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  • Computer-generated Class & Speed Ratings for all TAB-listed meetings on every race day
  • Supplied as Excel Downloads, Google Docs and PDF

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CLASS RATINGS: Ratings assessments similar to conventional weight/class assessments which are based on the level that horse has performed at over the last year. It is a base figure and doesn’t include potential improvement (eg. young or inexperienced horses) or potential deterioration (eg. if the horse has been up for a long time).

SPEED RATINGS: This Ratings factor is very effective at finding horses that have proven themselves to be the fastest in the race. It doesn’t just include overall or par times or last 600. We can’t say much more than that, other than it is a powerful feature but one you should use in conjunction with class and other assessments.

The Base Rating is a blend of Class and Speed combined

Computer-generated Class & Speed Ratings for all TAB-listed meetings on every race day throughout the year. Supplied as Excel Downloads, Google Docs and PDF.

Punters use them in very different ways.

They can be used as a starting point for your own form study.

Un-raced runners receive no ratings so will never be near the top of the ratings.

The ratings don’t include variables related to the run the horse will get, e.g. the model won’t know that a horse will map to get caught 3 wide and also obviously there is no information contained about any track bias/patterns that presents itself on the day.

NOTE: Our in-house analysts do not use these ratings as the basis for their form study. They go about things their own way and get to know every horse, jockey and trainer as individuals. These ratings were developed externally by a data scientist rather than a form analyst.

The ratings are published between 9:30am and 10am each morning and can be accessed via the Champion Bets App or Members Dashboard.

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