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Scoring the winning points at a basketball game , motion blur

The NBA is a great sport to watch and is played at a fantastic time of the day for Aussie sports fans. There are games every day and it’s easy to watch all of the action or just track the scores.

But the challenge for NBA punters is that the three big betting markets (H2H, lines and totals) are all incredibly efficient. Good luck beating the big boys there.

The real value lies elsewhere, so our new NBA model concentrates on First Half and player performance bets.

It has been developed by a betting syndicate headed up by a professional sports modeler. Brett is a Master’s graduate with several battle-hardened years under his belt modelling liquid global markets.

(Brett was recently interviewed on the Betting 360 podcast)

He has taken on seven figures of external investment from a UK firm and heads up a team of data scientists, programmers, and traders identifying value in the sports betting world.

For the last three months he has operated a private NBA package for a select group of our biggest clients. Those results have been off the charts, with betting volume and total profits unlike anything we have ever seen.

For this daily NBA package, you can expect an average of 1 or 2 First Half bets and around 5 or 6 prop plays such as Over or Under player points.

It covers the rest of the regular season AND all play-off games.

Based on Brett’s already extremely successful NBA Platinum package, members of the new NBA Bets will receive daily tips that are easy-to-follow and very profitable. On a weekly basis you can expect 10-12 First Half bets and around 40 prop plays such as Over or Under player points.


Currently closed to new members.


You don’t need to worry about finding an edge on the market – Brett condenses his already successful NBA model into a handful of bets each day. It’s as simple as it gets.


We’re so confident that these selections will continue to turn a profit that we will guarantee all season packages. If you fail to make a profit over the next four months, we’ll double your membership, absolutely free. With our results, track record and this industry first peace-of-mind guarantee, you’ll have everything you need to be a winning punter.

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