The most profitable way to bet on the NBA

  • The best way to bet on the NBA: +495 units @ 8% PoT lifetime.
  • Focusing on side markets where bookies are weak.
  • Every bet is available with at least four bookmakers.

The Approach

The NBA is one of the most popular and wagered-upon sporting leagues in the world. That makes the main markets extremely difficult to beat… they’re being shaped by some of the sharpest betting minds and syndicates in the world.

So in order to profit on the NBA, Brett and his team simply focus on the weak markets: the hundreds of side and ‘prop’ options that bookmakers offer on every game. These markets are not shaped by huge, sharp syndicates. Generally, they’re just spat out of a very basic model by a third-party data supplier.

We want to take on that model. Because Brett’s model is far superior.

The results speak for themselves: over the past four seasons, NBA Specials has produced 495 units profit at 8% PoT for members.

Brett’s Betting Syndicate


bretts betting syndicate

Australia’s most prolific sports betting analysts are back for the new NBA season with one of the most profitable memberships in Champion Bets history.

Brett has built several advanced sports betting solutions, utilising his own data science skills and building a talented team in order to find as big an edge as possible on sports betting markets.

Brett’s syndicate produces profitable analysis and across many sports and leagues, including the AFL, NBA and NFL. The quality of their analysis has seen the syndicate produce multiple profitable betting services for Champion Bets members over a number of years.


What members say

I’ve followed Brett’s services since 2017 and have been a benefactor of his model which has consistently held an edge over the bookies on NBA, NFL and AFL prop markets. It’s easy to follow with the bets taking less than 10 minutes to put on each morning. I’ll definitely be on board again this season and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to be profitable this NBA season.” – Shaun H

How it works

Each day, members receive a betting sheet detailing the suggested bets for the day’s games. This includes:

  • Detailed description of the markets and selection to play
  • A list of bookmakers offering the selection, and the prices available. Each bet will be available with a minimum of four of the recommended bookmakers.
  • Recommended stake

When & Where

Betting sheets are released at 10am each day – an hour before the first game tips off.

All updates are delivered in the members section on the website, direct to your email, and straight to your smartphone via our iPhone and Android apps.

What You Need

NBA betting preview NBA tips

We always recommend:

  • A 100 unit betting bank
  • Access to the recommended betting accounts to ensure you have as many options as possible to get your bets on. All NBA Specials bets will be available with at least four of the following bookmakers:
    • TopSport
    • Sportsbet
    • Ladbrokes
    • Bet365
    • Palmerbet
    • TAB
    • Unibet
  • A simple understanding of the basics of value betting and bankroll management, which you can get here at our Betting Academy.
  • A positive attitude and a desire to win!

NBA Platinum

Keen to really turn up the volume? NBA Platinum could be for you. It’s NBA Specials, but in overdrive. With over 1,000 bets per month, it’s not the faint-hearted… but the results are stunning. Check it out here.


As with all Champion Bets packages, the results for NBA Specials are consistently updated, fully transparent and available publicly. Click here to view our results page.

Why Champion Bets?

Founded in 2006, Champion Bets is Australia’s favourite, most trusted and most transparent provider of betting tips and advice. We give you direct access to selections and advice from true betting champions: some of the sharpest betting analysts and professional punters from across Australia and the world.

We have a local customer service team, located in Melbourne, who are on hand to answer your questions via phone or email. Contact us now.



This package is run by Brett, an Australian-based professional sports modeller with a team of data scientists, programmers and traders. They’re a full time betting syndicate completely dedicated to identifying value in global sports betting markets.


The NBA Specials membership provides value selections on NBA player prop markets: eg. under/over markets on points, rebounds, assists and other statistics.


NBA Specials runs from Monday, October 25th 2021. There will be a break of approximately three weeks in February because this period before and immediately after the All-Star Break is notoriously unpredictable at the player level.

Members updates are sent directly to your email and app at around 10am AEST/AEDT. It will include a link to a spreadsheet containing the day’s bets.

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Each bet will include the recommended stake to outlay. Our betting memberships require a 100-unit bank.

For a 100-unit bank, 1 unit = 1% of your betting bank. Simply divide the amount of money you have set aside for punting by 100.

For example, if your bank is $10,000 then 1 unit = $100.

Line and price moves

These do happen with NBA Specials, and it’s best to modify your stake (or forego your bet) if the value has reduced or disappeared.

Brett has provided this guide for when the line or price moves:

Price moves (for example, $1.87 to $1.80, or $1.80 to $1.75)

For each roll, downgrade the recommended stake by 1 unit:

  • 3u becomes 2u
  • 2u becomes 1u
  • 1u becomes no bet

Line moves (for example, Over 16.5 points to Over 17.5 points):

Points – downgrade the recommended stake by 2 units for a 1 point move

Rebounds / assists / PR / PRA – downgrade the recommended stake by 2u for a 0.5 point move

  • 3u becomes 1u
  • 2u becomes no bet
  • 1u becomes no bet


For NBA Specials, we recommend funded accounts with the following bookies. All recommended bets will be available with at least four of them.









Updates will be sent around 10am and members are advised to bet as soon as possible.


We’re located in Melbourne so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Saturday.



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Questions? Our customer service team is available by phone or email – get in touch for a chat.


Questions? Our customer service team is available by phone or email - get in touch for a chat.

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