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  • Best bets from Wednesday to Sunday right across the country.
  • Full previews and rated prices for major races nationally.



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The form expert behind Alpha Racing is a lifelong racing analyst with a proven edge on the market. With a double degree and strong data analysis skills, he’s a ‘formaholic’ who is up at 4am each day to get stuck into the daily grind of finding top-rated horses at value prices.

What you get

  • Racing tips right across the country from Wednesday to Saturday each week.
  • Each bet includes a runner comment, recommended stake and price to take.
  • All bets are sent once scratchings are finalised and minimum bet laws are in play: everybody can get a bet on.
  • Plenty of action with approximately 10-20 bets each week
  • Previews, rated prices and staking plan for races of interest Australia-wide. Minimum 3 full rated previews a week.
  • Weekly reviews for members detailing betting performance and with separate results for recommended bets and rated prices
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Sustained winning

Bet with an edge.

Alfie’s process starts with a shortlist of horses that profile strongly based on key attributes identified by his database. These runners are his starting point for the day and can be at any meeting right around Australia. They perform well as a group but Alfie is looking for the best value runners so he dives deep into the form for each race to produce a rated price. If the bookie’s price is better than his rated price, it becomes a bet.

Alfie likes a consistent flow of winners so a lot of his bets are top-raters that are hard in the market. A strong strike rate on a decent volume of bets makes for a smoother monthly profit chart.

Alpha Racing Alfie Expert punter's best bets Australia-wide
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How we bet

Alpha Racing members will get around 20 bets per week which includes a busy Saturday. He focuses on the major racing states of NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA. There may also be the occasional bet in TAS or NT.
Most bets will be recommended at BOB (Best of the Best) so you don’t have to quickly snap up the current odds available.

What You Need

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We strongly advise you to:


As with all Champion Bets packages, the results for our Alpha Racing membership will be consistently updated, fully transparent and available publicly. Click here to view our results page.

Why Champion Bets?

Founded in 2006, Champion Bets is Australia’s favourite, most trusted and most transparent provider of betting tips and advice. We give you direct access to selections and advice from true betting champions: some of the sharpest betting analysts and professional punters from across Australia and the world.

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Alpha Racing is run by expert punter Alfie, a man who’s put himself through what he calls “The University of Horse Racing”: studying every possible resource available over the last two decades to develop his punting game and make himself the profitable punter he is today.


Alpha Racing supplies Alfie’s best bets across Australian racing. You can expect around 20 bets per week, each with runner comments, recommended stake and whether to bet now or wait.


Bet updates are sent at 9:00 am each Wednesday to Sunday (the only exception is Saturday which will have updates at 9:30am and 10:30am).

There may also be afternoon updates when there are night meetings.

Updates are sent via the members section on the website, direct to your email, and straight to your smartphone via our app.

Download our mobile app here.


Alfie will advise members whether to take the current fixed price or a tote price option (such as Best of the Best) with each bet. Most tips will be at BOB.


Each bet will include the recommended stake to outlay. Our betting memberships require a 100-unit bank.

That means 1 unit = 1% of your betting bank. Simply divide the amount of money you have set aside for punting by 100.

For example, if your bank is $10,000 then 1 unit = $100.


To ensure you get the best available odds, it’s good to have funded accounts at a number of bookmakers.

TopSport, BetDeluxe and VicBet offer Best of the Best (the superior tote option).

Additionally, Dynamic Odds is highly recommended for instant price comparison and betting. This can ensure you don’t miss moving prices.


It’s recommended that you place your bets as soon as you receive the update. We can’t control the speed of your email server, so the Champion Bets mobile app is the fastest way to get your updates.


We’re located in Melbourne so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions about Alpha Racing – 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Saturday.


Alpha Racing Alfie Expert punter's best bets Australia-wide
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Questions? Our customer service team is available by phone or email – get in touch for a chat about Queensland Racing Tips.

Alpha Racing Alfie Expert punter's best bets Australia-wide
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Questions? Our customer service team is available by phone or email - get in touch for a chat.

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