April 2016 was an excellent month making $6,278.70 profit on the specials over 346 bets at 32.9% Profit on Turnover.

In fact, the past 6 and a half weeks have been excellent making a staggering $9,370.95 profit since March 17.

With periods like this, there’s little need to break it down. Every bet type performed exceptionally and all states had a nice month. I’m very happy with how everything is going. The specials have now made $16,440.86 since we began in late November 2015.


We all want to improve, so this month I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts about good runs. There are some traps after going through a good run that you want to avoid. The following is a collection of random thoughts on the topic with the idea there is something here that adds to your thinking.

Firstly, enjoy the win.

I consciously take a step back now and look back on the incredible period we’ve just had. Look at your graphs, account balances, bank account, whatever makes you realise the thousands you’ve just won and how great that is. Humans are overly optimistic and we just expect to win because we’re the “lucky ones”. We don’t feel as strongly as we should about wins (we feel the magnitude of a loss greater than the joy of a win), so recognise the great run we’ve just had and enjoy the good times!

We’ve been on a nice run long enough now to change what I call my “baseline”. We’ve won well the past 6 weeks, so we subconsciously expect the same thing to happen next week, when in reality we’ve been running really well and we’ll hit a downswing at some point.

The next month will be slower. $2000 (for example) would be a great result. That is a nice amount of cash, so be pleased with that should we make it.

It’s a good time to be aware of every bet you make and not over-bet. We start to think we’re invincible after a good run and every bet will be a winner. We start to put on new (bad) bets and fritter away our winnings. People want to bet more when they’re winning and less when they’re losing but when you consider that graphs go up and down, we should really do the opposite, or at least stick to the same system. Minor adjustments are ok but they must be based on good solid decisions, not the fact you’re feeling good.

The psychology that you’re “betting with winnings” comes into play after a good run, which makes us looser with our money. But those winnings are your money now.

That money (every bet) should be bet with the same scrutiny as your very first bet. It’s easy with numbers on a screen to lose respect for what that money is worth. The best way to continue to increase your bank balance is good bets, not more bets.

I wipe aside the previous month and hit the reset button each month. New monthly records are good. I start from $0 and work my way to a monthly profit. Every dollar is good. I find that helps keep me focused on the bets ahead.

Most importantly, I remind myself to always put on the right bet. It takes multiple good bets and hard work to make nice money from gambling. You don’t win thousands on a single bet or single day. It’s one bet at a time. Make the right bet every time.

Hope you found something useful there. Any comments, questions or feedback, get in touch.

Good luck this month.

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