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A welcome to Nick Hanlon, who put together this BBL Season Preview for us. Nick has been involved in cricket for decades as a player, umpire and tour organiser. He looks for value selections in the summer game using a combination of match data, statistics and experience.

Check out Nick’s Top 9 BBL players to watch this season, and stay tuned for his BBL Team Previews in the coming days.

The Men’s Big Bash will start its eleventh edition on Sunday 5th December, with 61 matches scheduled. The crowds will be back but don’t plan on following your team to Western Australia just yet!

Australia needs a healthy distraction at the moment and the Big Bash is sure to entertain some big crowds this season which will be an enormous emotional release for all concerned.

BBL 2021/22: The big early advantage

The big change to the league at the moment is that Western Australia is an isolated state. Which means a five-day quarantine for visiting teams. How each team will deal with this situation will be interesting to see… but the fact is that for their home games, the Perth Scorchers can carry on as normal while their opponents will be under quarantine. This could work really well for the Scorchers.

The other major change for the league is that the crowds will be back in full force and yes, it definitely makes a difference to how some players perform. A special indigenous round will also be played for the first time.

BBL 2021/22 : Rule changes

Cricket Australia was recently reported to be considering a harsher version of the timed-out law. The new law would mean that the batter cannot reach the wicket more than 75 seconds after the fall of the previous wicket, otherwise the batter must stand aside and allow the bowler a ‘’free’’ delivery at the stumps for the first ball. Of course, if the ball hits the stumps then the batter is out. A bit silly if you ask me.

The Big Bash, and X-Factor and the Power Surge rules have been maintained but DRS will not be in force in the BBL because of logistical concerns.

Check out Nick’s Top 9 BBL players to watch this season, and stay tuned for his BBL Team Previews in the coming days.

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