Betting Units

Want to learn to bet? Betting 101 is the place to start. Understanding Betting Units will let you set up your Betting bank effectively.

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Betting Units

You’ll often hear punters speak of ‘units’ when talking about betting: “they are staking 2.4 units”… “they collected or profited 6 units” etc.

This confuses some people. How much exactly is “five units”, for example?

Unitised staking is just a simple way to communicate and compare staking, results and balances to a wide range of punters, all of whom will have different-sized bankrolls.

You may have a starting bankroll of $10,000. A friend might have a bankroll of $100. Somebody else might have a bankroll of $500,000.

Advising a suitable stake, or measuring the success of betting, can’t really be done for all three punters in dollar terms. A stake of $50 for the smallest punter is 50% of his bankroll, a ridiculously large risk that will soon send him broke.

But it’s a very small risk for the $10,000 bank.

For the $500,000 bank, it’s minuscule.

So punters talk in ‘units’. A betting strategy will have a recommended starting bank of x units, and you just divide this into your bankroll to determine your unit size.

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