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Cameron O'Brien

Professional Punter

Bred to be a champion, Cameron O’Brien has been producing weight ratings since the age of 15: first learning the Don Scott method and then continually refining his own approach to doing the form over time. Cameron trained as a form analyst under legendary bookmaker Mark Read and has now been a professional punter for more than 10 years.
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Cameron’s betting approach is centred around his proprietary form database, which he has developed himself over many years by seeking the most accurate and reliable data across all form factors.

This database covers all Australian racing and produces a proprietary rating figure for each performance, which Cam uses as a basis for pricing upcoming runners and zeroing in on value bets.

Victorian racing is arguably Australia’s premier racing market, with high-quality racing every weekend culminating in the major carnivals in Autumn and Spring.

Western Australian racing is an interesting part of the national racing scene… the isolation from the rest of country means a relatively small and consistent group of horses, jockeys and trainers compete every week – on the same few tracks, which are typically dry and consistent. This makes for a form student’s paradise due to common formlines and well-established patterns.

Cameron focuses strictly on Win betting, and has built a proprietary form database which covers all Australian thoroughbred racing.

Cam’s form work is national, but his preferred hunting grounds for betting are his home state of Victoria, and Western Australia. In addition, he also looks to other states for targeted betting opportunities, particularly during major carnivals.

In a typical week, Cameron will be looking for opportunities at all Victorian and WA meetings, and ultimately advises around 20 bets across 4 – 5 days.

  • Recommended bets for each race meeting, including selection, stake, dividend type and price to take. Approximately 20 bets per week.
  • Commentary for each bet, detailing why we’re backing the horse and what we expect.
  • Full access to Cameron – a lifetime professional punter – via email to ask any questions
  • Weekly reviews to members detailing betting performance
  • All bets are sent out on raceday once scratchings are finalised and minimum bet limits are in play, to ensure everybody can get a bet on.
  • All updates delivered in the members section on the website, direct to your email, and straight to your smartphone via our app.

As with all Champion Bets packages, the results for Key Bets are consistently updated, fully transparent and available publicly. Click here to view our results page.

In addition to your Key Bets membership, you’ll need:

  • A 100 unit betting bank
  • Access to as many betting accounts as possible to ensure you’re always getting the best price. As a minimum, Bet365, Sportsbet, Ladbrokes and Betfair accounts are recommended for Key Bets
  • For price comparison and immediate betting, Dynamic Odds is highly recommended
  • A simple understanding of the basics of value betting and bankroll management, which you can get here at our Betting Academy.
  • A positive attitude and a desire to win!

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