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Australia’s most prolific sports betting analysts are back on board for the 2020 season.

Brett has built several advanced sports betting solutions, utilising his own data science skills and building a talented team in order to find as big an edge as possible on sports betting markets.

Brett’s syndicate produces profitable analysis and across many sports and leagues, including the AFL, NBA and NFL. The quality of their analysis has seen the syndicate produce multiple profitable betting services for Champion Bets members over a number of years.

The Approach

Brett’s Betting Syndicate uses their combined skills to build complex proprietary statistical models across all sports that they analyse. These models use a large number of different data feeds – some commonly available, others harder to come by – to produce a highly-detailed forecast of each game.

The forecasts produced not only predict team performance, but individual player performance across almost all statistical areas. This gives Brett’s syndicate an edge on the huge number of player and team prop markets available on every NBA game.

NBA Specials Brett's Betting Syndicate NBA betting: the next level
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The Market

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The NBA is one of the most watched – and wagered-upon – sporting leagues in the world.

While this sort of volume makes for tight main markets (head-to-head, lines and totals), it also means bookmakers are keen to offer as many betting opportunities as possible to extract more mug money.

These “prop” markets – covering areas such as team performance, player performance and statistics, and half and quarter outcomes – are so large in number that inaccurate pricing inevitably occurs. It’s the job of Brett’s Betting Syndicate to find which markets offer the very best value on each game, and advise selections to members.

When & Where

Each day, members receive a betting sheet detailing the suggested bets for the day’s games. This includes:

  • Detailed description of the markets and selection to play
  • A list of bookmakers offering the selection, and the prices available. Each bet will be available with a minimum of four of the recommended bookmakers.
  • Recommended stake

Which Games?

Betting sheets are released at 9am each day.

All updates are delivered in the members section on the website, direct to your email, and straight to your smartphone via our iPhone and Android apps.

What You Need

NBA betting preview NBA tips

We always recommend:

  • A 100 unit betting bank
  • Access to the recommended betting accounts to ensure you have as many options as possible to get your bets on. All NBA Specials bets will be available with at least four of the following bookmakers:
    • BetEasy
    • Ladbrokes
    • Sportsbet
    • Unibet
    • Bet365
    • Palmerbet
    • TAB
    • MadBookie
    • TopSport
  • A simple understanding of the basics of value betting and bankroll management, which you can get here at our Betting Academy.
  • A positive attitude and a desire to win!


As with all Champion Bets packages, the results for NBA Specials are consistently updated, fully transparent and available publicly. Click here to view our results page.

Why Champion Bets?

Founded in 2006, Champion Bets is Australia’s favourite, most trusted and most transparent provider of betting tips and advice. We give you direct access to selections and advice from true betting champions: some of the sharpest betting analysts and professional punters from across Australia and the world.

We have a local customer service team, located in Melbourne, who are on hand to answer your questions via phone or email. Contact us now.



This package is run by Brett, an Australian-based professional sports modeller with a team of data scientists, programmers and traders. They’re a full time betting syndicate completely dedicated to identifying value in global sports betting markets.


The NBA Specials membership provides value selections on NBA player prop markets: eg. under/over markets on points, rebounds, assists and 3 pointers.


The NBA Specials-season runs from NBA tip-off in October right through until the end of the NBA Finals in June. There will be a break of approximately three weeks in February. That’s because this period of time around the All-Star Break is notoriously unpredictable.

Members updates are sent directly to your email and app at around 9am AEST/AEDT. It will include a link to a spreadsheet containing the day’s bets.



Each bet advised will include a recommended stake in units: 1 unit, 2 units, or 3 units.

1 unit = 1% of your betting bank, so simply divide the amount of money you have set aside for punting by 100. Eg. if your bank is $10,000 then 1 unit = $100.

Please be aware that whilst these bets will continue to win, it’s important to stay under the bookies radar for as long as possible.

A couple of things will help do this –

  1. Don’t go too hard too early. The volume of bets is high, but don’t try and bet several hundred dollars on all of these on day one. That will be a big red flag to the bookies especially if you haven’t bet much into these markets previously.
  2. Cross-sport multi’s (ie. combining these NBA bets with racing, or NFL, or soccer for example) can work well because then you are seen as a bit of a multi’s mug; and  all of your profits aren’t purely on NBA markets

One other thing is line moves. These are typically from $1.87 to $1.80 to $1.75. One move downgrades that bet by one staking level. A 3u play goes down to 2u, and 2u play gets downgraded to 1u. A 1u play that has gone from $1.87 to $1.80 becomes a no bet.

If the actual line has moved 1 point (e.g. Over 15.5 points is now Over 16.5 points) we no longer back the 1u or 2u plays. The 3u play becomes a 1u bet instead.


All bets will be advised at a number of different bookies, so it is important to spread your action.

Check out our Top Bookies page for more information.


Updates will be sent around 9am and members are advised to bet as soon as possible.


We’re located in Melbourne so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Saturday.


NBA Specials Brett's Betting Syndicate NBA betting: the next level
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Questions? Our customer service team is available by phone or email – get in touch for a chat.

NBA Specials Brett's Betting Syndicate NBA betting: the next level
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Questions? Our customer service team is available by phone or email - get in touch for a chat.

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