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You now have an idea about all of the different betting operators in Australia.

So how do you make sure you always get the best price on your bet?

There is perhaps no bigger ‘own goal’ in betting than not getting the best price. You may spend all the time in the world studying the form and finding a winner. To then get paid at a lower price – when you could’ve been paid more for no extra work – is a real loss of value. Let’s look at how best to avoid that, and make all your winners count!

Getting The Best Odds: Tote

As we looked at, there’s three totalisators in Australia:

  • SuperTAB: for punters in Victoria, ACT and Western Australia.
  • NSWTAB: New South Wales.
  • UBET: Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

If you’re having a tote bet, then the first rule – which may seem a little strange! – is not to be with the tote operator.

Don’t bet on the tote in TAB stores, at pubs or at the track. And don’t bet on the tote online with the operators themselves: or TABtouch.


Tote derivatives, offered by all the corporate bookmakers.

The three totes pay different prices. To win your tote business, corporate bookmakers offer products that pay at the highest of all three totes. So if you place your tote bets with them, you’ll always be better off than running the gauntlet on the local tote, which won’t always be the highest.

Some of the tote products you’ll see with corporate bookmakers:

  • Best Tote: pays at the best price of the three totes
  • Best Tote / SP: pays at the either the best price of the three totes, or the official starting price – whichever is higher
  • Best of the Best: this is the premium product – pays at either the best price of the three totes, or the top fluc of the official price
Getting The Best Odds: Fixed Price

The rule with betting fixed prices are simple: have access to as many bookmakers as possible. This will ensure that you’re able to bet with whoever has the highest price on offer at any time.

By far the easiest way to ensure you get the best price is to use odds comparison.

Think about how things work in the on-course betting ring. You might find up to a couple of dozen bookmakers. You can just find the best odds on your selection and head to that bookie. Imagine for a second however that you didn’t do this – you simply walked straight up to the one bookie and only bet with him for the whole day, bypassing all others who are displaying better odds on your horse.

You wouldn’t do it.

Yet nowadays, with the vast majority of betting taking place online, so many punters do exactly that. Jump online to their favourite bookie (or wherever they have the highest account balance!) and place their bets without even considering the prices available with other operators.

Of course, browsing through a dozen different apps or websites takes a long time, by which point you may have missed a price anyway.

The solution? Show a bunch of bookies on one page – that’s odds comparison.

The concept is ridiculously simple: compare all the odds in the one place so that you can quickly bet at the best price available. Think of it as the virtual betting ring, with bookies lining up to take your bets. All the prices are side-by-side – you just take the best one.

For racing, by far the best tool available is Dynamic Odds – it allows you to sign in to your accounts directly from the tool and bet with them all whenever you like, without leaving the page.

So stop taking low prices, right now!

Index: Where To Bet: The Bookies