Key Bets members get horse racing tips across VIC, NSW, QLD and WA. These are  made up of “Value” selections every Wednesday to Sunday from professional punter Cameron O’Brien 

These include recommended bets, staking size and available price


  • Best bets by industry professional Cameron O’Brien
  • Covering meetings in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia
  • Updates include recommended bets, staking size and available price

Recommended bets and staking for selections in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia

Releases at 9:30am and 12:30pm, Wednesday to Sunday

Will be recorded at either Fixed Price on release, Best Tote or Best of the Best (Saturday), depending on what is recommended in each bet


Cameron O’Brien has been producing weight ratings since the age of 15, learning the Don Scott method and then continually refining his own approach to doing the form over time. Cameron trained as a form analyst under legendary bookmaker Mark Read and has now been a professional punter for more than 10 years. He focuses on standout selections in VIC, QLD and WA racing.

When the following recommendation is sent unsolicited by one of the biggest and best punters in the country, it’s well worth paying attention:

‘I have known Cameron for around ten years. He has a long history in the wagering business including the last ten years or so professional punting which is some achievement supporting his family of a wife and five kids!

Obviously few people can stand the test of time in this business so his longevity is a testament to his skill as an analyst. He is one of the few racing analysts I respect the opinion of.’

That’s a fair wrap from a very successful punter in his own right, and everything we have seen from and heard about Cameron since that recommendation has confirmed his long track record of success.

The Key Bets have a strong strike-rate and excellent profitability in Victoria, Queensland and WA, making this membership one that offers unbeatable value.

Webinar Video 24th May 2018: Cameron O'Brien - A Guide To The Science Of Pricing Horses


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