NBA Platinum gives you the chance to place literally thousands of bets per month, each of them with an in-built edge on the market coming directly from a highly successful betting syndicate.

NBA Platinum is a limited intake private sports betting package

Unlike absolutely anything else we offer, backed up with profitability that we’ve never seen in the entire 11 years of Champion Bets.

We won’t ever be making this membership public. Due to the very unique nature of this package, we will not be able to take on more than 15 members.

As well as a betting sheet by 9am you’ll also get access to:

A late feed of bets as soon as Brett’s syndicate identify additional plays.

A ‘make your own bet sheet’ you can use at MadBookie, TopSport and at least 10 overseas bookies

A swing trading console, where you can actually use the bookies moves against them. If a line moves too much you can enter the new odds into the sheet and it will show you whether there’s now value on the other side.

A new addition for the Platinum package is around 700 college basketball bets and 400 NHL bets. These are profitable bets on their own, or you can use them in cross-sport multis together with the NBA Platinum bets.

The Profit Guarantee will be applied on a monthly basis, not quarterly.


  • Powered by the betting syndicate behind our AFL, NFL and NBA 2016-17 Platinum.
  • Literally thousands of bets each month – the only limit is your betting bank
  • Includes live page with late feed + make your own bet sheet + swing trading console
  • Bonus of around 700 college basketball first-half bets and 400 NHL bets
  • Strictly private package that will not be offered to the general public

Betting sheet will be released by 9am daily. There will also be a late feed on the live page as more bets come through.

Between 8:50am and 9am AEDT. All tips will be clearly stated and you can place your bets immediately.

First Tips Start Monday Morning October 23rd 2017 AEST

Full results will be published regularly on the website.


This NBA model does a far better job than the bookies. Brett and his team of data scientists run a local betting syndicate identifying value in the sports betting world on an industrial scale. They are driven, passionate, and using cutting edge techniques to identify bookie mistakes. This syndicates’ results so far across literally thousands of bets in NBA, AFL and NFL prove that the corporates really are taking a knife to a gun-fight.



Weekly memberships. Cancel anytime. 


NBA Platinum
$ 249 per 1 week
  • 1 Weeks Subscription - NBA Platinum

We’re located in Melbourne so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Saturday.  Contact Us