It’s “prime time” for racing in October as the major carnivals in Melbourne and Sydney get into full swing. It was a mixed bag for our analysts, as they continued the battle to find value in ever-tightening markets.

The star performer was The Professor, whose Queensland Winners knocked up 26 units profit at a massive 65% profit-on-turnover. We’ve had plenty of strong-starting services before, but The Professor is now past the twelve-month mark and still going incredibly strongly – in fact, October was the most profitable single month since Queensland Winners started. The bookies are running scared… long may that continue!

Unfortunately things were more subdued south of the border, with Mark Rhoden’s NSW Winners dropping 19.7 units for October. There were no big strip-outs throughout the month… it was just a case of small, consistent losses. There were a number of frustrating losses across the month, including one on protest, but pleasingly that appears to have turned around in November and we’re starting to get on the right side of variance.

It was a similar tale in Victoria, with Trevor Lawson’s Melbourne Ratings dropping 15.4 units for the month. The month started out okay, but things went south in the second half, with less betting but poor results across the Caulfield and Moonee Valley carnivals. Finding value bets was a huge challenge during this year’s Spring Carnival, with little value available in the market among very tight percentages. This continued in November, with a quiet Melbourne Cup Carnival for Trevor, but there were positive results in the few bets he did have.

It was also a month of two halves for Cameron O’Brien’s Key Bets, with 18 units profits up to and including the 16th October, but a 26-unit loss across the remainder of the month to finish October down eight units.

Nationally, it was a great month for Trial Spy, which piled up 36 units profit at 34% PoT. This was driven by some big Saturdays during the carnival, with 33.5 units coming on Saturdays.

Dean’s Winners didn’t quite reach the heights of Trial Spy, but had a very solid month nonetheless, with 10.4 units profit at 6.8% PoT.


We had a cracking season with Steve Green’s NRL Bets. October topped that off brilliantly, with a great NRL Grand Final (highlighted by a 10-unit win on Jack Wighton winning the Clive Churchill Medal).

It didn’t stop there though, as Steve continued through the post-season internationals, where he picked up another 7.5 units overall.

A word too on the season bets… we had a few losses but they were more than offset by our big win on the Eels to make the top 8, which delivered us another 11 units profit.

That’s four seasons done for Steve, with a perfect 4/4 record in terms of profit… and this was his best one yet! Can’t wait to kick off again in 2020.


Scott Kellen’s NFL Tips recorded a small loss of 2.5 units for October. It’s a fairly low-turnover service, taking a few bets a week, so it was just a bit of variance across the month. The service is still in profit for the season

What a month for NFL Prime Time! Our sides and props package, run by Brett’s Betting Syndicate, put together a whopping 45 units profit for the month at 35% PoT. The wins just kept adding up – it’s great to build the bank strongly so early in the season.


We have two NBA services this season: NBA Tips with Kris Dawson, which covers the main game lines, while NBA Specials (from Brett’s Betting Syndicate) looks at sides and player props.

Both just got started for the new season, so we’ll update results at the end of November.


The Golf Insider recorded a small loss of nine units for October. This was driven by 3-ball bets, where we scored some good results and won around 10 units for the month.

The losses were on the outright markets where we’re chasing our next big winner.  The reality of these bets is they’re at long odds, so we usually have a while between drinks… but when we get one, they pay off at massive odds!

We put out 3-4 units each week on the outright markets and it’s dragged down the overall results. We’ll get a big bump when the winners come, which are overdue. In the meantime, good results on 3-ball and Top 20 markets keep us in the game.

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