NBA First Halves bets

NBA First Half Bets is powered by the betting syndicate behind our AFL, NFL and NBA 2016-17 specials. A mix of sides and totals first-half betting in a market where most bookies will take a decent bet.

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The NBA is a great sport to watch, but in terms of betting the real value is away from the main markets and this membership focuses exclusively on first-half bets.

This NBA model is operated by a local betting syndicate comprised of data scientists who simply do a much better job than the bookies in pricing up first-half lines. The team is driven, passionate, and using cutting edge techniques which have already proven very successful across literally thousands of advised bets in NBA, NFL and AFL.

You can start beating the bookies on NBA today.


  • Powered by the betting syndicate behind our AFL, NFL and NBA 2016-17 specials
  • A mix of bets on sides (eg. Warriors -5) and totals (eg. Over 99 points)
  • Betting into a very liquid market as most bookies will take a decent bet
  • Forecasting an average of 2 to 3 bets per day
  • Forecasting 8% PoT for the 2017/18 season

First-half bets on sides and totals. Forecasting an average of 1 or 2 bets per day.

Between 8:50am and 9am AEDT. All tips will be clearly stated and you can place your bets immedidately.

Full results will be published regularly on the website.


This NBA model does a far better job than the bookies. Brett and his team of data scientists run a local betting syndicate identifying value in the sports betting world on an industrial scale. They are driven, passionate, and using cutting edge techniques to identify bookie mistakes. This syndicates’ results so far across literally thousands of bets in NBA, AFL and NFL prove that the corporates really are taking a knife to a gun-fight.



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NBA First Halves
$ 199 per month
  • Monthly Subscription - NBA First Halves
  • Available all season including finals
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Full Season: Early-bird Price

NBA First Halves
$ 799 Season
  • Full Season Subscription - NBA First Halves
  • Covers the entire 2017-18 season including finals
  • Earlybird Special: Save $200 on the Full Season Price
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