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  • High strike-rate selections from a betting syndicate with exceptional contacts and information
  • Selective approach with between 2-4 Best Bets each night
  • $4,000+ Profit since May 1st

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Our analysts source excellent form and track going information and combine that with strong stable mail gained from managing horses, syndicates and owners’ bookings. Custom ratings are blended with an intimate knowledge of stables, horses and conditions to make for a powerfully profitable formula.
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Product Details

  • High strike-rate selections from a betting syndicate with exceptional contacts and information
  • Selective approach with between 2-4 Best Bets each night
  • No bet limits or other bookie restrictions as all bets are into the massive Betfair SP market
  • Forecasting 40% strike-rate and 10% Profit on Turnover after commission
  • Best Bets with clear staking plan released each day
  • Detailed runner comments and a clear staking plan with each selection
  • Profit Guarantee – with both the 3 month and 6 month packages either you win, or your membership is doubled
  • Updates at 8pm AEST each night, however there’s no need to be online at 8pm and ready to bet due to betting at Betfair SP – you’ll have at least a few hours before the first race
  • Delivered in the members section on the website, direct to your email, and straight to your smartphone via our app


These selections are from a UK racing expert who combines custom ratings with an intimate knowledge of the horses, stables and tracks. He has very good connections in the UK racing industry which allows him to take advantage of quality information and find value in the markets.


The package includes daily selections for UK Racing from Monday – Friday. It’s quite a selective approach with around 6 bets per week. Expect a strike-rate better than 30% and PoT of 10%.


This membership focuses on the jumps racing season which runs through until mid-April. The members updates will be sent around 8pm AEDT but there is no rush at all to get your bets on since all bets are graded at Betfair SP.

You should download our mobile app to get push notifications.



Each bet advised will include a recommended stake in points (“point” is the UK term for unit). As with all of our memberships, 1 unit = 1% of your betting bank, so simply divide the amount of money you have set aside for punting by 100. Eg. if your bank is $10,000 then 1 point = $100.


All bets will be graded at Betfair SP which is a pure ‘bet and forget’ option that’s very simple to use. The Betfair SP market operates similar to a tote, with dividends decided with the race results. You can therefore place these bets at any time up until the race. The UK market liquidity is massive, so you will have no trouble getting on for as much as you want. More detailed Betfair SP info here.

Local corporate bookies are another option for you.


We’re located in Melbourne so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Saturday.



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