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High Low is, quite simply, the most successful betting service we’ve ever had at Champion Bets.

In fact, it’d be near enough to the most successful betting service ever offered in Australia. If you know of a better one, we’d love to see it.

Since launching in November 2015, High Low has produced a total profit of $128,057.57 at 14.5 per cent profit on turnover.

Of the 57 months since, just three have been losing months.

The average monthly result in that time (not the highest, the average) has been a profit of $2,247. (The full results are here).

It’s phenomenal.

So… how? What is it?

What is High Low?

High Low is short for high returns, low variance.

High Low is run by professional punter Rod. With a strong science and mathematical background, Rod has spent his punting life carefully hunting down value in betting markets and taking advantage of it.

While he’s been successful in a few areas, the value available in bookmaker promotions trumps anything that can be achieved elsewhere.

So he started High Low.

Around a decade ago now, the Australian betting scene was a very different one. There was the TAB, and there was on-course bookmakers. If you were having a bet, that was pretty much the sum of your options.

The market was opened up to all comers, and the big online bookies flooded in.

Since then, the name of the game for these bookies has been getting as many punters as possible onto their platform.

To do this, they offered an incredible amount of bonus and promotional offers – extra value for punters to persuade them to bet with them.

High Low in 2020

This is still the case. Some laws around betting bonuses and promotions have changed. You might have noticed that bookies can no longer offer bonuses for new punters to sign on. And they can’t really advertise many of their bonus offers either.

But there’s still a heap of offers being handed out to existing bookie customers every day. That’s the key: existing customers. Once you’ve signed up, bookies throw all manner of offers your way to keep you betting with them.

How bonus and promo offers work

Bonus and promo offers come in different forms… you might get cash-back if you lose, or a bonus bet, or an early payout, or a boosted price…

All of them, however, offer some level of bonus value to the customer.

But they’re not all equal. Some offer a tiny amount of extra value over and above a regular bet and are not even worth our time, no matter how well they’re presented. Others offer a huge amount of value. And the others fall everywhere in between.

This is where High Low comes in.

Using his mathematical and betting expertise, Rod calculates the exact amount of additional value available in every single bonus offer from the bookies (and there’s thousands of them).

From there, he takes only the highest value offers, and recommended them to members.

It’s this approach that has allowed him to produce such stunning results.

What do you get?

Every Friday afternoon, Rod sends out his bet sheet with every bet to place over the weekend.

It’s all there in detail: the bookie, the race or event, what to back and how much to have on it. It’s all done for you. You just put the bets on.

And then what happens?

Well, here’s just the recent history (2020 to date):

 Month # Bets Profit PoT
Jan-20 261  $3,881 33%
Feb-20 294  $820 6%
Mar-20 247  $3,146 30%
Apr-20 203  $1,717 20%
May-20 277  $2,159 17%
Jun-20 293  $3,326 28%
Jul-20 327  $1,411 10%
Total 1,902  $16,459 20%

So what do I have to do?

Sound too good to be true?

Well it’s not… but like anything, the profits don’t come with a little bit of work.

There are a few things you need – and things you need to do – in order to start collecting your profits…

Bookmaker accounts. High Low relies on taking advantage of all the different offers available from bookmakers in Australia. So you need to be willing to open accounts with as many of them as possible. Opening online bookie accounts is simple and only takes a few minutes in each instance – the bookies have purposefully made it quick and easy. But you need these accounts, and you need to deposit some cash into them. If you’ve already got a number of them, great! You’re underway.

Bonus eligibility. What you can’t do as a punter is just jump into your bookie account and start betting all these bonus offers. The bookies will quickly tag you as what’s known as a ‘bonus abuser’ – somebody who doesn’t want to have any ‘regular’ bets, and is just there to take advantage of promotions. This isn’t profitable for them… just check the High Low results to see why! So they’ll take away your bonus eligibility. What you need to do is keep your access to bonuses and promos as long as possible. To do this, you just have a number of “regular bets” along with your bonus bets to keep the bookies happy and ensure they don’t tag you as a bonus abuser.

One important thing to remember however… Rod might currently be advising promo bets around 15 different bookies. To get the maximum out of High Low, it’s great to have all of these. But even if you don’t have some of them – or you’ve lost your bonus privileges at some – you can still carry on betting with all the rest! Even if you only have bonus access at a few bookies, the profits are still there to be made.

Time and effort. Does it take much time? As you can see above, we place up to 200 – 300 bets a month. So you need to be willing to take the time to put those bets on. We typically only bet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and around 30 minutes each day will generally be enough for you to sit down and place all the bets for the day.

So… are you ready?

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