NFL tips prime time

If you haven’t grown up watching America’s biggest sport, it might just take you a little while to acquire a taste for it. But give it a go and there’s every chance you’ll become a big fan.

Ask any bookie and they’ll tell you that betting interest in the NFL grows every year.

Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Getting A Bet On

NFL is one of the biggest betting sports in the world, which means all bookies offer reasonable limits and a wide range of side markets.

2. Prime Time Games

It’s an early morning start for the diehards, but there’s also plenty of action at the right times for Aussie punters. The NFL’s biggest games Thursday, Sunday and Monday Night Football which fit in nicely for our morning and early afternoon. Beats working that’s for sure!

3. Redzone

ESPN have live coverage that switches from game-to-game based on whichever are the most exciting at any time. NFL Redzone flicks from one stadium to another as teams get close to scoring. It’s an action-packed show for newbies and diehards alike, plus the atmosphere and quality of the production is second-to-none.

4. Close Contests

‘Any Given Sunday’ is more than just the name of a movie. The NFL prides itself on parity and as a general rule, games are far less predictable than other major US sports like basketball. Oddsmakers do an excellent job of getting the closing line correct, so from a betting perspective many games go right down to the wire.

5. Scoring System

This also lends itself to teams never being out of it. Touchdowns can come from nowhere and teams can score 14 points in just a couple of minutes. In 2017 the New England Patriots famously came back from a 28-3 deficit late in the third quarter to pull off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

6. More Offence

The NFL has been tweaking the rules in recent years to favour offensive players. That’s because they want more scoring and less concussions. There are still some brutal hits, but those numbers are down and scoring is up.

7. Get Your Football Fix

Just a handful of games remain in the NRL and AFL seasons, and it’s a long break until February before they get going again.

The NFL fills in that gap beautifully with its September to early February run.

8. Star Quarterbacks

Each team has a 53 man roster, but no-one has more influence on the outcome of a game than the man in charge of the offence. Even the casual sports fan would know a bit about Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.

The quarterback is also the focus of attention for each team’s defence who are out to ‘sack’ him, which basically means putting him on his backside.

9. Aussie Players

The punter is a low-profile position since he’s the guy who kicks the ball away when the offence has failed, but it’s still an important role. There are a number of Aussies who have made the NFL as punters over the last 20 years.

This season we have Mitch Wishnowsky (San Francisco 49ers), Lachlan Edwards (New York Jets), Michael Dickson (Seattle Seahawks), Jordan Berry (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Cameron Johnston (Philadelphia Eagles).

Adam Gotsis is back with the Denver Broncos as a Defensive End, and bolter Jordan Mailata retains his spot with the Philadelphia Eagles as well.

Of course, former NRL star Valentine Holmes (New York Jets) is looking to follow the footsteps of Jarryd Hayne (San Francisco 49ers in 2015) to successfully switch codes. After an impressive pre-season with the practice squad, he’ll be hoping to land a full-time gig before the regular season kicks off.

10. Our Coverage

With two analysts covering the sport for Champion Bets, there’s even more reason to get into the game this season.

Scott Kellen is based in the US and focuses on lines and totals, and is a perfect 4/4 winning seasons since joining us in 2014. Dating back to 2002, he’s 13 of 16 overall and is coming off a very impressive 2018/19 season where he achieved a 61% winning strike-rate.

Brett’s betting syndicate beats the bookies on player props, focusing solely on the ‘Prime Time’ games on Friday, Monday and Tuesday (Australian time).

Scott Kellen's NFL Tips are a perfect 4/4 winning seasons with Champion Bets, but that's only the tip of the iceberg.

His record includes 13 of 16 winning seasons overall since he went public with his tips in 2002.

And after hitting at 61% strike-rate in 2018, he's coming into 2019 at the top of his game.

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