand no chance.


The Market

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AFL Specials targets ‘prop markets’ on AFL matches, such as player bets and side markets. With bookies making hundreds of markets available on every match, Brett and his team identify those where they have the biggest edge and advise bets on them.

When & Where

AFL Specials operates every week of the AFL season, up to and including the Grand Final.

Betting updates are released once per day before the first match: Friday evenings, Saturday, Sunday and any other gameday.

Updates are delivered straight to your smartphone via our app, as well as by email and in the members section on the website.

Which Games?

AFL Specials bets are advised for every AFL game of the round – with so many markets available, Brett and his team have no problems finding those where an edge is available.

What You Need

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We always recommend:

  • A 100 unit betting bank
  • Access to as many bookies as possible, especially TopSport and Betfair
  • A simple understanding of the basics of value betting and bankroll management, which you can get here at our Betting Academy.


As with all Champion Bets packages, the results for AFL Specials are consistently updated, fully transparent and available publicly. Click here to view our results page.

Why Champion Bets?

Founded in 2006, Champion Bets is Australia’s favourite, most trusted and most transparent provider of betting tips and advice. We give you direct access to selections and advice from true betting champions: some of the sharpest betting analysts and professional punters from across Australia and the world.

We have a local customer service team, located in Melbourne, who are on hand to answer your questions via phone or email. Contact us now.



This package is run by a Australian-based professional sports modeller, Brett and his team of data scientists, programmers and traders. They’re a full time syndicate completely dedicated to identifying value in global sports betting markets.


The AFL Specials membership provides value selections on Player Prop markets and Totals markets – Quarter/Half Totals, Highest Scoring Half, Team Totals and Disposal markets are just some examples of markets covered.


The AFL Specials runs right through the entire season through the Finals culminating in the Grand Final on September 28. There will be bets expected on almost every game-day during this period.

Members updates are sent out each game day with the time determined by the first game of the day:

12pm or 12:30pm for day games, depending on when the first game is scheduled.

5:30pm for evening games in Australia.

There will be 2 updates on those days where we have day and night games.



Each bet advised will include a recommended stake in units: 1 unit, 2 units or 3 units.

1 unit = 1% of your betting bank, so simply divide the amount of money you have set aside for punting by 100. Eg. if your bank is $10,000 then 1 unit = $100.

Please be aware that whilst these bets will continue to win, it’s important to stay under the bookies radar for as long as possible.

A couple of things will help do this –

  1. Don’t go too hard too early by betting several hundred dollars on all of these on day one. That will be a big red flag to the bookies especially if you haven’t bet much into these markets previously.
  2. Cross-sport multi’s can work well because then (a) you are seen as a bit of a multi’s mug; and (b) all of your profits aren’t purely on NRL markets

One other thing is line moves. These are typically from $1.87 to $1.80 to $1.75. One move downgrades that bet by one staking level – bearing in mind all plays are for either 1u, 2u or 3u. A 3u play goes down to 2u and what was a 2u play gets downgraded to 1u. A 1u play that has gone from $1.87 to $1.80 becomes a no bet.


All betting options will always have at least three bookies covering the bet (and usually will be 4+ bookies). All major Australian bookmakers will have AFL action, so it pays to have accounts at the some of the following:

TopSport, TAB, Sportsbet, Unibet, Neds and Ladbrokes.


Members are advised to bet as soon as possible upon receiving the information.


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Questions? Our customer service team is available by phone or email – get in touch for a chat.


Questions? Our customer service team is available by phone or email - get in touch for a chat.

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